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Blogging Like Life Is All About Choices

No matter where you go or what you do in life you are confronted with choices. You can make the right choice or you can make the wrong one. Unfortunately making the wrong choice has consequences. It will lead you down the wrong path taking you away from what you truly desire in life. However, that path will lead you to forks in the road that once again gives you more choices. Taking the right path can change your fortune whereas taking the wrong one merely increases your despair. Making the right choice isn’t always easy but then the easy choice can sometimes be the wrong one.

Blogging is no different. As bloggers we are faced with many choices.

Choices Bloggers Make

  • Do we use a free platform or do we host our own blog?
  • Do we use third party comments systems like Disqus or do we stay with the the preferred default one?
  • Do we stay nofollow or do we make the choice to reward our commentators and go dofollow
  • Do we choose to reply to as many comments as possible or do we just sit on the fence and let those comments go unreplied and for all they know unnoticed?
  • Do we use a paid theme or do we stick with a free one?
  • Do we allow keywords in the name field or should we insist on a name

Obviously bloggers are faced with many more choices than just these few and perhaps you could tell us some of the choices that you’ve had to make.

My Choice Commentluv Or FlexSqueeze

I actually had my own choice to make, one which came about when I updated to the latest FlexSqueeze theme. As you may have noticed in my last post, When Will You People Get A Damn Gravatar, commentluv was out of action. It worked fine in the last version but didn’t work in this one. There was no way I was getting rid of FlexSqueeze, not after seeing and trying all the new things Ryan has added to it. So, if I had to make a choice between the two I’m afraid CommentLuv would have been the loser and I didn’t want that to happen so I had to find a solution.

After trying the obvious things I decided to make use of Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv Support. WithinCommentLuv Suport 24 hours I got a response to the ticket, and Andy, you know I loves ya mate but most of that stuff was way over my head. It did however give me a hint; it had something to do with jquery and that meant either a plugin or one of the scripts I was running. Using Andy’s response as a guide I was able to pinpoint one offending script which was running an outdated jquery and replaced it with one that didn’t use jscript.

The next step was to disable all the plugins to see if it worked. OK, OK, maybe that should have been the first step :doh_tb: :cheese1_ee: Anyway, disabling all but the CommentLuv plugin showed that it was definitely plugin related. Then it was just a matter of enabling one plugin at a time until I found the offending one. As it turns out it was the InfoLinks plugin :guns_tb:  , so I deleted that and installed the script into the footer instead.

As you can see, all is well with the world and I was able to keep both the FlexSqueeze theme and the CommentLuv plugin but only because I decided to choose the harder path by trying to resolve the problem. :drunk_tb:

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  1. In your case there were an in between solution which allowed you to use them both. I know that we don’t always have that luxury. Sometimes we need to make harder decisions that can even thrive our businesses or destroy them. I think the key to a successful choice making is to make a little research and follow what experts say (there will be always people who have gone through your same situation) and also to think logically instead of using your emotion to determine what’s suitable.

    1. Hey Edgar,

      yes I was lucky that I was able to resolve it, but if a solution wasn’t available I would have to make a choice as to which one stays and which one goes.
      Sire recently posted…When Will You People Get A Damn GravatarMy Profile

    2. Edgar..sometimes as marketers we have to make crazy choices, and at times these choices can make or break our lives.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. What an interesting argument, especially I found your blog from a monster list of 400 do follow blogs that use commentluv. My original evil plan was to slip in, post a minimal crappy link like all the other blog spammers and then sneak away under the cover of darkness.

    Here’s my suggestion: test your blog on an Ipad in addition to using several browsers like chrome, safari, old versions of IE, etc. I found your blog is a bit of a nightmare on the Ipad, which is absolutely terrible for leaving blog comments usually anyways. Every week it seems like wordpress blogs are getting slower and slower with too many plugins, plus more and more ads, and the clutter and lag is starting to affect the reader experience. A cool experiment that could become a multiple post series or an ebook is to strip your blog down to the bare bare minimums and slowly reintroduce plugins to see what the effects are.

