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Benefits of Social Media Revolution to Small Businesses

Social media is a platform an individual, an organization or a company can sign up an account with for the growth purpose of yourSocial Media business. Almost everybody has an account with a specific social media platform hence it can be an ideal way to spread your business online. Discussed below are ways in which these social media platforms can be beneficial to a small business.

Brings in customers within a Geolocation.

In cases where one is using location-based social media apps such as the Foursquare, App one can identify users who are within his or her geographical location. You can try to gather their attention by enticing them with some coupons of the product or service you are offering. In case they do not turn up for the ticket offers they shall still be remembering of your product or service, and hence they get to be potential customers to your small business.

It helps to connect with other businesses.

Accounts created on different social media platforms do more than just finding customers or clients. They also give room to have access to LinkedIn connections. After starting up a social media account you can attach your LinkedIn profile to it, and it shall help you and your small business to connect with trade professionals and other companies. This also helps your business in getting its products and services exposed to more people.

Helps at generating Buzz.

Small businesses can at times find it hard to raise finances to fund big marketing campaigns. With the social media platforms, these small businesses get the chance to show off their products and services to the users at no charges hence enjoying the benefit of free advertisement.

Aids at getting customer recommendation and insight.

When a business owns an active social media account, they post what they deal in helps them get very vital information from the public. Customers, clients or window shoppers are likely to give their feedback, review or improvement requests on the products or services of your company. It helps your business to track shares on Facebook and also at producing a product meant to reach the market requirement.

Content distribution.

Through posting what products or services you provide on social media platforms such as Facebook and tweeter the commodities get published to more extensive, broader and denser audience. This helps your business to be known to far and larger market outlets hence recording higher sales reflecting better profits. In the posts you make you should try as much as you can to be exciting and funny in you the content they have. It is also advisable to encourage your audience to share the posts with their friends to help them get to know more about your products and services. When they share it helps at redistributing what you had already posted reaching an even broader market.


Business involvement in social media helps the business by evaluating its performance as per how the users embrace it. It is also a current trend and emerging issue in the business world so every business small or big should have an account with a social media platform.

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  1. You have highlighted very important benefits of social media revolution in small businesses. these benefits are very critical to every startup and i hope that this post is read by more people. it also applies to large businesses

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