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Building Your Brand With A Guest Post

Doing guest posts is supposed to be a pivotal part of getting traffic to your blog as well as being an important part of getting your brand out there. Even though I know this to be true I haven’t really done anything about it. Heck I can probably count my guest posts one hand and I would still be short three fingers. The only one I actually remember doing is the one I did for Mitch called Why I Love Blogging. That was way back in September 08 and I can safely say I love blogging just as much now as I did then. Going back to that post I notice it didn’t attract all that much in the way of comments, but then it was some time ago and I probably didn’t have as much of a following as I do now.

Well, almost three years have passed and I’ve just completed another guest post and this time it’s for another well known blogger. You’ve probably heard of her, it’s MS ILEANE of Basic Blog Tips and the post I created for her is about a subject I’ve talked about on many occasions on this blog. It’s called Why Blog Comments Are An Important Part Of Your Blog and I urge you to hop on over there and leave a comment. Don’t forget to give it a tweet or sharing it on Google+ because doing that not only promotes the post it also shows others what a great comment you left and could even lead to a flow through of traffic to your blog. Remember to leave a great comment, thereby building your brand and doing good ol Sire proud!

I’m quite excited about the post as Ileane’s blog uses Andy’s commentluv plugin and as I plan to reply to every comment, just as I do on this blog, I will get maximum exposure by linking all of my last 10 posts! Perhaps this is something that you could keep in mind the next time you do a guest post?

Before I go I just want to leave you a video of The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. I took this one at night and I think it’s even more impressive than the one shot by day.

Like I said on YouTube “It was beautiful to watch the graceful fountain as it danced to the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.” I hope you enjoy it enough to give it a thumbs up.

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  1. Hopped over, left you a few words, hopped back. Thanks for the additional look at the fountain. Congrats on your guest appearance, hope it helps out.

    1. Thanks Allan, I’m sure it will. If nothing else it’s good to interact with commentators that I may not come into contact if it wasn’t for that guest post.

  2. Guest posts can not only improve your traffic, but also set you up as an authority in that field.. Sort of adds to your trust.. I have heard there are people who provide guest blogging as a service to other blog owners for a fixed fee per month…

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Darren Rowse offers a similar service where he charges people a set fee for guest posting. It’s a shame really because these days you see more guest posts on his blog than any other.
      Sire recently posted…Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your ListMy Profile

      1. I remember extreme john suggesting the same thing (though he did not recommend fees) sometime ago so he could have more time to focus at some other business endeavor. Didn’t seem to implement it seriously though. :)

        1. Considering all the things that Extreme John is involved with James I’m not surprised if he lets a few ideas go without implementing them.

  3. Hi Sire,

    I can confirm that guest blogging can work really well indeed.

    I guess the trick is to ensure that your guest blogger is relevant to your niche and, for me, it works if they can have a wholly different perspective than you do yourself.

    That way your readers get to see an issue from an alternate angle and that strikes me as quite a good thing.


    1. Hey Patrick,

      That makes a lot of sense. If they had the exact same view as you did you may as well have written the post yourself :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      Lucky for me I don’t have a niche so I could accept a wider range of guest bloggers. If I did have a niche it would be better to post related topics.
      Sire recently posted…Why Google+ Will Give FaceBook A Run For It’s MoneyMy Profile

  4. I saw, read and commented on your post over there, Sire.

    I really liked it. Commenting is so important for a blog.

    With respect to guest posting, I have never done it before. I know I should. I really fall short in this area.

    I find that most of my posts tend to lean a little towards teh grey area, so I tend to publish them on site.

    One day, however, I will write a guest post. Count on it.

    Mark :)

    1. My advice is don’t do it until you’re ready Mark. The only reason I did this one is because I was really comfortable writing a post on this particular topic as it’s my specialty, so to speak.

      I really should do more guest posts as well. Perhaps I won’t wait another 2 years before the next one. :lol_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How Much Do You Really Want To Cheese Off Your ReadersMy Profile

  5. I’ve often thought of guest posting … so many bloggers have said how powerful it is.

    What you’ve mentioned in the reply to Mark about ‘being ready’ really rang true.

    I’ve backed off offering or asking for guest posting gigs because I felt that my blog wasn’t big enough, but you just made me realize that there are topics on which I’m comfortable and extremely competent and that I can speak about on any platform.