    I’m torn as to whether I’ll continue to read seo blogs that don’t have commentluv, I guess only testing will prove the direction to take.

    1. Really, reckon I made the right choice then when I purchase a MacBook Air. It loads really quickly on it and I have no trouble at all leaving a comment.

      I tried loading it on my iTouch and it loaded OK so I wouldn’t have thought an iPad would have any issues.

      Honestly though I can’t see what your comment has to do with the post? :ponder_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Caesar’s Palace Moving Statues Come To WassupBlogMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Sometimes we have learned so much stuff that we forget to check the simple stuff first. I’ve had those issues with plugins in the past as well; glad I don’t have to deal with it. And I’d have hated to see you lose CommentLuv as well, but I’d have stuck with ya! :drunk_tb:
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…The Chase For Influence Via KloutMy Profile

  4. What goes around comes around Sire. You treat your guests (commenters) very well and I’m grateful for the quality comment that you left on my blog.

    Personally my blog is a bit of a hobby so I don’t have the same goals as you big shots but I do like to think that real people occasionally like what I put up there. I made the choice that my target audience is people, just regular folks, perhaps in my industry who like to keep tabs on me if they know me and as such I ask people to sign comments with their name not marketing words.

    1. Hi Roz, I always try to leave a quality comment when I can as I believe its the best way to leave a trail back to my blog.

      As long as you enjoy your blog then your content will reflect that and your readers will enjoy what you have to say.
      Sire recently posted…Saturday Mish Mash To Brighten Your DayMy Profile

  5. I haven’t had trouble with CommentLuv, but have been having problems with the SexyBookmarks social media plug-in. It disappears after every update. I think I’ll try your course of action to see if its a plug-in feud that’s causing the problem before giving them the boot and finding something else to fill that role. Thanks!

    1. Hey Allan,

      I’ve never used the SexyBookmarks but at least you rest easy in the knowledge that if all else fails you can find a replacement, not so for CommentLuv.
      Sire recently posted…Building Your Brand With A Guest PostMy Profile

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight on this post. Very interesting indeed. I think Commentluv is much more effective since I’ve already been blog hopping since the past few weeks and majority of them have the Commentluv I really have no idea about FlexSqueeze. haha I believe as a blogger, It is really your responsibility to maintain your blogsite since you have made it.

    1. Glad you liked it Crawford.

      FlexSqueeze is in my opinion the best theme on the market. I have written many posts showing its features so you can learn a lot from searching my blog.
      Sire recently posted…Another Avenue For Making Money With Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Congrats on figuring that one out, sheesh! I’m not sure if I could’ve done it as I have no idea how jscript works. Commentluv is a great plugin but I have noticed some odd incompatibilities from time to time.

  8. Hi Sire,

    Before I came across G.A.S.P., I was using a couple of plugins to help control spam. One I really loved was having issues with another one I wanted to keep. My hard choice there was to remove WP Ban (because it banned me!).

    I also ran into a situation in which it seemed CommentLuv and Ajax Edit Comments weren’t playing well together. Much like you, I was loathe to dump CL. The AEC developer helped me pin down a Jquery setting that CommentLuv didn’t mind, but AEC bogged down with, so all was well again.

    I’ve dealt with all the blogging choices you named, in addition to one’s like staying true to my own voice, how much attention to give SEO and social media, and on and on. Where, oh where would we be if we didn’t have these issues to face? :)

    1. where would we be if we didn’t have these issues to face?

      Well we would certainly be a lot less stressed out that’s for sure Vernessa. :drunk_tb:

      I don’t really worry about SEO on this blog as its more of a fun blog than anything else, where I get to share some of my ideas and knowledge with you guys, not to mention poetry and photos :innocent1_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Why Google+ Will Give FaceBook A Run For It’s MoneyMy Profile

      1. Haha, I like those emoticons. They might be having the most fun!

        Wait a minute … where’s the poetry?

        1. There’s heaps of poems on this blog and all of them mine. At least I refer to them as poems, other may not agree with me. :tongue_wink_ee:

  9. CommentLuv seems to be pretty popular, it’s a good choice. We need to pick productive things that most people use if we want to maximize the impact.

