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Boobs Blonde Boobs And More Boobs Friday Funnies #112

Boobs Rule. :drunk_tb:  Welcome to this weeks Friday Funnies, the 112th post in the series. This week I’ve decided to dedicate this post to boobs. Why boobs you ask? What can I say, I’m a bloke and those who know me will tell you that I’d find any excuse I could to talk about boobs.  :devil_tb:  Besides, I know for a fact that I’m not the only bloke obsessed with breasts.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about the funny side of boobs.  :tongue_laugh_ee:  

Blonde Boobs

Milkman brings milk to blondes door. He notices a note which says, ‘Please I need 20 litres of milk today so I can take a milk bath.’

In dismay the milkman rings the bell. A blonde in a robe opens the door, and the milkman says, “20 litres! are you sure you want that much milk?” 

“Sure, I’m taking a milk bath today.” The milkman says, “Ok then, would you like the milk pasteurised?” 

The blonde replies, “No just up to my boobs!”  

The Drunk Blonde

A drunk blonde woman sitting at a bar says to the barman, “Barfender, I’d like a marhini for my heartburn.” 

The barman mixes her drink and puts it down in front of her. A few minutes later, she calls him over and says, “Barfender, I’d like a marhini for my heartburn.” 

He rolls his eyes but mixes her drink anyway and sets it down in front of her. A few minutes later, she waves him over again and says, “Barfender, I’d like a marhini for my heartburn.” 

The barman looks her up and down and says, “First off, it’s bartender, not barfender. Second off, it’s martini, not marhini. And third, you don’t have heartburn, your boob is in the ashtray.”

Sexy Sals Blonde Boob Joke

sexy Sals boobs
Yeah, Sexy Sals sure likes telling her blonde jokes, and she does it so well too. Heck, even Google has realised the importance of sexy Sals. She features on both Google web and image searches of the first page. Multiple times too. I would never have been possible with the use of the Logo Creator.
Now for the final boob tribute I give to you my version of the invention of the word Boobs. How the word boobs actually came into being.

The Invention Of The Word Boobs

And just to finish off, here are some boobs paraphernalia…..

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  1. Twitter:
    At first I did not see the ‘paraphernalia’ but then I realized I had forgotten to turn my ad blocker off. I should white list your site. Who knows how much other good stuff I have missed out on?
    I am such a boob!

    1. Twitter:
      What did you think of my little video? I’ve seen the joke around and thought it would be cool to make a video out of it. Perhaps if you like it you could head on over and give it a thumbs up :homage:

      Oh, and you’re not too big a boob :laugh_tb:
      Peter recently posted…Some Blogging Love I Need To ShareMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I like your reasoning as what I found the possible ‘truth’ to be at crack dot com is perhaps a little disturbing. Yikes! “According to some experts, “boob” evolved from the Latin word “puppa” — meaning “little girl.””

    Yes, AdBlock works really well. In fact too well. Even post I write is not written with ad blockers in mind. For instance, in this case I would have made ‘paraphernalia’ a text link. Ugh! But it needs to be done to fight the system.

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