There are a lot of bloggers who blog simply for the joy of it but more often than not bloggers appear because they’ve read somewhere how easy it is to make money online blogging. Unfortunately, regardless of what they’ve read blogging for money is not that easy. If this is true why are there so many blogs out that that tell you otherwise? Because they have something to sell. Let’s face it, people bullshit when money is to be made.

The Money Is In The List?

How often have you read that the money is in the list? Quite a few times I bet. More often than not they’re trying to sell you something. It could be an email marketing software like Aweber or perhaps some plugin that will guarantee you thousands of subscribers in less than no time.

Truth be told it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have you won’t make a bloody dime unless you have something to sell.

Blogging For Money Is Possible

When it comes to blogging for money, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do you need something to sell. You could be an affiliate and promote products like Aweber. You could even sell a service by becoming a Lottery Affiliate showing fortune seekers how to buy their lottery tickets online.

If you have an actual product to sell you could easily promote this online and get sales that way. Unfortunately most of us don’t and so what are we supposed to do? In Mitch’s post Mitch asks the question, Is Affiliate Marketing Dead. In this post he specifically talks about Commission Junction, a site that allows you to promote many products online as an Affiliate.

blogging for money

I’ve been a Commission Junction member for many years and I’ve made quite a few sales with them. Unfortunately, as you will see in Mitch’s post and comments, there are certain inherent problems in being a member. Something I’ve always disliked is the way you have to ask to be able to promote a product or service only to be denied. Something else that is really frustrating is the constant emails telling you they’re no longer supporting a merchant and can you please remove all your links.

Blogging For Money With Skimlinks

Personally I’ve found Skimlinks to offer everything I needed to be able to promote goods and services online from hundreds of respected companies. Companies like Macey’s, Barnes & Nobles, Canon, Nordstrom, Sears and that’s just to name a few. There are literally hundreds of quality sites you can promote and the best thing is you don’t have to ask to join them! Even better, by installing a simple plugin you don’t even have to go to sites like Commission Junction or Amazon to get the code so you can promote a product. All you need is a the url to the product you want to sell. It’s as easy as that. That’s right, it even allows deep linking

Blogging For Money Video

I’ve actually made a video to show you just how easy it is to monetise your blog.

What you’ve viewed on the video you can see in action on this very post. Just hover and click on any of the major sites, like Sears etc. that I’ve listed above. Heck, it even works if you click on the image I’ve posted. The best thing is that when potential buyers hover over the link they see a natural url and so feel safe when clicking on it. Naturally this may not always be the case when deep linking as some of those urls can be quite long.

Being able to link to the actual page of the product your promoting is always best because you’re taking them directly to what they are looking for rather than to the site where it can be found in the hope that they find it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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