    So … thanks for the nudge, Sire!

    the goddess known as Jacqui

    1. You know me Jacqueline, always ready to nudge the pretty ladies :devil_tb:

      You know, if anyone was ready for guest posting it would be you. You definitely know what you’re talking about and people admire you and I’m sure your presence as a guest blogger would be appreciated by all.
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  6. I never did a guest post before, but I plan it now for quite some weeks. Think it´s time to stop thinking and start acting, right?

    Great post, just a great erminder for me to applying thisd method to promote my blog!


    1. If you’re ready for a guest post Benjamin there is no better time than the present.

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    It’s very important to guest posting, one of my pending tasks – is a win-win situation for all the parts.

    You can visit to improve the exposure of yourself and also to have guest posts on your blog too.



    1. I really should do more guest post Gera but they take a lot more out of me. I’m always of the opinion that my posts aren’t good enough to place on someones blog and so I don’t bother submitting them.
      Sire recently posted…How Art Can Make The Naked Form More AcceptableMy Profile

  8. Guest posting is important not only to get traffic but posting articles on niche related authority blogs can help you in building your brand because a lot of people and frequent readers of the blog will make a connection between the blog they read and your brand.

    1. Yep, I know all that and yet I still find it extremely difficult because, like I explained above, I don’t think my posts are good enough to plane on another blog. I reckon I’m being way too critical but that’s just the way I am.
      Sire recently posted…Google, Google Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?My Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Really enjoyed your guest post Sire, I think you did a wonderful job and I agree with what you wrote as well. Was more than happy to leave a comment and was very excited about it when I ran across it on Ileane’s blog. Great job!

    Love the dance of the fountains, bet it was even better in person. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Las Vegas now. I’m sure they have a lot of really cool things since I last visited.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Adrienne and that it received such a good response from everyone. :thumbup_tb:

      Watching those fountains was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to the States and hopefully we will be able to come for another visit someday soon.
      Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

  10. I have to say, I’ve been following Mr. Mitchell’s blog for a while now, and I didn’t know he posted guest articles. He must do it once in a blue moon…

  11. Guest posting is a better but not easier alternative to article directory submission. This new form of link building and brand building will kill article directories in time.

    1. I think of the two guest posting gets more exposure.

  12. Yes guest post can become very useful for any blogger because post after a guest post they take many idea from guest blog and what all are some different in that and it looking nice. It can also help a lots for increase the traffic on your blog site.

    1. Yep, it seems there are many positives for doing guest posts.

  13. Hi, Sire

    I’ll have to hop over to Ms. Ileane’s to read your guest post. Sounds interesting.

    Thanks for your post. I recently added the CommentLuv plug-in and love it. It’s a great addition to any blog.

    Talk with you again soon.

    1. Hi Allyson, I’ll look forward to your comment on that post :wink_ee:

  14. Guest posting is a good option to build your brand…But it takes a lot of efforts…

    1. Yes it does but the effort is well worth it.

  15. I, too, just went over to Basic Blog Tips, read and commented on your post. Nice job. I’d be interested in hearing about whether you get a spike in traffic to your site.

    1. There has been a little spike in traffic Petra, but that is only short term. More importantly, it has brought new commentators to my blog and hopefully they will become regulars. But then that is part of the traffic isn’t it :lol_ee:

  16. I’m a little confused as to how doing guest articles can build your brand? I noticed that you mentioned two guest posts that you did, but I did see how that benefited your brand.
    jenny recently posted…The LatestMy Profile

    1. It’s probable not going to help much if you only do 2 guest posts Jenny, but if you did one a week, posting articles that showed others you knew what your talking about it would be long before people started taking notice.

      Guest posting takes longer than leaving comments on blogs but they carry a lot more weight.

  17. Guest posting is incredibly important for getting your name out there but I don’t think it needs to be as stressed as a lot of people make it out to be. There are plenty of ways to get noticed and, quite frankly, commenting is often all you need to do. You can dig into the comments and see who else is active. Find those people on social media, jump on their blogs. You can literally bounce all of the place leaving a great impression or you could write a guest post that may just get you noticed for that one day depending on the site, ya know?

    Either way, it’s about balance.

    1. I’ve always used commenting as the main way of getting my name out there, but let me ask you something Murray. What would people take more notice of, your name seen in a lot of comments or you name highlighted as a guest poster on heaps of blogs? Personally I think having your name appearing on posts on as many blogs as you can guest post on would have more of an effect.

      1. Definitely the later Sire. I agree.

        One thing that I do really like about commenting, however, is that you can easily get “on the radar” with those very same bloggers.

        I’ve had a few posts before where I have been the focus because of some of the comments I’ve left. That’s pretty much the same as a guest post, would you agree?

