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Buy Online Lotto Tickets Now On Page One Of Google!

I thought it only fitting after talking about PR in my last post, Is There A Major Page Rank Around The Corner, that I do another update on how my Buy Lottery Tickets Online is doing. Before getting into it though I want everyone to know that although I write about PR a lot on this blog it’s not because I believe in PR or even that I hold it in high esteem, far from it. I do it because I know it generates a lot of interest thereby increasing my traffic as well as the comments on those posts.

Enough of PR, let’s talk about what is really important if you want a profitable site, SERPs or for those just getting into all this Search Engine Results Page. You are doing extremely well in the SERPs when your site appears on the first page of any given search engine for a particular search term.

SERPs For Buy Online Lotto Tickets Part 2

You may want to refer to the last post, Update On Buy Online Lottery Tickets to see exactly how my lottery site has progressed. Basically, in that post I wrote about my disappointment with Google because compared to the other search engines it was performing dismally. I’m happy to report that all my efforts have finally paid off and I am doing very well for my original search terms as well as other related search terms. Let’s have a look at exactly how well I’m doing shall we.

  • Buy Online Lotto Tickets: This is the search term that the lottery site was built on which is why I decided on the domain name.Buy Online Lotto SERPSAs you can see I am the third on the list! I’m actually between two of the sites that I actually promote. Now that is pretty damn good. :drunk_tb:
  • Buy Online Lottery Tickets: This is the natural derivative of the first search term and I’m pleased to say that I’m still on the 1st page of Google, albeit at number 6.
  • Buy Lotto Tickets Online: Still on the first page of Google but I’ve dropped down to number 8, but hey, I ain’t complaining because I’m still on the page that counts.
  • Buy Lottery Tickets Online: I’ve dropped to number 9 for this particular search term but that’s cool with me because once again I’m still on Google’s number 1 page, and against some pretty stiff competition too.

This tells me that what I am doing actually works and in case you missed the post that outlined what I’m doing as far as SEO goes should head on over to How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche.

Now that I’m doing well in the SERPS for those terms my traffic has definitely increased. Also thanks to WP Zon Builder I’ve even made my first Amazon sale. :thumbup_tb: I’m pretty sure that without the reviews and the way that post was presented, all thanks to that particular plugin, I would not have made the sale. Once again it just goes to show how investing wisely in your online business can produce profitable results.

When you consider that my very first post went live just under five months ago I think I can safely say my latest blog is doing pretty well, especially when you consider some of the sites it’s up against. Sites that have been around a hell of a lot longer than mine not to mention they probably also have access to a nice marketing budget and the only thing it cost me is my time.

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  1. Well done Pete. You have put in a lot of hard work over the years. I don’t rank anywhere, but from time to time I get some nice comments about my ‘The Green Planet’

    Since Google arbitarily cancelled my Adsense account i haven’t made much money online. But money making wasn’t the reason I started blogging anyway. To get people to read and comment is a good feeling.



    1. Comments mean a lot Peter so that is always a positive where blogging is concerned.

      As far as Google goes there are always other ways of monetizing your blog.

  2. Nice job. It looks like your hard work is really paying off for you. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Darren. It sure feels good when your plan finally comes together.

  3. Congrats Pete! I think every blogger should have some knowledge of SEO so that they can optimise the blog well and rank for their niche.

    1. That’s true Stefan, and like most good bloggers I trie to pass on what I’ve learned to my readers.

  4. Congratulations on getting to the first page of the SERP with Lotto Tickets, that’s a great accomplishment! It’s so satisfying to see hard work being translated into results!
    Corey recently posted…This Week In SEOMy Profile

    1. Thanks Corey, it took a bit of work but I finally got there.

    1. The good thing is now that the site is ranking better it’s getting a lot more traffic which will hopefully in time convert to sales.

