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Blogging! It’s All About Presentation

Women probably have a better understanding of presentation than any other being on two legs, as they not only take a great deal of time making sure they look just right, they won’t really look at you unless you’ve taken some pride in your own appearance.

The Importance Of Presentation.

  • You’re walking down the mall and you come across two shops selling basically the same things. One is dark and dingy the other bright and inviting, which one do you walk in?
  • The election in which Barack Obama won by a landslide. Sure he was probably the likely choice but don’t you think a lot had to do with his presentation, the way he spoke to the people. The way he presented himself, his views for his country and its people, compared to Palin and McCain.
  • When going to a job interview if two applicants have the same qualifications and one walks in with a suit and tie and the other in jeans and t-shirt, who do you think will get the job?

You get my drift? The same thing applies to blogs and to the posts within those blogs. This is why it is so important to make sure that both your blog and your posts have a good presentation. As far as the blog itself is concerned it will depend largely on the theme you’ve selected and the way you have structured your plugins, ads and other paraphernalia that appear on it.

Where themes can be a little difficult to control, posts are something that every blogger has control over. I admit that I am the perpetual Lazy Blogger but I still take the time to take care of the blogging essentials which are.

  1. Grab Their Focus: A lot of blogs are really ‘busy’ in that they have so much stuff on the front page the reader doesn’t know where to look. Catchy titles and sometimes even an image can draw there attention right where you want it, at the beginning of your post.
  2. Grammar and Punctuation: I can’t believe that there are still bloggers out there who do not pay attention to this simple rule i hate it when i see a blog whose owner hasn’t taken the time to capitalize letters use commas and full stops they don’t even bother to use paragraphs or do a spill check
  3. Structure: The structure of your post is very important, especially for those longer posts.  Breaking your posts into sections will make it easier for people to digest what you are saying. One section should flow seamlessly into the next and titling each section will highlight the points you are trying to get across.
  4. Blog With Authority: Don’t pussy foot around. Your posts have to show the reader that you know what you are talking about. No ifs or buts. This is especially true if you are trying to sell something, whether it’s an affiliate you are marketing or just an idea you want to get across. This is a lot easier if you believe in what you are promoting. Half of your battle is won if you can get your enthusiasm of a product, service or idea across to your reader.
  5. Proof Read: This is really essential. What’s the point of coming up with a brilliant post if there are errors everywhere. Failure to do this will only show the reader your lack of care which will ultimately result in them thinking that your not all that serious about what you are saying.
  6. Keep To The Point: Changing the subject mid stride and waffling about something else can cause the reader to lose interest and go elsewhere for intellectual stimulation. The only time you should do this is if you are trying to illustrate a point, but please let the reader know your intention.
  7. Don’t Bullshit: No kidding, if you crap on long enough they are going to find out and once they do they won’t be coming back in a hurry. Honesty is definitely the best policy if you want to be a successful blogger.
  8. Keep It Short: This is a personal favorite of  mine, possibly because of me being the lazy blogger but there is a method to my madness. Too long a post puts me off as I find it harder to grasp and a lot easier to forget. I prefer to keep my posts short and if I have a lot to cover I simply split it into several posts. Yeah, I know, I stuffed up on this post but then those who know me will tell you this post is way longer than usual.

In regards to presentation, I’ve done this same post on my BS Blog using the Thesis Theme so that you can use it as a comparison on presentation techniques.


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  1. Twitter:
    I love your #2, and I’m betting some people are going to miss it. Of course, we’ll just have to differ on #8, because when I have somethign to day, it just has to come out.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Shopping Ads

  2. I know you do Mitch, and the fact that I actually read them shows how good a blogger you really are as I usually skip long posts.

  3. You make some good points there – I’v been finding more and more the way I structure my posts really helps in keeping readers, and have strived to improve more and more (and now am proof reading my posts more than once!)

    I tend to agree with number 8, although if I’m dishing out good advice, the post tends to get real long real fast, lol! I try to make it as less a boring read as possible though.

    Dan´s Last blog post..Get Respect With Your Blog Comment

  4. Hi Dan, thanks for taking the time to comment. You know, in my younger days I would probably have rambled on for a lot longer, but as time goes by I try to find more, let’s say, economical ways to get things done.

  5. Wow Jeremy, and I thought I was the only one to do that. The problem is that for some reason you notice those mistakes a whole lot more after it’s posted than when you are proofreading it.

    I think it’s because we are in such a rush to submit our post or our comments. Man the amount of times that I’ve submitted a comment only to find that I’ve made some awful blunder in it. I could literally bang my head against the wall. It’s why I’ve enabled a feature that allows commentators the ability to edit their comment within the first 10 minutes or so.

  6. Then Kouji, I am afraid that I must apologize for the length of this one. I can assure you that it is totally out of character.

    Sire´s Last blog post..The Bird Of Paradise

  7. Sire,

    I love the whole list and think I will make it mandatory reading for those interested in contributing to . I can’t tell you how many spelling and grammatical edits I make to each post before clicking the publish button, and inevitably I still miss something and have to go back and edit it.


    Jeremy´s Last blog post..The Art of Shopping Etiquette

  8. You are right. It’s all about standing out in the crowd and how you present yourself.

    Riyanne´s Last blog post..Teh Coolest Blog Contest!

  9. Good morning, Sire.

    You make some good points here and I’m going to join the choir about proofing, typos, and the points you covered in #2.

    Unlike many others, I tend to like longer posts on blogs – as long as it offers good information. Many subjects just can’t be dealt with in a few paragraphs. As long as I’m learning something or at least continue to be interested, I’ll keep reading.

    Some of us just write more than others. The author, David Eddings, once said that it takes him 100 pages to “clear his throat” when writing one of his huge novels.

    I’m not saying it’s a good thing. I’m sure many of us could shorten what we write if we were to set it aside and come back to edit with a fresh set of eyes a day or so later.

    I also don’t use many images on my blog. I’m a left-brained person most of the time and I’m more interested in thoughts, opinions, and information than I am in graphics and pretty pictures. (Of course, at other times I love looking at pretty pictures, but I’d better stop talking about that.)

    Even with exceptions, I think you did a good job pointing out things to do and things to avoid when blogging.

    Act on your dream!


  10. Hi John. Nice to see you again mate and being a visitor of your blog I know how you love expressing yourself, and although your posts can be quite lengthy they are very informative. I agree that sometimes, especially when trying to set up a list of ‘how tos’, you may need to go to some great length and that is fine, but if I can get away with a shorter post, I will go for it every time.

    1. I’m going to give it a try. Here goes…

      This is a short reply and it wasn’t too difficult.

      Whew! ;)


      John Dilbeck´s Last blog post..Instant Banner Creator Review

      1. :grin1_ee: Don’t lie John. I can almost see the perspiration on your brow. :wink_ee:

  11. Twitter:
    I’m a big violator of number one and eight. My front page is way too busy and I go on way too long with my posts. It’s funny, at home I don’t like to throw things away and I like to lecture the kids ;)

    Great post and discussion Sire. Every point is valid and makes us think.

    Brian D. Hawkins´s Last blog post..Free Report: “How To STOP Digital Product Theft”. . .

  12. Hi Brian, you can always do something about number 1, and as for number 8, well that is only my personal opinion. It may well be that longer posts are often valid and if so, well you have one up on me on that score. Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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