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Some Blogging Love I Need To Share

Yep, the Easter celebrations is over and I am a cool 2 kilos heavier. That will teach me for stuffing my face. Maybe I should give Troy’s Elvis Workout a go. Either way I definitely have to start working out again. Especially now that I’m getting older and it’s so much easier for the weight to creep on.

I’ve been visiting a few sites of late and I’ve decided to share a bit of link love. As you can see, Troy was the first on the list.  :homage:  

It’s very important that one looks after ones blog and the best way to do that is to keep it secure. The last thing that you want is for someone to hack it and to watch all that hard work disappear before your eyes. Sure, you could get the info back but it sure isn’t easy. I found Barb’s post on Blog Security very intriguing, especially because it introduces a plugin I’ve never heard of.

My good mate Mitch has written a cool post about Ten Writing Tips in 3 Minutes. Mitch knows his blogging and you can learn a lot from him. Something he does quite a lot is internal linking. Partly because it’s a good SEO tactic but also because it can lead to people staying longer on his blog if they choose to explore his links.

Blogging Love For My Top Bloggers

blogging love

I haven’t linked to the gorgeous Kristi , of Kikolani fame, for quite awhile. I should really share the love a lot more than I have been.  :doh_tb:  Anyway, she’s written a post on the 5 Reasons I Still Use Commentluv. I feel this is important as I find some of my favourite bloggers removing CommentLuv from their blogs. Not me, I loved it so much I purchased the CommentLuv Premium version!

Tim Bonner is another blogger I’ve started following of late, and he makes the fifth and final blogger I’m sharing the love for. Tim’s post is about the 7 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

As you visit these blogs don’t forget to give them a Tweet or something. I’ve found if you do that not only will they appreciate it, they may even return the favour. While you’re in the Tweeting mood, why not give this post a Tweet? Heck go all out and share it with your FaceBook mates as well. :drunk_tb:  

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  1. Twitter:
    Wow what a great list of folks. :)
    Seriously , I have all these folks on my Feedly list and read them, and comment when I have something useful to say, whenever they come out with something new.
    Thank you for sharing the Luv mate… and for the Friday Funnies

      1. Twitter:
        Cool. I will keep an eye out for it on my Feedly.
        BTW- I posted this blog post on my Facebook/Swezey

            1. Twitter:
              No Joy mate, no Friend Request link that I could find. I did send you a message though.
              Peter recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    hey Peter,

    I’ve read all of them but Troy’s and Kristi’s but I had a mini chat with her this week so I should check out her post. So many people are moving away from CommentLuv I think because of the spam and dofollow links but I’m still hanging in there too as you know.

    I agree with the ones I have read that they were good and Mitch never disappoints. Neither does Barb for that matter.

    Thanks for the shares and enjoy your week.


    1. Twitter:
      I just did a quick search and found one guy who gave it up. He gave three reasons one of which was the emails from Andy promoting stuff. Another was that the updates would stuff up his site in some way and the other was that it didn’t increase any traffic.

      I don’t mind Andy’s emails. I’m happy about the upgrades and it shows he’s continually trying to improve things. As for the traffic, to me the plugin is more for rewarding the commenter. Also, for premium users it as all the added benefits.

      As for spam and dofollow, it has measures to counter spam and you can turn the dofollow off or use the built in feature to get people to share your posts.

      Must check out some others. Personally I only see the positives in CommentLuv.
      Peter recently posted…Dreamstime And Making MoneyMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Hey Peter,

        Sorry, been out of town so it took me ALL day yesterday to get caught back up.

        I can’t fault Andy for his emails and I certainly don’t mind them because I know he’s a stand up guy. So opt-out if they bother you that much, what’s the big deal!

        I’m with you, it’s more about rewarding the commenter but now it’s also about having control over those links and killing spam altogether. He’s just continued to improve this plugin but I also like being able to follow the links to others posts.

        Thanks for sharing that.


    2. Twitter:
      I am planning to go CommentLuv Premium in a short time here. I have no where near the readership or comments you two have and have yet to run into a spam issue. As far as Do-Follow there is debate on both sides of the house with that but yes, you can switch it easily.
      Thank you for stopping by Adrienne. I have several blogs which you will discover. The main being my 1KSmiles which is my secret weapon to World Domination. All will be reveled soon… Bwahahahaha

        1. Twitter:
          Yes, I think it is a good move but have to take care of another thing or two in the quest for World Domination first… Like broken links and stuff Adrienne and Barb have me obsessed with. LOL

          1. That is funny Troy!

            Te good thing is once you take care of broken links, they are easier to fix because you are more in maintenance mode.