  5. Twitter:
    Congratulations Sire! That’s good news. I am truly happy for your and your success.

    Now I am off to read your “How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche” for the second time!
    Satrap recently posted…Ways To Make MoneyMy Profile

    1. Thanks Satrap, it took a while but it was worth the wait.

  6. Congrats Peter, I know this is something you’ve been working on very hard. Do you keep track of how the income is going too?

    (I hope you like my latest post too)! :smile1_ee:

    1. I’ve made one product sale and one person has joined and bought some tickets which, considering the age of the site, I think is a good start.

  7. Hey sire! Whats up dude… I remember the first outbound link of my blog was of buyonlinelottotickets. I was also very happy when I check the rankings. But, when I logged out from my google account, flushed out my cache than result was totally change. This is something very weird about SERP, when you search for something while you are logged in with Google account you will see a different result as compare to when you are using Google without signing in Google account. Similarly results vary from country to country, due to your browsing history and location

    1. Well that makes it all that much harder to check your results then doesn’t it?

      I just checked one of those keywords (buy online lotto tickets) using Market Samurai and that showed it was on the first page as well whereas it wouldn’t rank at all before so things have improved a whole lot.

  8. Lotto, poor boy retirement plan. I haven’t bought lotto tickets in a long time.

    1. Luckily for me Danny there are a lot of people out there who do :smile2_ee:

    1. Yep, you said it my man! Now if only I can teach you how to play a proper game of chess :lol_ee:

  9. Congratulations Sire!
    For me SERPS are far more important than PR, traffic will definitely increase if you have several pages on SERP’s. Hope my SEO efforts will be paid off :)

    1. Thanks Sanjay and I’m sure that in time you will achieve your dreams.

  10. What is most important is the traffic. For this it’s important to get ranked high for specific SERPS, so make sure you do your keyword research. PR isn’t all unimportant though, the higher your PR the less likely your website will get a penalty.

    1. Yep, that’s what I’ve always said too, traffic is way more important than PR. That is of course unless you’re making heaps of money from advertisers because you have a high PR blog.

  11. hey congrats for the first page ranking, I wonder when I’m going to be on the first page. But I believe this is going to take a whole lot of efforts and time, and I am still a newbie at all this. I am learning from seniors, like you ;)

    1. Just keep at it Scott, you’ll get there.

  12. Congratulations Sire for making it onto the first page of google! I have a couple of minisites am trying to rank in the search engines and am still working on them. Some are ranking well, others are moving up slowly, others are stagnant and there is one which is nowhere to be seen at all! But the secret to it is to keep on building the quality backlinks. When you start off in Internet Marketing, folk make it seem as if it’s a walk in the park but you only realize how much time, energy and effort you have to put in in order to achieve a profit generating website! There is definitely no get rich quick scheme available, it’s all about hard work and perseverance. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Allan, but it’s not just the backlinks that count. One also has to constantly update their site concentrating on those keywords.

  13. Great to see a case study of your site and that your SEO strategies are working. Prompted me to go back and see what you’ve done to attain that position – hoping to implement a few of those strategies myself. Looks like you’re keeping it simple and that works. Congrats to you and hope your site continues to boom!

    1. Keeping it simple has always worked for me in the past Sandip so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work now.

  14. I glad to see you up in the search engine; if you do not have moneyy to get what you need, you could always spend time. If you update your content everyday, you can get to top of the search engine pretty fast.

    1. Nothing like getting a good result from doing all the work yourself Richard, that’s for sure.

      1. I agree, i have had some great experiences of outsourcing, but with the recent cash crunch, i am have been doing the things on my own for last three months, i am enjoying more, learning more and when the results come out, the satisfaction level is unmatched!!

        1. And you’re saving a lot more money too Grant :wink_ee:

  15. Wow, very nice results you made there. And I don’t actually agree with you Richard, its not easy to get ranked quickly and high. And on the otherhand, its always good to spend some time on your websites. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Yep, I think the personal touch is the best. You can outsource but you’re not guaranteed that whatever they do is in your best interest.

