The good thing about being a blogger is that not only can you share your experiences with others you can also share theirs. This is all possible through interaction with those who visit your blog and by visiting the blogs of others. I believe that interaction through commenting is the key to a successful blog which is why a lot of my posts are dedicated to different facets of commenting.

Blogging is also a great way to discover new things which brings me to the crux of this post. In South Australia we have a phenomena known as the Whispering Wall which is a great little stopover when visiting the Barossa Valley, our premier wine region.

The Whispering Wall

Work on the dam commenced in 1899 and was completed in 1903. The design was so new it even made the Yanks sit up and take notice. At a height of 36 meters and length of 144 meters it was remarkable for the time, but although the wall offers great views of the Barossa Reservoir and surrounding area that is not what makes it one of the most visited attraction in South Australia.

Whispering Boy

What makes The Whispering Wall so popular is its unique acoustic effects that allow you to whisper at one end, and have your friend hear your whisper 144 meters away. If you were to continue the dam it would form a perfect circle and it’s the perfect curve of the dam wall that bounces the sound waves, along the wall.

I believe that other phenomena exists in other parts of the world and I am asking you, my readers to enlighten me as to what they are and where they can be found. Perhaps, if you are a blogger, you may want to do a post about it and link back to this post. I will then add a link to your post within this post.

Just to finish off, a little poem that I put together.

The Whispering Wall
Stands strong and firm
For many years its waters held
Many a word it has heard

A lover’s promise
A villain’s curse
A child’s laughter
A bully’s boast

Yet careful you must be
What one end says
The other end hears
No secret does it hold dear

Follow this link if you would like to learn more about the Whispering Wall.

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