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Blogging, Jogging And Sex

I don’t have a lot of guest posts on this blog, mainly because I believe people come here to read my posts not those written by someone else. Even so I notice that some of these ProBlogger’s guest posts far outweigh their own and I just can’t understand why they would do that unless they’re running out of things to say?

Anyway, this post is a guest post written by S Srinivasan, who I think used a sexual theme as he knew  anything to do with sex would appeal to my natural instincts.


Why should you, as a blogger, bother about it – I mean sex and stuff like that. I am serious when I ask this question because blogging may actually reduce your capacity to have great sex. I never thought about it till I read an article on the subject. This got me thinking and here is what I found.

Blogging means spending hours sitting in a chair

On an average, I spend seven to eight hours on my computer. Unless you are a trapeze artist practicing for your next circus show, you, like me, usually sit in a chair while working. This means you spend an awful amount of time without any physical activity. Meanwhile, I like to give some work to my mouth and digestive organs, chomping away at pretzels, which I love, and shoveling bits of greasy muttonchops, which I love more. Even if you are one of those who avoid such delicacies, statistics show that you are eighty percent more likely to be overweight than other workers (Working on your computer can be a health hazard). Obviously poor health means poor sex.

Poor circulation of blood

The mechanics of blood circulation in the human body suggest that the sitting posture is detrimental to blood flow to the lower parts of the body. The problem becomes more acute when you wear tight fitting clothes, which impede blood flow to the organs, which matter. It is almost like suffocating your body parts below your waist. I would call this hitting below the belt. The repercussions are obvious. When we have a desire to bring these body parts into action, they behave a bit rusty and off mood.

Golden girl

Is physical exercise the best solution?

Physical exercise can certainly improve your health and boost your performance. Bending and stretching exercises along with light weights, can tone up your muscles and increase blood circulation. But you have to be careful. Sometimes, in your enthusiasm, you may try and lift heavy weights without proper warming up. A bad back can put a stop to your nightly campaigns for sure. You must avoid hurting yourself in the gym. In fact, I rate the gym as the best place to get a nasty injury.

Jogging is the perfect solution

The purpose of this post is to awaken the giant lying within us, the blogging community. Since I cannot be accused of selling any product (jogging is totally free), I can boldly ideate on the subject. Jogging is a complete exercise, which dramatically increases blood flow in our body. It is excellent for the heart and helps in strengthening the cardiac muscles. The body feels much more energetic and there is a bounce in your steps. Jogging also ensures that the organs, which matter, get a massive dose of oxygen. There is a noticeable increase in hormones in the blood, which dramatically increases sexual performance.


Jogging is especially good for bloggers who spend a huge amount of time sitting and working sedately. Jogging is perhaps the best medicine around to give that extra oomph to your sex life.

S Srinivasan is a techno-philosopher who likes to delve on the other (hidden) side of moon. S Srinivasan also blogs, for a living, on diets and weight loss program and offers newest online coupons for medifast.

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  1. Love jogging after blogging, makes me feel great!

    1. Yeah, it’s the sudden rush of oxygen through your veins I reckon Ben.

      1. I only do jogging in the early morning, right after waking up. So, for me, it would be ‘blogging after jogging’ (and not the other way around). As to sex, I’d like it to be spontaneous and unscheduled. :)

        1. As to sex, I would like it if it would happen more often. :grin1_ee:

  2. I think exercising is a must for any blogger that spends hours in front of the computer. Just run 30 minutes a day.

    1. Fazal, even if you can’t run I reckon going for a brisk wall will be more beneficial than just sitting in front of a screen. The fresh air will clean out the cobwebs and give your better blogging ideas.

  3. Its not really advisable to go abrupt. It’s a step by step process. Like when writing an article, brainstorming ideas first before the main point. Thanks for the post, I enjoy reading and quite a learning one. =)

    1. Slow and easy sounds like a plan and usually will get better results.

  4. The picture seems invite me to jogging. ;)

    Yeah, it is surely that we as bloggers must regularly do our sport excercise to keep our body in top shape. For me, I playing futsal once a week.