  16. congrats. Choosing the generic is wise decision for this kind of competitive, high paying keyword. And you got some excellent results.

    Wp Zon Builder is an another great choice for the building amazon affiliate stores.

    1. WP Zon Builder has already secured some sales for me and that hasn’t happened in a long time.

  17. Very impressive! You also mentioned WP zon builder, In the Netherlands Amazon isn’t that big so I’m looking for a good Affiliate plugin for WordPress. Any suggestions?
    Tas recently posted…Nieuw designermerk op Lerentassenwinkel.nlMy Profile

    1. What exactly is it you want from your plugin Tas?

    1. If that’s true then I am pretty lucky to get those results.

  18. Congratulations Sire!
    Nice work you’ve done here. I hope some day to be on the first page too. I think it is going to take a lot of time and work.
    Keep on the good work!

    1. It does take work and effort but it’s well worth it Nick.

  19. Congrats Sire. This is some motivation for me to keep working on all those SEO stuff.

    But I normally don’t check my position with Google because it gives a wrong result because of my cookies and browsing history. I always use Scroogle as it is smore accurate.

    1. Thanks Flo. I just used Scroogle for the term buy online lotto tickets and it’s still on the first page so I’m happy with that.

  20. Now, you’re finally getting better results in Google! Such an achievement for you and your site! The only problem you have right now is how you could maintain your 1st page ranking or get your #1 spot! Goodluck!

    1. Not a problem Chris, merely another challenge.

  21. Good luck Pete you have done really wonderful job to get this position, I can see how much hard work is required to get on Google first page with the competitive keywords and specially remaining there is big job, no doubt your hard work will be paying you more than you did, I love to see you at first pages and keep blogging because many people want to read you and blogging is not only about making money or getting on first page. It is related to people who read you.

    1. It did take a bit of work to get there Roger and it will take more to stay there. I think that is something many people forget.

  22. True Sire, nothing is easy in life and especially when it comes to ranking in Google these days.

    Thanks for the great tips on this blog.

    1. Yep, and the sooner people come to realize that the better off they will be.

  23. Hey there! :-)

    Congrats first! :-)

    But I saw you were logged in into google when doing the screenshot. The result says: “You shared this”. When you log out and search again the results probably will vary…

    Because google now takes your shared content into consideration for your personal results.

    Or did I misinterpret the screenshot?

    Wishing you number 1!! :-)



    1. Hey Andre, yes I was but I also tried it when logged out and I was still on the first page so all is good. :thumbup_tb:

  24. Hey, this is awesome! :-)
    Big thumbs up!

    I just experienced some “YEAH! … oh wait, damn, I’m logged in” moments… ;-)

    Did you do some additional SEO or “just” ;-) the things you mentioned in the other article?



    1. Just the stuff I mentioned in the article Andre. I don’t believe in keeping things from my readers.

  25. Wow, you’re one of the best! Congratulations! I’m sure you’ve worked a lot to achieve this. If you know how and what to do, you only need time and work, if you have everything and do it correctly, you can achieve everything. Congratulations again!
    Amit recently posted…Finding Forklift Training And Certification For FreeMy Profile

    1. It took a bit of work Amit but I wouldn’t exactly call it hard work. Heck, I didn’t even raise a sweat :lol_ee:

  26. What is most important is the traffic. For this it’s important to get ranked high for specific SERPS, so make sure you do your keyword research. PR isn’t all unimportant though, the higher your PR the less likely your website will get a penalty.

    1. Actually I don’t think Google will consider not giving you a penalty just because of your PR.

  27. Hi Pete,
    you are doing extremely well in the SERPs especially when your niche is “buy online lotto tickets”, next step is to invade the mobile lotto tickets market.
    Regards. Tanya

    1. I’m pretty happy with it Tanya. I didn’t know there was a mobile lotto ticket market?

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