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Best WordPress SEO Plugin Is…

Best WordPress SEO Plugin Is…

Throughout my  blogging career I’ve used several SEO plugins, from the All in One SEO Plugin to the Platinum SEO but I’ve given them all away for the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. The reason for changing to this plugin is because it does so much more than all the others I have used. Whereas they were great for optimising the general aspects of the blog they were somewhat lacking when it came to optimising actual posts and pages.

This is where Yoast’s plugin comes into it’s own. While you can use Market Samurai to work out the best keywords to use, WordPress SEO by Yoast makes sure that you utilize your keywords to your best advantage. It will make sure you used it enough times. That you’ve used it in your image tags. That your title, url and heading contain them. All in all it will make sure that every time you publish a new post or page that it is fully optimised.

I’ve taken a couple of screen grabs to show you how the post has rated so far. The first one is a general view of how the best Best WordPress SEO plugin scores the post.

best wordpress seo plugin analysis

From this I get a general impression of what I’ve done and what I need to do. The next image tells me exactly what I have to do to get a great SEO score.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin Analysis

best wordpress seo plugin analysis

Now that I know what needs to be done I make sure I take all the right steps by following the advice of the best WordPress SEO plugin. At least I will on my money making blogs like my Sexual Aids blog, my Online Lottery Blog and my online Gifts blog. As for WassupBlog, this is my fun blog and I just do enough to get the green light.   :drunk_tb:

wordpress SEO plugin green light

Even so that is a hell of a lot more than I’m used to doing on this blog and so I’m expecting that the continued use of this plugin will improve this blog’s traffic.

So, tell me, is your SEO plugin helping you to optimize your blogs the way they should be?


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  1. Twitter:
    This is a great plugin Sire, I have used it for quite a While now, it makes sure you have everything right and get the green light before you publish, I think a few more people will be using it after reading this post

  2. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    You convinced me! My theme is SEO optimized but I don’t have the option regarding to the scores inside the post, I want to have all in green-light next times.

    I’ll install it to see how it goes :)

    Have a great week,


  3. Twitter:
    I’ve used WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin before and I must say it is the best available free SEO plugin.

    Now I’m using SEOPRESSOR plugin with Yoast, and the combination of these two plugin is working well for me.
    Thejas Kamath recently posted…7 Tactics To Get More Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

    1. I’ve used SEOPRESSOR before when doing a guest post and was pretty impressed with it but I’m happy enough with this one so I won’t be changing.
      Sire recently posted…Dropbox And Why You Should Have OneMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Since i started blogging i have been using all in one seo plugin, but with your analysis i will check out seo by yoast. i think is perfect.

  5. Twitter:
    I always WordPress SEO yoast plugin to make SEO to the article and it works great.

    1. It sure does work great. I only wish I’d come across it earlier.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    I’ve been using the WordPress SEO by Yoast for a long time Sire. I have to admit, though, I haven’t bothered with the “focus keyword” part lately. So much has changed and it’s tough to know how much is too much if that makes any sense.

    1. It does Brian but as a plugin owner you’ve would have noticed all the plugin updates. I reckon they’ve been keeping track of things and so I’m happy enough to rely on the plugins results.
      Sire recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  7. SEO plugin makes life much easier for any blog that cares about on-page or off-page SEO.

    I also started with All in One SEO Plugin moved on to the Platinum SEO and now I’m using SEO by Yoast. Definetly the best from all three though I always have room in my heart for All in One SEO because I’ve used that for the longest time.
    In fact I have some blogs that still use it.

  8. Twitter:
    hello there
    choosing an SEO plugin is relatively easy becasue there is not much competition between SEO plugins. if you are willing to spend money go for SEOPressor but if you want a free plugin then you should surely go for SEO by yoast as it provides great options

      1. Twitter:
        hello sire….yes i agree with you but i was saying it was relatively easy because everyone will suggest SEO by yoast and SEOPressor but for other things like adsense insertion-there are tons of plugins and everyone has different views so it becomes tough to choose one,,,,thanks for the reply btw

  9. Twitter:
    i liked all in one SEO until i started using SEO by yoast. SEO by yoast gives many options and you can do many things with this one plugins whereas SEOpressor is also good but it is made specially for SEO but yes i have seen good results with SEOPressor

    1. I guess the problem as you say – SEO by yoast – is that anytime created by an automated system can be combated by an automated system. I’d prefer to go about things in a slow and steady – albeit manual way – to gain my results.

  10. WordPress SEO by Yoast is definetly the best wordpress plugin: it supports opengraph, sitemaps, advanced title editing and so on! All in one SEO is pretty good but not at yoast’s level!

  11. I am in full agreement in how good the Yoast plugin is; I came across it by a simple query in Google, it was stop with 3000 votes at nearly full marks. Sometimes these votes are manipulated but in this case it was not; that it is free as well just seals the deal. The Page Analysis tool is the function I use the most on a daily basis, and it often highlights things I have forget, such as alt tags on pics.

    1. Yep, being free sealed the deal for me as well. :smoke_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    very nice and justified article..
    I also use SEO Youst and i found it quite interesting because it is very easy with it to optimize your blog according to search trends…
    additionally it is totally free… :)

    1. I’ve been formulating my approach for launching my own golfing blog using wordpress. I’d been wondering how I would optimise it for search engine ranking: thanks for the heads up Sire, Yoast is on my list of candidates.

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