I don’t have a lot of guest posts on this blog, mainly because I believe people come here to read my posts not those written by someone else. Even so I notice that some of these ProBlogger’s guest posts far outweigh their own and I just can’t understand why they would do that unless they’re running out of things to say?

Anyway, this post is a guest post written by S Srinivasan, who I think used a sexual theme as he knew  anything to do with sex would appeal to my natural instincts.


Why should you, as a blogger, bother about it – I mean sex and stuff like that. I am serious when I ask this question because blogging may actually reduce your capacity to have great sex. I never thought about it till I read an article on the subject. This got me thinking and here is what I found.

Blogging means spending hours sitting in a chair

On an average, I spend seven to eight hours on my computer. Unless you are a trapeze artist practicing for your next circus show, you, like me, usually sit in a chair while working. This means you spend an awful amount of time without any physical activity. Meanwhile, I like to give some work to my mouth and digestive organs, chomping away at pretzels, which I love, and shoveling bits of greasy muttonchops, which I love more. Even if you are one of those who avoid such delicacies, statistics show that you are eighty percent more likely to be overweight than other workers (Working on your computer can be a health hazard). Obviously poor health means poor sex.

Poor circulation of blood

The mechanics of blood circulation in the human body suggest that the sitting posture is detrimental to blood flow to the lower parts of the body. The problem becomes more acute when you wear tight fitting clothes, which impede blood flow to the organs, which matter. It is almost like suffocating your body parts below your waist. I would call this hitting below the belt. The repercussions are obvious. When we have a desire to bring these body parts into action, they behave a bit rusty and off mood.

Golden girl

Is physical exercise the best solution?

Physical exercise can certainly improve your health and boost your performance. Bending and stretching exercises along with light weights, can tone up your muscles and increase blood circulation. But you have to be careful. Sometimes, in your enthusiasm, you may try and lift heavy weights without proper warming up. A bad back can put a stop to your nightly campaigns for sure. You must avoid hurting yourself in the gym. In fact, I rate the gym as the best place to get a nasty injury.

Jogging is the perfect solution

The purpose of this post is to awaken the giant lying within us, the blogging community. Since I cannot be accused of selling any product (jogging is totally free), I can boldly ideate on the subject. Jogging is a complete exercise, which dramatically increases blood flow in our body. It is excellent for the heart and helps in strengthening the cardiac muscles. The body feels much more energetic and there is a bounce in your steps. Jogging also ensures that the organs, which matter, get a massive dose of oxygen. There is a noticeable increase in hormones in the blood, which dramatically increases sexual performance.


Jogging is especially good for bloggers who spend a huge amount of time sitting and working sedately. Jogging is perhaps the best medicine around to give that extra oomph to your sex life.

S Srinivasan is a techno-philosopher who likes to delve on the other (hidden) side of moon. S Srinivasan also blogs, for a living, on diets and weight loss program and offers newest online coupons for medifast.

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