Yep, I’ve decided to start a new blog? What, another blog you say? Yep, this will be blog number 13. Sure hope it’s not an unlucky one.  :laugh_tb: So, why another new blog and how am I going to maintain it along will all my other blogs?

Well, to answer the first question, after my lottery blogs started to take off I thought it only natural that I should try and get my fair share of the lucrative multi-million dollar sport betting industry. And what better way to do it that by joining one of Australia’s most popular sports betting site as an affiliate

Before New Blog Promotion

So my new blog went live on Monday with it’s first post Sports Betting, Why Its So Popular. In haven’t started promoting it yet because I didn’t want to link to it until I had it looking the way I wanted it to. How many times have you followed a link left in one of your comments only to find that the blog still had the original WordPress welcome to your new blog post.  :hey_you:

new blogOne thing that I have learned is if you want people to click on your links it helps to have a professional looking blog. This is why I consistently use the FlexSqueeze theme. Every blog I create looks unique and has it’s own characteristics. To aid in this quest I’ve also used the Logo Creator in designing my header. Come to think of it I also used it to design the menu bar. Take a look at it, I find it really unique. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it on another blog. One of the many features of FlexSqueeze. Although to be totally honest it only works because of a plugin designed by the theme’s creator.

 As to all those other blogs. I’ll still keep them for now. I just won’t post on them as often. They’ll be great to promote my different sites. Time has shown they’re a good source of traffic and they also provide some nice link juice,

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