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Blogging Playing Second Fiddle To Home Maintenance

It’s been 10 days since my last post and for me that is a long time between posts. While I’ve been somewhat slack with my blog posts I have been keeping myself busy around the house. You may remember my post Ah, If Only All I Had To Do Was Blog where I wrote about all the work I was doing on my daughters room, well since then I’ve been devoting my time to renovating my son’s room.

Some of you may be wondering why I can’t do that and my blogging duties and normally you would be right in thinking that but then you don’t know the way I like to work. When I start a major project I devote all my time to it. I will work from the morning until 8 in the evening and I rarely stop for lunch. As long as everything is going the way it should be I’m pretty happy with this type of regime. That is until the wife came in with a venetian blind she wanted me to install.

I have to admit I was pretty pissed off, not because I now had to install the blind but because she told me about it after I had completed painting the room. Now I had to remove all the curtain fittings which meant I had to fill in 12 holes and finish off by retouching the paint. If only she had told me before I painted the room it would have been so much easier.

Having the right tools, as I had mentioned in the previous post, sure makes any job so much easier and knowing I had a lot of cutting to do I bought myself a Miter SawHardware) without which it would have taken me a lot longer and the job wouldn’t have turned out as good. The miter saw was especially good for getting perfect corner cuts on the quarter round timber.

Oh, apart from not having enough time to blog I also don’t have enough time to shave, much to my wife’s and daughters disgust. :lol_ee:


The wife’s even amazed that I uploaded this photo to flickr saying the least I could do was smile. Truth be told, I was too damn tired to smile. :tongue_rolleye_ee:

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Peter Pelliccia

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  1. Hey, I think you look pretty good with a beard.

    My last two girlfriends liked my beard. Too bad the beard lasted longer than the girlfriends :laugh_tb:
    Ned Carey recently posted…High Bid PremiumMy Profile

    1. Hey Ned, at least you can always rely on your beard. It’s always there when you need it, keeping your face warm, catching your excess food for later and making you look extinguished :smile2_ee:

      When I first met my wife I had a beard, heck I had it for years and the only thing different about it is it’s sporting a little extra grey. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Failure Is The Next Step On Your Journey To SuccessMy Profile

      1. Can’t help but crack up with that other use of the beard: ‘catching your excess food for later and making you look extinguished.’ Catching excess food! :lol_tb: And do you mean distinguished, or you really meant extinguished. :undecided_tb:

        Wives. Yeah, I know how you feel when they do these things. Sometimes, I want to start by sketching up a work flow (like that PERT/CPM thingy back in college) and showing it to her so she’ll know when she can interrupt or when she’s supposed to have some other things done.

        Regarding that picture, for a tired person you look good. And forgive me for being nosy but I looked behind your shoulder (inspite of the short DOF you intentionally set on your camera) and noticed your paintings on the wall. There’s your self-portrait there too. :)

        1. :lol_tb: Of course I meant distinguished James, thanks for picking that up mate :tongue_rolleye_ee:

          I didn’t actually set the DOF James, the camera did it for me as I had it set on portrait, and yes you can see some of my paintings.
          Sire recently posted…Easter- It’s More Than Just A Public HolidayMy Profile

  2. Ah if only all we had to do was blog :)

    You could argue that the beard is not accidental and the result of limited time, but is an experiment in the acquisition of a sophisticated look!

    1. Actually Stacey having a beard is the natural progress of things, shaving it off is what is unnatural. :wink_ee: Sophisticated huh? Thanks for that. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Sharing Photos Is Best Done With FlickrMy Profile

  3. Eh Peter
    The beard looks great.

    No rush on the blogging – sort the house and then get back to the blogging.
    We are missing you out here in the big bad blogosphere but we’ss survive.