  5. Hi,
    Unfortunately I am not jogging here where I live in Costa del Sol, Europe’s playa number 1, beautiful beaches filled with gorgeous topless tourist girls, can not concentrate me on jogging :) I go instead to a gym and training a couple of hours almost every day. It is important to do any sort of exercise if you have a sedentary job. Fun article.

    1. Gee, what do you need a gym for? I’m sure all those beautiful girls will get your heart racing.

      1. Yes, that’s why I’m single, but girls take time and I must have some time over for job too.

  6. Twitter:
    This was an interesting post, but as someone who’s tried it, I have to do the quick warning about jogging. That warning is that if you happen to have a bit too much weight, it’s going to hurt, and it’s going to hurt bad. I found out, after going to the gym for about 5 months, that as soon as I started trying to jog my joints hurt a lot and my shins got mad at me and I didn’t make it halfway around the track.

    I hadn’t tried running in maybe 20 years, or so, and it’s not like a bicycle where you can just pick it up (actually, I couldn’t figure out the bike thing either, after more than 25 years; someone just keeps telling lies…). Now, at this point I’ve worked up to where I can make it around the track 4 times, but I pay for it. So, if this is what you’re going to try to do, start slow and in short bursts.

    Love the picture. :jittery_tb:
    Mitch recently posted…Quick Hitters TwoMy Profile

    1. That is a great point Mitch, especially if you’re older and haven’t done it for awhile. It might even be a good idea to have a checkup from your GP before starting anything of a physical nature.

      Just so you know, I found that picture. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Put Money In Your Pocket And Generate Traffic To Your Blog!My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        I should have known, Sire. :drunk_tb: Man, the pain lasted for days; now all I have is a problem catching my breath for awhile, but I recover much quicker than when I made my first full foray around the track.
        Mitch recently posted…Writing – A RantMy Profile

        1. I remember that suddenly exercising when you’re not used to it usually causes a lot of muscle ache from those rarely used muscles. That goes away after a while and I was expecting it as I’ve gone through it all before.

          1. Jogging is a ‘high impact’ exercise hence the joint pain etc. Rowing and Elliptical machines are a good alternative…heck even cycling for short bursts outside and enjoying the ….view…like in the picture ;)

            1. Yep, and they’ve also come down a lot in price so one could even buy them for the home.

  7. Hey Sire,

    It is funny that I just ran into your jogging article as I started jogging exactly two days ago.

    My belly wants to scream “beer belly” all the time and even though right now is nothing I can’t take care of, better sooner than when it’s too late.

    So I agree 100% a bit of jogging doesn’t hurts anybody and if you even want to be productive while you brisk walk or jog, you can take an entrepreneurial audiobook on your earbuds.

    Talk soon and good job on the previous post pics!

    1. Yep, nothing wrong with being productive while working out Sergio. I’d expect nothing less from an entrepreneur such as yourself.

  8. My apologies for missing out on warnings.If you are planning any kind of exercise , especially if you are 30+ , you must consult your GP first.
    Expect terrible pain in the beginning. You will feel like crying and tearing me( your adviser) into pieces. Take a pain killer prescription from your GP. But never give up. The results will start showing only after six months. I can assure you ,it will be a great experience – not only for the sex but overall well being. You can even add some health supplements , like Medifast or Nutrisystem discount coupons , which can boost your immune system.

    Once again, let me assure you that my post is a serious one. It may look flippant sometimes but jogging is the best medicine ever. Remember that there is no gain without pain.

    Best of luck and happy jogging.


    1. Hi Srini
      Does your warning only apply to jogging or does it apply to sex as well? LOL

      Sitting in front of the old screen can turn you into a bit of a vegetable – my solution.
      I bought a bench and some weights and I do a set then blog a bit then another set… until I’ve done a full workout.

      Cheap way to keep fit and you can carry on blogging.
      Keith Davis recently posted…Great Speeches in FilmsMy Profile

      1. Hey, now that I have my MacBook Air I could easily do that routine. Thanks Keith.

        As to sex, I reckon I’d die of a heart attack from the pure shock of getting any at all :jittery_tb:

      2. Weights may not be good for activities I am suggesting ,like S-E-X. You have to get your heart pumping in both cases. Muscle may look good, but doesn’t really help. Jogging is the right stuff.

