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Buying Market Samurai At A Really Good Price

I bought Market Samurai nearly two years ago and the one thing that tipped the scales causing me to buy it was that I got it at a really good price. As you can see from this post I got it at a 35% saving paying only $97 instead of $147. Since then I’ve done several posts on it including Market Samurai, Is It As Good As They Say and Learning How To Use Market Samurai.

I never bothered with keyword research until purchasing my very own copy of Market Samurai and imagine my surprise when I found out I could install it on my MacBook Air. That was a real boon because these days I do all my blogging on my MAC.

Something else that I learned once I got my own copy of the software was that being an owner I was now able to promote it as an affiliate. I suppose they do it that way because they only want people to recommend their software who really like it. Anyway, since becoming an affiliate I’ve paid for it many times over.

The Best Ever Price For Market Samurai

In the time since I purchased my copy it has only gone up two bucks as it’s now worth $149, but for the next 9 days they’re promoting Market Samurai in the Warrior Forum for HALF PRICE, along with $270 worth of Rank Tracker Bonusesas a Warrior Special Offer (WSO).

This WSO offer is hands down the best deal they’ve ever made on Market Samurai since they released it 4 years ago in 2008. They may never, ever offer this kind of deal again which means that now is the best time for you to get your very own copy of it.

market samurai special

Here Is What It Means For You

  1. New users get a 50% HALF PRICE Discountoff the retail price of Market
    Buy Market Samurai and become a super ninja!

    Samurai. Given that the retail price of Market Samurai is $149, users who take advantage of this deal will be getting the full version of Market Samurai for just $75!

    Remember, they’ve NEVER offered Market Samurai for Half Price. EVER!

  2. They get a FREE 50 keyword white belt Rank Tracking plan.This FREE plan has FIVE TIMES the keyword quota of the free plan which other Market Samurai customers get.To track this many keywords using similar services would cost up $270 per year, and they’re getting it for FREE; And,
  3. They get a further LIFETIME 50% half-price discount on all higher keyword plans.This is an exclusive EXTRA discount which allows them to track their rankings completely on autopilot (along with heaps of other cool features) at less than a quarter of the price of similar services!This lifetime discount equates to a saving of between $60 to $1,200 every year…
So, as a new user, not only will you get MS at a great price, you’ll also get some really neat special bonuses.
 Special price for market samurai
Remember, at the writing of this post you only have 9 days left before the special runs out! Click this link to see how much time you have left right now.
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  1. Market samurai is giving a great deal Peter.I hope i can buy it but i guess this is not the time for me.They are going to capture the market with this offer for sure.

    1. You still have a few days left Aditya, maybe something will come your way before then.

  2. I am hoping for this too Peter.right now i am feeling like i have an energy booster in front of me but can’t have it as if i am handicapped. :(

    1. I sure hope things get better for you soon Aditya.

  3. These killer deals are awesome!
    I bought comment luv premium like this only through a similar offer!

    1. Yes, but have you taken up the opportunity to get a copy of Market Samurai?

  4. I tried Market samurai with a free trial and thought the software was ok but was still a bit too expensive for me at the time. I might have another look at it but every keyword I researched it said there was too much competition and looking back it was probably right!

    1. Which makes it a good thing :wink_ee:

  5. Wow! This is a great tool! I’ve never of heard of this before, totally worth checking out. Thanks!

    1. It sure is Kelly. I’ve never regretted buying it.

  6. From what i know market samurai compete with micro niche finder. Do you think it’s better market samurai?

    1. I sorry, but I can’t answer that because I have ever use micro niche finder.

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