  10. I agree you with Sire. Blogging is all about choices and quite often just like life, we really need to take a look at the choices we are making with our blog. We make the choice to blog and we make the choice as to how much time we dedicate to blogging.

    CommentLuv is great plugin and they have good support system. Replies are always prompt and solutions are quite effective. Glad you made right choice and for sticking with CommentLuv.

    1. So am I john, and I’m also glad I stuck with blogging. That is a choice I do not regret.

  11. I’m glad you made the decision to keep your commentluv enabled. I think among the many choices of bloggers, that is a very important one (and one that I hope becomes more popular).

    It’s always frustrating when you upgrade and notice that something suddenly no longer works. It’s especially frustrating when you have to go dig through a bunch of code to fix it.

    1. Heck, I’m just glad that I was able to resolve the problem so that I could keep it.

  12. Hi Sire, thanks for sharing this great and informative post. Good point when you said “Making the right choice isn’t always easy but then the easy choice can sometimes be the wrong one.”, I totally agree with you. Been there, done that. :smile1_tb: Anyway, cute emoticon!

  13. I was once at a conference slouched in my chair wondering how long it would be to the coffee break, when the speaker arrived on the stage his first words were ‘today I am going to change the way you organise …… and save you loads of time and money.’ I immedietly sat up and paid attention!

    The headline / introduction to any blog article is critical get the choice right here and the reader may read the whole article!

    1. You are so right Gary, choosing the right heading for a blog post is very important.

  14. Glad you were able to find a solution. I had a temporary problem with commentluv and my theme a while back as well. I took a different route to a solution as I was already looking into different commenting systems. I went to intense debate which has their own commentluv plugin built in.

      1. Twitter:
        There are a few great options that I like about Intense Debate. However, I agree with your statement Sire.

        It would be giving up to much control over your comments to a third party. Not a wise move for me personally. But, everyone has their won reason for wanting or not wanting to use Intents debate.

        1. Actually Satrap, the only people that should be using Intense Debate are those using Blogger blogs as it’s so much better than their default system, unlike the WordPress one.
          Sire recently posted…SEO Tactics For Improving Search Engine ResultsMy Profile

  15. Sire,

    As it says, “No pain, no gain” :) You really have to undergo the hard way to come up with the right solution. Disabling all the plugins and checking each of them must be a hard work. I’m glad you have kept your FlexSqueeze.

    Cheers to you! (Don’t know how to put that emoticon for cheers :) )

    1. I doubt I would ever give up FlexSqueeze Linda, it is just too good a theme.

  16. That’s a really interesting story!
    So actually you forgot to mention a step in the opening passage, which you did apply in your decision making, instead of making a choice, first figure out which options you actually have.
    It’s not just black or white, good or bad, there is a lot of grey area.
    You can say that you made the choice to figure out what was wrong. But you say you had to options: a. change to a different theme or b. drop commentluv.
    But as in live you went with option C. The option nobody gives you, but is almost always the better one.

    (Btw the halloween theme is cool, but you should either change the background color of the comment boxes or the font color. or maybe there’s an option c. haha
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. That is true Danny but if option C didn’t work then the only option left was for me to get rid of CommentLuv. Luckily for me option C did work and so I didn’t have to make a choice.

      Glad you like the Halloween theme and as you can see it was easy for me to change the comment color option.

  17. Good to know that you got the solution, the benefit of testing new things is that we get chance to learn many new things, which will help us to become authority in niche and help fellow bloggers.

    1. Yep and there is also that sense of satisfaction from being able to solve the problem.

  18. Its all about choices – so very true. I think when it comes to wordpress and blogging, enough thought needs to be put into some choices – which cannot be undone or redone easily. Whereas there are choices which offer a lot of experimenting.

    Permalinks is one example of what needs to be done right the first time around. I got bitten by this in my first blog – I played around with permalinks a lot and paid the price with wasted link building efforts. It is not easy to keep redirecting an already redirected post!

    1. I made the same mistake with my first blog Amanda, but at least I learned from my mistake.

      I did find a plugin that redirected all the links for that blog though.

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