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Buy Online Lotto Tickets went live on May 25, 2011 which is a little over a year ago and I thought you guys would probably be interested in how it’s been performing. Before I get into exactly how much money it’s generating I think you should keep in mind that it wouldn’t have generated any money the first few months because, as with any new site, it takes a while to get noticed by the your everyday surfer.

Something else to keep in mind is that this site does not use any type of adsense ads at all and so all money made on the site is from lottery sales and the occasional advertiser. For the purpose of this post I’ll only be talking about lottery sales. Something else to keep in mind is the site is still relatively new and I’m still working at building it’s traffic, which as you know is the lifeblood of any site, Speaking of which, let’s have a gander at some traffic stats. Traffic Stats

google analytics year

The first image shows traffice from May the first 2011 until end of August this year. That spike where it received 935 visits in March of this year was due to the huge US Megamillions jackpot where three people won over $200 million each.

Google August analytics

 The above graph shows last month’s daily traffic results. The highest was 33, the lowest 5 and the average daily visit was 12. I’m sure you agree that 12 visits a day is pretty dismal and one should consider that when analysing the income generated by the site.

Income Generated By Lottery Affiliates

Rather than lumping all the revenue together I’m going to itemise it depending on the relevant affiliates I’ve joined.

  • $124.15
  • Lottery Affiliates: $301.60
  • lottorewards: $54.60
  • PlatinumAffiliates: $13.51
  • JackpotMania: $41.98 Pretty good considering I only joined them in the middle of June this year. The good results are probably due to the fact they have a way of utilising PayPal to purchase tickets online.
  • LottoElite: Only Joined these guys last week. They look very promising as they seem to offer PayPal as a means of purchasing lottery tickets online.

That gives a grand total of $535.84. Considering the age of the site and the low traffic I am very happy with those results. When you consider the fact that every time you gain a new lottery customer they are your’s for life that means that the income will continue to increase with each new member.

 Become An Affiliate To Increase Your Income

Just so you know you do not have to have a lottery site to become a lottery affilate. You could join any of the above sites and start making money by promoting them on your blog. I know there will be a lot of you that think it won’t work on their blog but then you’re not allowing for impulse sales as I described in that post. The important thing to remember is that every time someone joins by clicking on your link they will become your customer for life. This means that every time they buy a ticke you will get commission. That’s so much better than waiting for someone to click on an adsense ad or something.

If you have any questions at all just leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can answer them for you.


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  1. Especially when people have less and less money, they hope for an unexpected revenue. This is why lottery and gambling will always be popular and will bring money :)

    1. Let’s say there is a hope and a wish that it will bring money :day_dreaming:

      However, as an affiliate you’re providing a service and getting paid for it as well.

      1. This reminds of a good joke:
        “A Jewish guy called Jacob finds himself in dire trouble. His business has gone bust and he’s in serious financial trouble. He’s so desperate that he decides to ask God for help. He goes into the synagogue and begins to pray:
        – God, please help me, I’ve lost my business and if I don’t get some money, I’m going to lose my house as well, please let me win the lotto.
        Lotto night comes and somebody else wins it.
        Jacob goes back to the synagogue.
        – God, please let me win the lotto, I’ve lost my business, my house and I’m going to lose my car as well.
        Lotto night comes and Jacob still has no luck!!
        Back to the synagogue.
        – My God, why have you forsaken me? I’ve lost my business, my house, my car and my wife and children are starving. I don’t often ask you for help and I have always been a good servant to you. Why won’t you just let me win the lotto this one time so I can get my life back in order?.
        Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light as the heavens open and Jacob is confronted by the voice of GOD himself:

        1. Hey Cristian, strangely enough I used a version of that very joke on my lottery site. :smoke_tb:

    2. I wish that were not the case. Buying lottery tickets and not having much money are not unrelated. I wish people wouldn’t wait around for the lottery to save them, which it won’t, and would instead get out there and start working hard. I’m not sure sure how I feel about lottery sites. Can’t fault anyone for creating an effective system like this is, but it’s a bit like giving people a way to indulge their unhealthy addictions.

      1. Actually Paul, I believe that most people who buy lottery tickets are like myself, very hard workers who play the lottery in the hope that perhaps they may strike it lucky and win the big one. It’s not like we’re relying on winning it, we’re just hoping we will :wink:

        As for addictions I think those that have such a gambling problem are more likely to gamble their money away on such things as casinos, pubs and clubs playing the pokies and even at the races and such. I don’t believe lotteries have the same excitement value.

  2. Making money is only helpful for those who sell them buyers somehow have to loose their money and only few of them can have their share and are lucky.

    1. The thing is you never know when and if you will win. The thing is you’ll never get anywhere unless you at least try.

  3. That is a great idea.I want my small business to improve.I’m just a beginner.I want to know if that affiliate can help.I need to research more about it.Thanks for giving me a good idea.

    1. It can help, and just keep in mind that every time someone signs up under you they are yours for life which means you get your commission for all future sales.

  4. Great article. I might actually get into this whole affiliate marketing, it seems very ineresting, and if such a substantial income can be generated with such a small site, it’s definetely worth looking into!

    1. Just keep in mind that what you make will depend on the niche you select

  5. Twitter:
    In these strange times, any source of extra income is welcomed. I didn’t try them but they seem promising.

    1. I’m expecting to at least double the turnover next year Radu.

  6. Gambling is growing very rapidly on the internet, lotto tickets seem fun. If you keep at it, im sure the traffic will grow big time.

    1. I don’t know about it being fun but I will certainly keep at it.

  7. Sounds like an interesting prospect. There are many lottery fetish folks out there. And there is a high chance of a visitor clicking on a lottery ad rather than an adsense ad. But there’s one substantial issue to be accounted for. A considerable number of people still look at online investment with a suspicious eye, what with all the scams being reported on news channels on a regular basis.
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    1. Which is why I only deal with reputable companies jeo.

  8. Wow, this is a very interesting idea. I have never heard of this selling lotto online thing. Thanks for the article, I’ll definitely be checking into this. I know your stats do not show huge profits, but like you said, with the sales making you lifetime profits off your members, this could eventually become a nice enterprise. Really appreciate the info!

    1. Actually it’s pretty well all profit once you take away the hosting cost :drunk_tb:

      1. I’ve signed up for the jackpot maniacs, so I’ll give some feedback once I get things set up and rolling. I’m still waiting for my account to be ready. Hopefully this will work out nicely, anxious to see.

        1. Good choice Robert, especially considering they offer Paypal as a way to purchase a ticket. Also pay you 15% commission which is pretty good.

  9. I never knew you could buy lotto online. Maybe you should come up with a ebook product to sell yourself based on numerology for coming up with lotto numbers or have a daily or weekly email with numbers to pick based on numerology

    1. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know about it yet Jason which is why I believe there is still a lot of potential out there.

      The ebook would be a good idea if I knew anything about numerology, However, one of the sites I’m affiliated with has a section where it predicts the numbers depending on your star sign :smoke_tb:

      1. Well, so far I’ve yet to hear back from the folks at jackpotmaniacs. How long did it take you before your account was set up? It’s been a couple of days now for me and not a word.

        1. Well Robert, you probably got them on the weekend so you should really allow for that :wink_ee:

          1. Yep, didn’t think about that, thanks for the reminder. My account is now going and I’ve got a couple of banners up, just need to work on marketing strategies and we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for all your help Sire!

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