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Blogs, Blogging, Young Man Old Man, Never The Twain Shall Meet

Excuse me young man, what is a blog
So many talk of it I am simply agog
Is it something that I can eat
Please tell me, that would be a treat

No worries pop, it’s a diary of sorts
Don’t get so stressed, don’t eat your shorts
People record their thoughts and dreams
Businesses may even take it to the extreme

But why do they waste their time
I’m sure they do not make a dime
Why would you waste so much effort
I am sure they sell themselves short

Are you kidding me you silly old coot
People like ProBlogger are makin the loot
They make so much they quit their jobs
They work from home to make a bob

That makes no sense I am bemused
Even more than that I am confused
How can a blog make you money
That’s like believing in the Easter Bunny

Freak me out, you old baby boomer
That is so droll it has no humor
Blogs are really fully sick
Sites like adsense makes them tick

Ah blogs are for the sick now I see
Blogs are therapy, you must agree
People write to vent their spleen
So in time their slate becomes clean

Hey dude, are you for real
Fully sick means the real deal
There are those that blog for fun
And others to get their job done

Now young man don’t take that tone
I’m sure that your parents at home
Taught you to treat elders with respect
Right now your manners are sorely suspect

I don’t understand why I bother
If only I was talking to a blogger
Instead of a doddering old man
Who wouldn’t know a blog from a frying pan

A doddering old fool you think of me
A time will come when you will see
When old age will creep up on you
Even a blogger’s mind won’t pull you through

The old man turns and walks away
Wondering about the youth of today
The young man simply shakes his head
Thinking the old man had lost the thread

And so the age old saga goes on
The result of age and youth forgone
That never the twain shall meet
For to the youthful eye all is sweet


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  1. Very good Sire! Did you write this? Hilarious “Indecent Proposal” video on the right by the way! LOL!

    David Raders last blog post..How do You Say Hello?

  2. Actually David I did and I’m glad you chose this particular post to comment on because I was starting to think it was all a wasted effort. It is a good video isn’t it. I was thinking of running a new one each week.

    Sires last blog post..Fridays Funnies #8 Boy Meets Girl Sex Romp

  3. Very nice poem, I have never read poems about blogging before. Do you have some other poem, I would like to read them.

  4. I have many poems Tiffany, so just keep calling back every now and again to check when I have posted another. You can easily find them by checking the ‘Poetry’ category.

  5. Hah! Oh, the irony that almost was…you could’ve made the old guy the inventor of ARPAnet.

    Why, you young whippersnapper, I was moderating forums on GEnie while you were still in nappies…
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Win an Autographed Copy of A Puppy, Not a Guppy =-.

    1. Sorry Holly, I may be showing my Aussie ignorance here, ARPAnet?

      Would I be safe in saying he was way older than that? :wink_ee:

      1. Not entirely. See

        He’d have to be pretty old…

        Do you know the origins of the term “bug” as it relates to computers, Sire?

        You young folks really ought to brush up on your Internet History. ;) Why, if it weren’t for my PARENTS’ generation…
        .-= Holly´s last blog ..Win an Autographed Copy of A Puppy, Not a Guppy =-.

        1. Old and not an American citizen. That’t the first I’ve heard of it.

          Debugging as in the removal of a moth huh? That’s pretty cool.

          As to age, heck I reckon I got a few years on you, and the only history I used to enjoy was Classical Studies, way back in my old high school days.

  6. This was really cute! It took me a couple of read’s but I really ejoy something new!

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