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BlueHost, CPU Throttling And Dedicated Server Packages

It’s been close to three weeks since moving WassupBlog to BlueHost, and so far I am very happy with the move. The original reason for the move was because my last host suspended my account because my CPU usage was above the allowed amount for shared hosting.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, as my post Of Web Hosts And Blogger Friends describes how LunarPages handled the very same situation. The problem seems to be with the shared hosting package that most bloggers, including myself, go for, as it is by far the cheapest way to host your blog.

I think it is safe to say that most of the time a shared hosting environment is all that the average blogger will ever need, and they may never have their blog suspended or banned by their host because of excessive CPU usage. Then again, you never know when one of your posts may go viral, or when you may cross the line by adding one too many plugins, or by installing a poorly written script, any one of which may cause your CPU usage to spike to such an extent that causes your blog’s suspension.

You may want to check with your host to see what their policy is in regards to this situation. I’ve found that this blog’s host, BlueHost, has a very unique way of handling this problem. They have incorporated what is known as CPU Throttling, so instead of your site going offline due to excessive CPU isage, it merely slows down to lower the amount of CPU being used. As you can appreciate, it’s a whole lot better to use this method to deal with the occasional spike in CPU, causing your blog to slow down for awhile, rather than having it shut down altogether.

This is all great stuff, but there may come a day when your blog outgrows your shared hosting package, and you will need to move over to a dedicated server, which is a single web server within a network of computers, dedicated solely to one customer. Once hosted on a dedicated server you no longer need to worry about other sites causing your site to slow down.

The reason that most people do not go this route is because of the added cost. I have had look around and managed to come up with several low costing packages that may suit the small business blogger who want go straight to the better package rather than go through the stress and hardship of moving over when things pick up.

  • ServerPronto: At $32.95 per month it is one of the cheapest dedicated server packages around.
  • 1&1 internet Hosting: Also offer dedicated server hosting for less. Apparently you even get your own box? Check out the following special. Click here for 50% off First 6 months of already low priced server plans.
  • LunarPages: I have several blogs hosted with Lunar pages, and they also offer dedicated server hosting which will set you back $99 per month.
  • At the moment I am quite content with the way things are going with my shared host packages, but there may well come a day when I outgrow them, and when that day comes I reckon I will will be considering on of the above packages.

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    1. Hi Sire, I am in the market for a new web host. Right now, I am looking at ICDSoft, because so far, they have the best bad publicity/good publicity ration I’ve seen so far. The web hosting game is SO corrupt, because most of the sites on the internet are set up by the companies themselves, and are made to look like independent reviews. I’ll check back with you to see how Blue Host is doing, because they were another company that I was looking at.
      .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..Free Music Download: Purgatory =-.

      1. Hi Trey, may I ask why you are considering changing hosts?
        Also, how did you come up with that ratio? Was it from googling or a particular post you read somewhere.

        I must admit I had no idea of BlueHost’s CPU throttling when I signed up, but I must admit I am glad that they are moving along with the times.

        I’d love to go dedicated hosting but the blogs need to be earning more on a consistent basis before I consider going down that path.

    2. I have a pretty good web host now all though I am pissed off at the fact that they just billed me for an entire year all at one time, without notice.

      So who knows I might be making a hosting move here soon.
      .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..Hit While Pumping Gas =-.

      1. I always pay by the year anyway John, but if that wasn’t the norm for you, it was rude of them not to let you know of a change in their billing cycle.

    3. I have no idea about blue host Dedicated Server but i must say that their shared hosting is best

      1. Actually oes, I’m not sure that BlueHost have a dedicated server.

        1. @Sire, I think that in another guise, oes may have been known as a friend of busby – if you get what I mean and I’m sure that you do :)
          .-= ray@cult tv series´s last blog ..Big Finish – Audio Productions =-.

          1. @oes tsetnoc, Of course. Many of us remember the dark days of the busby seo contest. Now you may not be a busby-ite, but from your name alone (and similar names from others) it’s not a huge stretch to imagine we’re about to get infested again.

            If I am wrong about you, then I apologise, but commentluv and keywordluv are a “give back” tool that I don’t like to see abused. And commenting to up competition ranking is a bit low – other bloggers get nothing for it and it could harm their own rankings in Google.
            .-= ray@cult tv series´s last blog ..Big Finish – Audio Productions =-.

            1. @ray@cult tv series, Thanks Ray. I understand what you meant now. I’ve actually shortened his name, and as it’s against comment policy, I will delink it as well

    4. Changing hosts is a pretty stressful scenario any webmaster or blogger could get into. In reality, you really wouldn’t know their true capacity unless you’ve tried their service. One thing I know is that most lurking and newly built hosting companies with paid ads on Google searches are the crippled ones. I’ve gone that path, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m trying to learn still. I’ve changed host recently and so far it’s doing well for my advantage. I’m not going to flaunt them because I still had them on probation at least for three months.
      .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..Moving Ahead After Webhosting Hassles =-.

