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Bloggers Needing A Little Prompt For Their Next Blog Topic

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of the computer staring at the monitor with a blank look on your face wondering what your next post is going to be? I remember doing a post not so long ago about what to do when you are running out of topics to write about. Where that post may provide a solution for some people it may not solve the problem for all bloggers. So what do you do.

Enter The Prompt Writer! This blog is run by Christine Senter,  a professional freelance writer who is quite happy to share the knowledge she has accumulated over 20 years with all bloggers. Her posts are succinct and easy to read and those who are willing to learn from them are bound to come away with a wealth of knowledge.

Hop on over now and check out her post Creative Ideas For December, or perhaps her post on Finding Ideas For Great Articles is more to your liking. So, if you are searching for a little extra creative juice perhaps it would be a good idea to bookmark her blog for those times when that screen is looking blankly at you.


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  1. Are you trying to make me cry??? LOL

    Thanks honey. I appreciate the boost. and it couldn’t come from a sweeter guy.

    Christine Senter´s Last blog post..Prompts For Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers 12-12-08

  2. Cry, never laugh perhaps, but I would never have you cry. Do that and I wouldn’t know what to do with you.

    Sire´s Last blog post..Sydney, Mirrors In The Toilet and Jimmy Choo

    1. You have no idea how cool this was for me. :)

      Thanks honey.

      Christine Senter´s Last blog post..Prompts For Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers 12-12-08

      1. As always Christine, it was my pleasure.

  3. I guess I could run out of topics if I actually chose a niche for my personal blog… I seem to be all over the place with it, so finding something new, whether its in the news, or has to do with blogging, hasn’t been a problem yet. I know that it’s probably in my best interest to choose a niche, but that’s what my other sites are for at this point in time…

    drivelocity´s Last blog post..Paying the Joy Forward

  4. I prefer not to use a niche as I find it too limiting. When I get seriously stuck I look for some hot topic in the news that I can use to generate some interest.

  5. You keep doing the posts that you do and I will be sure to follow you. As for the comments, anytime I can contribute something I will.

  6. Email on the way, but in case you don’t get it I’ll leave the link to the Subscribe To Comments Plugin in this comment.

  7. sire,
    Thanks for stopping by again. You comments are appreciated. I just signed up for you feed via e-mail, but will continue to stop back too.
    Be good!

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Best Credit Card Deals

  8. Thanks brother,
    I just tried to send you an e-mail about that plug in that you suggested.
    Let me know if you don’t get it!

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Best Credit Card Deals

  9. I am constantly looking for new post ideas. Appreciate the link

    Matt Helphrey´s Last blog post..Link Building Strategy : Case Study

  10. Matt Christine is a lovely lady and she is always willing to help. You won’t go astray by visiting her blog.

  11. Here’s an idea – if you don’t have any ideas, turn off the computer and go do something productive. There’s more than enough useless babble in the blogosphere.

  12. Good one Joe, thanks for adding to the useless babble mate. :jittery_tb:

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