        Warnings and suggestions are for both activities – for your legs and for stuff right above the legs.

        Good luck

    2. Twitter:
      Glad you added that part for everyone else Srini. I gave it a shot and now I’m back to the power walk, which works best for me at 50+. Maybe if I lose the ___ pounds I want to lose then I’ll think about jogging again. But not right now. ;-)
      Mitch recently posted…Coming To Grips With “It Just Doesn’t Work Anymore”My Profile

  9. I get out and walk everyday. I don’t like sitting still too long (and that includes spending too long at my computer. I also swim when possible.

    Works wonders for all aspects of my life :)

    1. Swim Brenda? Is that in a bikini? Where was that again? :devil_tb:

  10. Hi Shrini,

    Fantastic article. The topic reminds of a guest post I recently published in I related the whole issue of blogging and health to my diet and weight loss blog, which focuses on Medifast discounts (a meal replacement diet).

  11. Interesting post you have here although jogging may look easy for some, it may be quite a challenge for some people who deal with weight issues. There are things that one should take into consideration as well rather than jumping right away unto something.

    1. It’s not just weight Erika, age plays a factor as well. When jogging is not an option, for whatever reasons, then a lovely brisk walk will do the trick.

  12. Ha! I love the way you’ve linked the lack of good intimate interaction to a sedentary lifestyle brought on by blogging. I think such a direct correlation in between the two might have been just what I needed to get motivated to stand up and get moving.

  13. Hey,

    This was the perfect article for me to read, because I have been sitting on my butt without exercising for way too long. I recently start adding early morning jogging into my schedule. I had to start out walking, but I’m am building up. Now I have start jogging as long as walking, and soon I’ll be at purely jogging. I can personally say that it makes me feel much better overall.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    1. Good on you william, its good to see you’re getting out there and doing some exercise.

  14. I can definitely relate to this post. I try to put my spare time towards working on my online business. As a result I don’t have much time leftover for exercise. Combine that with less than ideal diet and smoking and I’m quite unhealthy. I do realize that if I exercise more it helps keep me energetic and more productive, but I guess I’m just lazy. Hopefully one of these days I can get out of this unhealthy cycle. Perhaps I just need to get my online business going better.

  15. Hi Shrini,

    Here are 2 more ways you can avoid the negative effect of prolonged sitting as a blogger.

    1. Take Short Brakes
    Research has shown that taking short brakes that involve some short of physical activity (stretching, walking, etc) blocks the physiological mechanisms that link sitting to a bad health.

    2. Stand Up and Work
    You don’t have to be always in a seated position when you work. Put the laptop on a tall stool and work in a standing position for half an hour. Contraction of big muscles (legs) improves circulation and heart health.


  16. Hi Sire

    I walk every day and have tried exercising regularly cos I realise the hours go by and I haven’t moved except to have a cuppa and something to eat….yikes blogging sure can be all consuming eh ;-)

    With jogging it is easy to get injured, especially if pounding the pavements. Okay on soft sand or grass, but so many people end up with shin splints and/or knee problems if they jog on hard surfaces!

    Can’t you tell I’ve been in the medical profession and got physiotherapists as friends lol they get to see all the exercise junkies’ injuries!

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. I reckon having the right footwear helps a lot too Patricia. I used to blog a lot and luckily I’ve never suffered any injuries from it. These days I just do some weights and use the ab circle when inside.
      Sire recently posted…My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About ItMy Profile

  17. Hi Sire,
    Blogging can really be a health hazard especially if one blogs 8 hours (+ blog more during free time too) every day. I agree there are times I feel sluggish when I sit for hours in front of the computer, but I have incorporated at least an hour of exercise (mainly stationary biking – after all, it’s already night time when I’m free, and it’s dangerous to go out in the middle of the night). I agree the ones who haven’t exercised for years will have a hard time exercising now, even if it’s only jogging.
    I think one great way to start exercising again is to take your beloved pooch (if you have one) for a walk outside during mornings or cool afternoons.
    Johanna recently posted…iPad 2 will be Available this March 11- 2011My Profile

    1. I wouldn’t go out at night on my own either Johanna, and I’m a bloke. :cheese1_ee:

      I think getting up from the computer at regular intervals even if you don’t actuality exercise is always a good idea, but doing something more physical is so much better.

