Only last week it was brought to my attention that someone had been scraping, as related in Has Your Blog Content Been Stolen, my posts, and although it may well have been happening before it didn’t bother me because I was completely unaware of it, and like they say, ignorance is bliss. I have to admit I think I took it pretty well, I wasn’t all that pissed but even so I knew something had to be done, which brought me to my next post, the Update On Stolen Blog  Content.

Who would have thought that someone would stoop to stealing the very comments on your own blog? It happened to me today, someone left five comments on five different posts. As is my want I always follow the commentator to their blog so that I could repay their kindness by reciprocating with a comment of my own. Imagine my surprise when I found a blog in a foreign language.

So what you say, a lot of non English speaking people have English blogs. True, and you can usually tell when this is the case as their blogs usually have  grammatical errors in it. Anyway I thought it was strange so I checked out those comments again and found that he had actually copied someone else’s comment and posted it as his own. Needless to say I spammed all his comments. So, if you’ve been getting comments lately by a Donanim Haberi, I seriously suggest that you check it against some of the other comments left on that particular post.

In regards to the fake trackbacks, that’s something else I picked up today. These people leave a trackback to your blog in the knowledge that WP will pick it up, if you’ve set it up to accept trackbacks, and record it at the end of the post. Once the trackback is in place they then remove the link on their post. Why would they do that? Simple, to get a one way link to their post. Once again I’ve spammed those trackbacks as well. :guns_tb: :furious_tb: :wallbash_tb:

Honestly guys, if you want to make a name for yourself, you’re going about it the wrong way.

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