        It doesn’t always happen but I feel that there are some really great, natural ways to get a psuedo-guest post just by commenting. It’s awesome when it happens :)

        1. Oh, I’m not arguing about the importance of comments Murray, far from it, in fact I have always placed a high value on a well structured comment. That is well most people fail when leaving a comment, they just don’t take enough time thinking about what to write.

          Take the conversation we’re having right at this moment. If all you said was great post I agree with everything you say, what more could I add other than thank you. And again if all I did was agreed with your comment there wouldn’t be much opportunity to have a proper conversation.

          There would be much more interaction on a blog if people only took more time with their comments. :smoke_tb:

          1. Indeed :)

            I’m always surprised that so few people even come back to respond to comments as well. I think that’s one of the problems with blogging at this time because people still do hit and run. In some ways, it’s almost like there’s not a point for responding to some comments because the conversation won’t stop going. Although, people do want to see that the blogger does respond to the comments but I think a lot of people, in the back of their minds, really don’t care sometimes.

            I guess it’s all about being able to get a response out of people. Asking the commentor questions and letting them know that you’ve responded to them definitely helps to get them back onto the blog.

            I’d like to figure out a way that further rewards commentors besides the usual commentluv and top commentors. Some kind of way to distill that if one comments on a blog and interacts with other commentors they will gain a much greater reward.

            This conversation we’re having is a prime example; we’re keeping it going and it’s bringing up all kinds of interesting insights :)

            1. Interesting you mentioned the reward factor Murray, one thing that I do on this blog that I don’t do on any other is I try to follow the commentator back to their blog so that I can return the favour by leaving a quality comment in return. The result is that out of all my blogs this one beats all the rest for the amount of comments it gets.

  18. Can’t agree enough that comments are very important – I know spam is a problem, but it annoys me when webmasters turn comments off on their posts to avoidit, ok it takes some time to manage them properly but still why miss out on discussion which is what blogs are for.

    1. Actually it’s not all that bad if you only use the right plugins Helen.

  19. Based on years of experience I have come to the firm conclusion that guest blogs are about the best way that a person can manually build deep juicy links for his website.

    I use a four phase system of building links for blogs. Guest blogging is the third phase of that system because it is so powerful and because it usually requires you to establish contacts first.

    Over the next few years you are going to see a drastic increase in the amount of people do it.

    1. I don’t doubt that Ted, but I was wondering as tom the other three points of your four phase system :ponder_tb:

      1. Sire,

        The link there in my Commentluv link points to the blog post where I talk about the four phases.

        Basically, the four phases are
        1) Blog Commenting
        2) Article Marketing
        3) Guest Blogging
        4) Link Bait

        That is the basic outline of it. I recommend that people start promoting a blog by going through those phases in that order.

        I hope that cleared it all up.

        1. Yep, I actually followed you back to your blog after replying to your comment and left a comment there. Thanks for coming back and supplying that bit of information for my readers.
          Sire recently posted…Saturday Mish Mash To Brighten Your DayMy Profile

    1. It was more than two cents DiTesco, and thanks for leaving a comment there and coming back here to add to the conversation. Oh, and I’m glad you really liked the post. :thumbup_tb:

  20. Never did a guest post but maybe in future I might try it sometimes.Have seen lots of bloggers doing guest posts and they are doing pretty well.

    1. You should try it, especially as you offer it on your blog. Seems only natural that you give it a go so that you know what its like to do one.

  21. I’ve been following one of those whiz teen marketers for a few weeks and from what I have found out so far, guest posting is THE absolute best way to get into a backlink frenzy.

    Not only you’re going to get some real massive response from the regular readers (or the ‘blog locals’) but you’re going to be exposed to new people as well and may get your content get a little bit viral.

    I’m reading your guest post right now but as always, I won’t comment until I’m done reading every comment there which are quite a few right now.

    Congratulations on Ileane’s guest post and keep it up Sire! :)

    PS. There was some noise going on in your fountain video, was that the camera? (it was a very nice video!)

    1. Thanks Sergio for leaving a comment on both posts, and why wouldn’t you considering you get twice the exposure. :smile2_ee:

      You said in your comment

      Not only you’re going to get some real massive response from the regular readers (or the ‘blog locals’) but you’re going to be exposed to new people as well

      Seems to me that works for comments as well, especially when you leave good comments as you are want to do.

      As for that sound in the video, it’s not in the original so I don’t know how the heck it got into the YouTube video.
      Sire recently posted…Saturday Mish Mash To Brighten Your DayMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Sire, that was a great guest post you wrote on Ileane’s blog, even if the formatting went a bit hinky at a certain point.

