I thought it only fitting after talking about PR in my last post, Is There A Major Page Rank Around The Corner, that I do another update on how my Buy Lottery Tickets Online is doing. Before getting into it though I want everyone to know that although I write about PR a lot on this blog it’s not because I believe in PR or even that I hold it in high esteem, far from it. I do it because I know it generates a lot of interest thereby increasing my traffic as well as the comments on those posts.

Enough of PR, let’s talk about what is really important if you want a profitable site, SERPs or for those just getting into all this Search Engine Results Page. You are doing extremely well in the SERPs when your site appears on the first page of any given search engine for a particular search term.

SERPs For Buy Online Lotto Tickets Part 2

You may want to refer to the last post, Update On Buy Online Lottery Tickets to see exactly how my lottery site has progressed. Basically, in that post I wrote about my disappointment with Google because compared to the other search engines it was performing dismally. I’m happy to report that all my efforts have finally paid off and I am doing very well for my original search terms as well as other related search terms. Let’s have a look at exactly how well I’m doing shall we.

  • Buy Online Lotto Tickets: This is the search term that the lottery site was built on which is why I decided on the buyonlinelottotickets.com domain name.Buy Online Lotto SERPSAs you can see I am the third on the list! I’m actually between two of the sites that I actually promote. Now that is pretty damn good. :drunk_tb:
  • Buy Online Lottery Tickets: This is the natural derivative of the first search term and I’m pleased to say that I’m still on the 1st page of Google, albeit at number 6.
  • Buy Lotto Tickets Online: Still on the first page of Google but I’ve dropped down to number 8, but hey, I ain’t complaining because I’m still on the page that counts.
  • Buy Lottery Tickets Online: I’ve dropped to number 9 for this particular search term but that’s cool with me because once again I’m still on Google’s number 1 page, and against some pretty stiff competition too.

This tells me that what I am doing actually works and in case you missed the post that outlined what I’m doing as far as SEO goes should head on over to How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche.

Now that I’m doing well in the SERPS for those terms my traffic has definitely increased. Also thanks to WP Zon Builder I’ve even made my first Amazon sale. :thumbup_tb: I’m pretty sure that without the reviews and the way that post was presented, all thanks to that particular plugin, I would not have made the sale. Once again it just goes to show how investing wisely in your online business can produce profitable results.

When you consider that my very first post went live just under five months ago I think I can safely say my latest blog is doing pretty well, especially when you consider some of the sites it’s up against. Sites that have been around a hell of a lot longer than mine not to mention they probably also have access to a nice marketing budget and the only thing it cost me is my time.

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