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Best Free WordPress Theme

best free wordpress theme

Hey guys, I suppose you’ve noticed that I now have a new theme. You may have been wondering why? Well, before I get to why I think OceanWP is the best free WordPress theme you need to know why I’ve had to look for a new WordPress theme. Check out the banner above. Talk about bells and whistles. Not only is it clickable, it also great for SEO as it has it’s own alt tags. Hover over it with your mouse…Cool huh?

Also, did you notice my header? Again, it has its own alt tags for SEO. More importantly its embedded with an affiliate link. Using OceanWP, you can have a different header for every post or page if that was what you wanted. I wouldn’t go that far, but it would be perfect when promoting your products or affiliate links.

It all started when I had to upgrade the PHP from 5. something to 7.1. Unfortunately, my old theme didn’t like the upgrade. Nor did several of my plugins. I could live without the plugins but not without a properly functioning WordPress theme.

Why Best Free WordPress Theme?

So, why use the best free WordPress theme instead of another professional WordPress theme? It’s because the free OceanWP theme can be upgraded to a professional WordPress theme with a whole sleuth of extra features. It’s how I chose my last professional WordPress theme.

What Should A Good WordPress Theme Have

  • For me, a good WordPress theme needs to work straight out of the box.
  • It has to be flexible, so I can easily configure it to look and act the way I want it to. This is really important to me as I have so many blogs and I want them all to have their individual look.
  • Good SEO attributes. Very important as without good SEO a blogger will be floundering in dead water.
  • Fast load times. We all know how important a site’s speed is to Google.
  • Responsive on all devices including mobiles and tablets. Again, another critical Google requirement.
  • Bells and whistles. Ok, that’s just me, I’ve always loved bells and whistles.

So far, OceanWP fulfils all these requirements. And it’s the free version. I can only imagine what the professional version comes with. And, I will be getting the pro version. Once I do I’ll be writing another post.

Check out the banner above which you can do with the free version of this fantastic theme. The border around it is one of several borders I could choose from. I’m still pretty new at all this but I have to say, I am really impressed with this free WordPress theme.

Notice below the post how it links to three other of my posts? That’s also great for SEO! Stay tuned for a video on how easy and remarkable the OceanWP theme is.

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  1. Twitter:
    You still have that Katy Perry thing? lol This looks interesting, and definitely cleaner than your previous theme. I think you’re still going to need to add WPTouch as a plugin because I tested your speed and it comes in at 21 mobile, 34 regular; that’s not gonna get it done. It’ll be intriguing to see what you do with it as time goes on.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…The Business Of BloggingMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Gotta love Katie Perry Mitch 😍 This is the free theme but I still managed to tweak it to get it in the 90’s for desktops and 60’s for mobiles. I’m planning on getting the pro version soon. 👍👍
    Peter recently posted…Best Free WordPress ThemeMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hey, great post. I really like the fact that the theme has a different header for every page. I promote a lot of affiliate links on my website so this will just be perfect.

  4. Twitter:
    Love WordPress! WordPress is good for both your blog and your website development project. It’s true that WordPress started out as a blogging system, but that was ages ago. Now WordPress is a powerful CMS that can be used for all different forms of websites.

    Thank you, Peter, your free WordPress theme is so nice, with a simple and neat design. I’d recommend it to all my friends and clients.

    1. Twitter:
      That it is Edward, and you are so right about how WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    I use the minimalist blogger theme and I have to say I love it. I would love to get your feedback on the same.

  6. Twitter:
    WordPress has definitely evolved tremendously over the last few years. Nice theme and I like how you can have a different header for posts!

  7. OceanWP is a great theme. It still needs some more tweaks, which can be achieved using some other wordpress plugins .. Also, you can’t remove the credits from the footer..

  8. Hi Peter. Good article. I just have one question regarding OceanWP. Do you know if the theme comes with any plugins to use together with the theme? Like plugins for a cool banner on the front page or a plugin for Google Analytics etc. Thanks.

  9. Twitter:
    Hey Mads, I think it came with three plugins, one for creating a contact page/form, another that allows you to do have headers on individual posts and pages and I’m not sure about the last one.
    Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Commenting And YouTubeMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Cool header. WordPress has so many themes, will check this one out. As mentioned above wordpress started out as a blogging CMS. But now I’ve so many different uses and even the ney yorker and techcrunch use wordpress.

  11. Twitter:
    Thanks for recommending, I was using Mhthemes but since the recommendation is coming from you, will definitely check it out and see how it works.


    1. You will definitely like it, go check it out! I was using Avada one of the best themes but gave OceanWP a short and yay, i can’t say less than its awesome.

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