Doing guest posts is supposed to be a pivotal part of getting traffic to your blog as well as being an important part of getting your brand out there. Even though I know this to be true I haven’t really done anything about it. Heck I can probably count my guest posts one hand and I would still be short three fingers. The only one I actually remember doing is the one I did for Mitch called Why I Love Blogging. That was way back in September 08 and I can safely say I love blogging just as much now as I did then. Going back to that post I notice it didn’t attract all that much in the way of comments, but then it was some time ago and I probably didn’t have as much of a following as I do now.

Well, almost three years have passed and I’ve just completed another guest post and this time it’s for another well known blogger. You’ve probably heard of her, it’s MS ILEANE of Basic Blog Tips and the post I created for her is about a subject I’ve talked about on many occasions on this blog. It’s called Why Blog Comments Are An Important Part Of Your Blog and I urge you to hop on over there and leave a comment. Don’t forget to give it a tweet or sharing it on Google+ because doing that not only promotes the post it also shows others what a great comment you left and could even lead to a flow through of traffic to your blog. Remember to leave a great comment, thereby building your brand and doing good ol Sire proud!

I’m quite excited about the post as Ileane’s blog uses Andy’s commentluv plugin and as I plan to reply to every comment, just as I do on this blog, I will get maximum exposure by linking all of my last 10 posts! Perhaps this is something that you could keep in mind the next time you do a guest post?

Before I go I just want to leave you a video of The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. I took this one at night and I think it’s even more impressive than the one shot by day.

Like I said on YouTube “It was beautiful to watch the graceful fountain as it danced to the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.” I hope you enjoy it enough to give it a thumbs up.

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