            1. Twitter:
              Funny in that I remember some brilliant guy saying the same thing elsewhere. Oh yeah, that was me. LOL!!!

      1. Twitter:
        Hey Troy,

        I still haven’t made it to your blog but I promise it’s on my list. I left town at the end of the week so now I have to get back to work today after playing catch up yesterday.

        That’s great you aren’t dealing with spam yet because it’s annoying but the good thing is I no longer have any with Andy’s help.

        I look forward to checking out your blogs Troy so be on the lookout, I’ll be by soon.


        1. Twitter:
          MmmHmmm… Just grab a glass of wine and sit down and start with #1000 Hello Kitty.
          Each post is only like 500 words and has pretty pictures and tons of smiles. :)

    3. Hi Adrienne,
      I just wanted to say “hi” over here at Peter’s. Peter and I recently met.

      This is the shocking thing to me: you know I am relatively new to the blogging world and I am now “getting out there” more, but it is SO surprising that I see some of the people I know at different websites.

      The internet world is so large, but once we start getting really involved, the world becomes smaller.

      You know I support you Adrienne, so it’s nice that you complemented me!

      Peter, I hope we can continue supporting each other too!


      1. Twitter:
        Hey Barb,

        Ah, I’ve known Peter for a number of years now but we haven’t been visiting each others on a regular basis for awhile. That’s the great thing about blogging, it’s how you meet so many great people.

        I had seen his comments at your place so figured you two had met up through this avenue.

        I think you do a great job Barb with what you share so I hope to continue supporting you. I kinda like Peter too! ;-)

        You two keep up the great work.


        1. Twitter:
          Hey Adrienne, the only thing that keeps me from your blog is time. I hope to visit more often.

          @Barb I hope to support you as much as humanly possible. Now I have two gorgeous women to keep me busy, :devil_tb:
          Peter recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Nice post

    Yes its true that Easter celebrations are over and its time to start working. You have got a great list of top bloggers.I am happy that you are directing your visitors to your top commenter pages. It is great way of providing nice information to your readers.

    Actually I have already been through some of the articles you mentioned like Kristi’s “Reasons I still use CommentLuv”, Mitch’s “Ten writing tips in 3 minutes” and Barb’s “blog security”. I am gonna try the other one you mentioned . I hope this would also be very interesting and informative as the other posts were.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted…20 Easy Ways on How to Increase Response Rate of an Online SurveyMy Profile

    1. Hi Sagar,
      We haven’t met so I just wanted to say “hi”.

      I popped over to your site and read the Interviewing article. I like it. I left a comment.


  4. I was aware of few of them like Kikolani blog I do visit but was not aware few others, but I am definitely going to check them out.

  5. Previously i visited the blogs of two of them but the other 3 folks are new to my brain so i am going to give them a visit as well…thanks for sharing this list with us…

  6. Hi Peter,
    I am a little late getting over here. All I can say is April + 2 teenagers = busy. It is the end of the school year here in the midwest United States and it seems that there are programs, special try-outs for next year’s activities, and oh did I say programs :)

    Both children are young enough not to drive, but old enough to be required to be in their school events.

    OK, back to blogging. Thank you so much for mentioning me. Wow! I really do appreciate it!


    1. Twitter:
      Hey Barb, I remember those days well. Luckily for me both my kids have their own car so they pretty well look after their own transport. Having said that there may be times when they go out on the town, then daughter, and need a drive home. All cool, I send the wife out for that :smoke_tb:

      They both live at home still but we don’t mind that a bit. Our schools were on holiday but most are going back today.

      You’re quite welcome to the link luv. You deserved it.
      Peter recently posted…How Every Blogger Can Finally Monetize Their BlogsMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Well, I’m definitely late getting here, but I usually make it eventually. And this time I’m on the list; yay!!! And I’m in good company also, as I know everyone here except Barb; Hi Barb! :-)

    Ah yes, the CommentLuv thing. You know me Pete, we’ve both been with Andy since 2008 and I don’t see myself leaving any time soon. I tell folks I actually keep it more for me than for anyone else, so I can see articles that might intrigue me to click over.

    Thanks for the inclusion!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…5 Lessons On How Not To Let Others Try To Run Or Ruin Your LifeMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Oh Hi Mitch. Yeh, the party is over here today. Glad you made it. :)

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