    If I were you… I’d keep the beard. LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted…Online Video- Un Art… Une TechniqueMy Profile

  4. Putting in the hours is definitely the best way of getting the job done and all the mess out of the house as quickly as possible. My wife was the same when we completed all the rooms in the house, she wanted to change the curtain rails, add tie backs and put pictures up. If you are good at DIY its fine but I ended up cracking the new plaster and paint in a few places, so wasn’t very happy either. The beard looks good, I bet it itched like hell after a few days though.
    khaled recently posted…What Are RhinestonesMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I forgot how much it itched the last time I grew one but I reckon it’s worth it. I’m not sure how long I’ll let it grow before I trim it, that’s half the fun of growing a beard.

      Luckily DIY these days is a lot simpler than it used to be so fixing things like cracked plaster is relatively simple, I know because I ended up fixing some myself.
      Sire recently posted…Easter- It’s More Than Just A Public HolidayMy Profile

  5. your photo is just fine (even without a smile) :)

    1. Thanks Sophia.

      1. you are welcome, Sire :)

  6. That beard looks good on you. Makes you look rugged. Keep it.

  7. Hi Sire,

    Funny how I got here (today) by way of your comment over on “No Face, No Comment.” Maybe your next post could be “No Beard? No Comment!” :D

    Just kidding! I’ll cast my vote along with others for the “distinguished, rocket scientist” look. Looks good on you!

    Nothing like the satisfaction of completing a remodeling job. Congrats!

  8. Hey Sire, I love a guy with a beard!!! Yep, a big weakness of mine. Oops, let that one slip out.

    But I was wondering why you haven’t been very active over here. Of course, I’ve had a busy month myself but still. I can understand your work ethic though. It’s hard to get going on a major project and then have to remind yourself to quit right in the middle and go do something else. That would be hard for me too.

    Hey, will we see photos of the finished projects? Just saying…


    1. Adrienne I’ve always loved having a beard and now that I’ve got it back it’s growing on me again :lol_ee:

      It will probably be awhile before I get into full blogging swing again but until then it will always be on my mind.
      Sire recently posted…Venice Beach Full Of Character And CharactersMy Profile

  9. LOL! I think they are just equal. It is only that you have duties at home that you need to comply. And blogging is another activity for the day where you can share to your readers and fellow bloggers what made you busy in few days. That you way, you can build a connection to them.

  10. Twitter:
    Ah yes, the “home” working man. Nope, not me! However, I’m with you when it comes to wanting to concentrate on your projects and some times not keeping up with other stuff. Still, 10 days? Ouch! That’s how long you were in the U.S., isn’t it? Well, at least you didn’t forget the rest of us “little people”. :wacko_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Blogging Responsibly Part TwoMy Profile

    1. Yes it was Mitch and no I didn’t forget you guys.

  11. Happy that you’ve finally returned to the blogosphere! I’ve gotta say, my Monday was not shaping up to be so great until this post – well, it put a smile on my face :) Your work style reminds me a lot of my own, too. Once I’ve invested myself in something, it takes a lot to pry me away from it.
    Petra recently posted…Darauf haben wir gewartetMy Profile

    1. Petra, I reckon that smile would have made you look absolutely stunning. I have a problem where it takes me awhile to get things started, but once started I can’t stop until it’s finished.
      Sire recently posted…The Secret To Online Success Is Passive IncomeMy Profile

      1. That’s awfully sweet of you to say…thanks :) Your work ethic does sound strangely similar to mine. When it comes to cleaning, for example, I wait until it simply can’t be put off any longer, then I’m like a woman possessed ;)
        Petra recently posted…PC Prima- Wichtige Daten sicher online speichernMy Profile

        1. A woman possessed, now that I would love to see :lol_ee:

  12. It’s a good photo, and I’m surprised you find the energy you do! I don’t think I could manage it. I wouldn’t know a miter saw from a jigsaw, either. Probably just cut off my thumb. I give Roy a hard time for not smiling, but at least you don’t look like the puppy’s kicked YOU.

    1. That’s actually not my best pose Holly, reckon I should really upload a new photo. That must be some puppy :lol_ee:

      1. Maybe it was Prunebutt, my Angry Muse. Tends to do that to people. ;)

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