      1. I suppose you could say that BlueHost is pretty well on probation, since I’ve just recently hosted with them, but so far I have to admit I am impressed.

        1. Certainly. I have tested my previous hosts through support ticket response turnaround time, chat agent responsiveness, accuracy and ability to answer tricky and difficult questions. Likewise, I try to monitor their uptime via a realtime software installed on my computer running on the system tray and via a third-party provider. Once I got some results, I email them the screenshots so they get slapped in the face but their stubbornness didn’t keep my business.
          .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..AVG 9.0 Now Out With Improved Features =-.

          1. That software sounds interesting. Is it readily available?

            As to BlueHost support, there was a couple of hiccups changing hosts and I used the online chat, support tickets as well as taking to someone on the phone and I was completely satisfied with the results.

            1. Hi Sire,
              It’s called SiteUp 1.0. A freeware. It’s not perfect though but does the job most paid software do.
              .-= Mathdelane @Software Critics´s last blog ..Can Google Translate Replace WordPress Translation Plugins? =-.

    5. Sire, so I am to congratulate you twice: a) for the move to a new host; b) for the new look on your blog.
      .-= Hicham´s last blog ..Blue: A New Look =-.

    6. $32.95 for a dedicated server?!?! Whats the catch.. :)
      .-= Brad Ney´s last blog ..BradBlogging’s 2nd Anniversary Makeover With A New Design and Mindset =-.

      1. It does sound too good to be true doesn’t it? But then again it could be just because the’re happy to make a lower margin, or that the other guys are just charging too much.

        1. Yeah, this price is very cheap.. I’ve seen them charge $100+ per month for a dedicated server.

          Now the real question is: Does it have as good as support as the bigger companies?
          .-= Brad Ney´s last blog ..BradBlogging’s 2nd Anniversary Makeover With A New Design and Mindset =-.

          1. Hopefully one of their customers may come across this post and be able to fill us in on the details.

    7. I’m very comfortable with my Hostgator shared hosting package. So far so good, there’s been no complain from there end about my using too much CPU resources. Then again I’ve resorted to web page caching and browser caching to help reduce the stress on the server and it’s working wonderfully well.

      Folks who go for dedicated servers must definitely have a way of upsetting the cost. $99 a month ain’t “beans” (a joke).I might go the dedicated server way if my blog starts to rake in $10,000 a month and will most definitely be in the year 2200. LMAO.
      .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi@Patchwork Of Tips´s last blog ..How To Make Your Internet Connection Run Faster =-.

      1. Udegbunam, I am also very comfortable with my host and their service in helping me resolve a few minor issues. As for the dedicated server, I don’t think I will have to earn $10,000 to encourage me to move. I’d be satisfied with a %1,000 a month :wink_ee:

    8. Hopefully my site and its blog can grow big enough to need a dedicates server too. The cost is higher but that’s the price of your success. Anyway, I have heard good things about 1 and 1 but I might go with godaddy evetually for hosting…anybody have any stories to share about godaddy?

      Thanks again.


    9. Hi Sire,
      It drives me nuts when my website has issues. Most of the time I find that it’s some kind of plugin that’s slowing everything down. That’s why I only use a small amount of plugins ( like only 14 ). I know people who have 50 plugins installed. The biggest problem with that is that when you have an issue you have to test all 50 to verify which one is giving the problem :-(
      Anyways I didn’t know that Bluehost simply slowed things down instead of taking the site offline. That’s great on their part.
      Another things that I do is I pay for a dedicated IP address. Even though I have shared hosting the IP is unique for my domains. That way if someone on the shared hosting engages in spam activities, it won’t affect my site. In Hostgator it only costs 2 bucks more each month. I don’t know how much it would cost at Bluehost.
      I wanted to share this with you in case you didn’t already know. A friend of mine told me about it ;-)
      All the best,
      .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Computer practical jokes and humor on internet addiction =-.

      1. Eren, I’ve taken your advice and have paid for a dedicated IP, and it was only $2.50/month which I reckon is money well spent.

        As for the plugins, I have over 30 of them and I can’t seem to part with any of them. Thanks again for the advice.

        1. I’m so glad you got the dedicated IP. It’s one more preventative measure for us to not get hurt with other people’s spam.
          Thanks for commenting on my blog =) Always appreciated.
          Have a wonderful day,

      2. i have never had an issue with Hostgator. They host over 200 of my sites.

    10. Hey Alan, I’ve heard Go Daddy is pretty good, but haven’t any personal experience with them. I’m sure that someone has though, and that they would be happy to share their experience with them.

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