  18. Ah, physical exercise something I dreaded from the day I was born. I practiced a lot of sports like soccer, basketball etc but when the hours for PE came, I hated doing all those routines, with jumping hopes, fences like we were training for robing a bank or something.
    Now I sit around my computer a lot and although I have an organism which repels fat (I mean Teflon like, I can eat as much as I want, sleep all day long and never get fat) I made a sort of pact with one of my best friends to go to the gym at least three times a week. So when he is not in the mood I will drag him to the gym and the other way around, and it has worked fine until now.
    Alex recently posted…Machiaza Barbie AnimeMy Profile

  19. Very interesting and helpful article. I seconded to all what you have said. I am blogging for more than 5 months now sitting in front of my computer for an average of 4-5 hours a day until I felt that the lower part of my body is getting weak. I stopped blogging for 2 weeks and I noticed that I am feeling ok again. Since I just can’t stop blogging, I just decided to establish a daily exercise regimen including jogging and I felt its working for me. As of this posting, I’m in front of my computer again working out my hands from time to time with a hand grip springs…

    1. Good on you Rose for doing something to maintain your physical health.

  20. Jogging is good for you in general, but depending on some people, the constant pounding on your knees would be a problem. Instead, I just go to the gym and lift weights and occasionally do some cardio on the eliptical to reduce the pressure off my knees.

    1. Lawd, jogging may not be for everyone, the same goes for weights. The point is to get up and go do something more strenuous than sitting on a chair. Even a brisk walk has many benefits. One could even go for a swim or do stretching exercises. Anything is better than nothing.

  21. Jogging is out for me I get bad knees form it, so use the gym instead and use the weights and cardio equipment there that’s not so harsh on the joints. I used to hate doing cardio at my last gym, but just moved Christmas time to one with better equipment that has a tv screen on each piece of equipment. It makes a massive difference so that now when I go to the gym I always do cardio and feel much better for it.
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

  22. Lol, what an introduction to your guest poster :) I published two guest posts by now. One I begged Dino to do cause I was away on a trip and one was published today about a Twitter app I really like. I like guest posts cause it gives me a day off, lol, but I won’t be doing it too much for the same reason why you don’t like them.

    I did notice some bloggers published a few of the guest posts I literally hated, I mean they were low quality and had nothing to do with life. And posted by bloggers that claim to only post the best out there. Yeah, think again.

    When it comes to jogging, wish I could, but hard work in a men world and too many sport and job related injuries say no. So I will have to work on other kinds of shaping :P

    1. I’m just telling it like it is Brankica and the fact that I actually accepted his post just goes to show how much I liked it.

      They say SEX is always great for a workout Brankica, perhaps you should give that a try? :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Market Samurai Update Is It As Good As They SayMy Profile

  23. Bloggers, graphics designer and other people who are working in front of the computer for how many hours have a problem like this. I admit, as a freelance web designer I had no time for exercise but of course, started this New Year, I do my best to wake up early for a jogging for just an hour.

  24. Great post! Judging by the title, a lot of us enjoy commenting on this very topic… Anyway, I think exercising is very good for any anyone who spends hours in front of the computer.

  25. You’re Right, we need to stretch those muscles. Even if our brain is working too much it needs to counter with the physical exercises as well.

  26. This is a good reminder not only to bloggers but to those of us who spend most of our time behind a computer screen. We sit all day at work in front of a computer and look forward to getting home soon so we can sit in front of a computer screen even longer. :-)

    In addition to exercising, it may be helpful if we started standing up at our computer stations (with higher desks, of course). That would probably improve our posture and even make us more productive!

  27. Hi,
    Great article with a good point. I have two big dogs that make sure I have to get out at least two hours each day. You really don’t need to jog. Walking is a great way to get some excersise too and then you also have time to enjoy the beauty of the nature, if you are out in the woods as I am.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Be yourself and be happy, never stop dreaming!


    1. You’re right Kristin, the main thing is to get of the chair and do something other than sitting down. Lovely long brisk walks is always a great way to get some exercise.

  28. Sex? Yes Please.

  29. Nice attractive article. And i completely agreed with it. Keep posting such nice articles.

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