    Even though we’ve never talked about it, I think our thoughts on guest posting as it involves us are probably pretty close. For instance, I’ve had few guest posts on IJS because that one’s mainly for my thoughts and beliefs, but you know I’ve had a few when I think the person has something special to offer. Your guest post was a long time ago before either of us really had gained any traction. I allow many guest posts on my finance blog, but I’ve not allowed any on my other two blogs. As for IJS, the person has to have a track record with my blog as well; I’m not accepting any requests from someone I don’t know.

    As for me writing them, well, I’ve written more than you but I’m not necessarily a serial guest poster. I’ve never asked anyone is I could guest post; just not doing it. However, every time I’ve been asked, which isn’t all that often actually, I’ve given something. In that regard it becomes a pretty big deal for me and I can say that even though I still write those posts fairly quickly, I try to make sure they’re very good, sometimes to the point of where I wish I’d put it on my own blog instead. But I think that’s the power of guest posting; if you put something good out you hope that it will generate visitors to your own blog and people who at least see many things as you see them.

    Of course, I’m now wondering why your blog titles and what’s showing in the title area of the browser are so drastically different… gonna explain that one? :ponder_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Things People Do Wrong Concerning BlogsMy Profile

    1. You are so right Mitch when you said you should always do your best, if not better, work for a guest post. I reckon that’s why I don’t do all that many, I just don’t think they are good enough.

      Why two completely different titles? Just thought it would cover more bases that way SEO wise.
      Sire recently posted…Caesar’s Palace Moving Statues Come To WassupBlogMy Profile

        1. True, but it is a good tip and it does speak for itself. Also as I’m not trying to sell anything in this post it doesn’t really matter how they got it here as long as they get here and read post. :smile2_ee:

  23. Sir, You have given some insight in your guest post at basicblogtips and I am in complete favor of guest posting. It not only bring additional visitors to your blog but it increases the community of bloggars joining to you. Thanks for the nice blog and video, which is amazing. Hope to interact you regualrly for long time to come.

    1. Glad you liked it Lalit.

  24. Guest posting is by far the best way to get backlinks, traffic and network with other bloggers on your niche make it the best SEO tool you can use to get traffic and build your brand in your niche

    1. I don’t know about it being the best but it is a good way of getting backlinks.

  25. Sire,

    I think you should do guest posting often as I love to see you on other blogs as well. I like your honesty and yes guest posting can definitely drive more traffic back to your website. Thanks for the video by the way. It’s lovely :)

  26. Just would like to say thank you sire as reading all the comments has help me understand much more about guest posting, as this is what I have been trying to find out. Great to hear what everyone has to say.

    1. Yep, that’s why trying to achieve great comments is so important, and the best way to do that is to have a comment policy and stick to it.

  27. I went to your guest blog. A well written and understandable post about how important it is to have comments and the interaction with the commenters. It’s a big task to moderate all your comments if you have a lot of traffic. I think akismet does the work well to stop spam. Thanks for the info

    1. Akismet does a really great job John go catching the human spam and CommentLuvs GASP does a great job of catching the robot spam. It takes a lot more work replying to all the comments but that’s something I enjoy doing.

  28. The more I’ve seen CommentLuv, the more I’m thinking that it is definitely a great way to attract more traffic and keep your readers engaged! Unfortunately, I use Blogger and I don’t know of a similar plugin there. Also, my blog is about strategy board games, and I’m yet to find a similar site that uses CommentLuv – or else I’d definitely try to be a Guest Blogger there! Thanks for the insight, though.

    1. Ever think of moving to hosting your own blog Josh. I know a few who have done that and never looked back.

  29. Blogging is a fun activity to engage with not only that because it can also be a portal of being a lucrative hobby as well. Doing and submitting guest post may vary into several reason its either for personal shout or business promotion. It gains more popularity nowadays as it gives better online exposure that would possibly open for good conversion.

    1. All good points Dave, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    1. Thanks Robert and you’re right, they can be harder than writing for your own blog but that is pretty much self inflicted. :wink:

  30. Twitter:
    I haven’t read your guest post yet, because I couldn’t resist leaving a comment about the Bellagio fountain first. I lived in Las Vegas for 10 months many years ago and while the fountain show is undoubtedly beautiful, every time I drove past the Bellagio, I couldn’t help thinking about the amounts of water being consumed by a city that lies in the middle of a desert.
    Daniel McBane recently posted…Keeping Las Vegas Safe From Litterers and Al QaedaMy Profile

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