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Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts

Man, my weeks been pretty crappy, I’ve had so much on that I haven’t had the time to do what I love best, blogging. It’s probably going to take a while before things get to normal so until that happens I may not be able to reciprocate all the comments left on the blog, but I still gonna do my best to reply to those that need my interaction.

Even though I’ve been flat chat I’ve still had to time to do some reflection and one that came my way was what it was to be real. I reckon one of the reasons I don’t like reality TV is because it’s so false. I mean come on, if  Survivor was supposed to be Reality TV they would dump on an island full of cameras for a couple of months and then come back to see what was left of them and who actually survived.

To me being real means not being false. You guys know how I like to use visual aids to to make a point so I want you all to have a close look at this video. I know you guys are going to focus on the tits and I apologize for putting you ladies through this but it’s important as it highlights my point. Oh, and you may want to turn your sound up a little.

So, what did that video demonstrate? It shows how being false isn’t a trait that one should strive for and yet there are many people in this world who wear it like a glove. Yet this post isn’t about being false, it’s about being real, and to demonstrate that aspect of it I want to recommend a particular blogger who I consider to be very real. That blogger is John Sullivan of PotPolitics fame, a person who I’ve known has always been known to tell it just as it is. A person who is in it to help others wherever he can, whether it’s through one of his blog posts, through promoting a blog by a subtle Tweet or Digg or even by giving helpful advice.

Well John has developed a very special site with bloggers in mind, a site aptly named BloggerLuv! As a member you get your very own profile page, and as you can see by mine it is very versatile.  OK, maybe I shouldn’t have used mine as an example as it still has a long way to go, but then like I said at the beginning of the post I haven’t had all that much time to get it looking the way I want.

Anyway, you can personalize this page by adding blocks and modules that will display almost anything including your very own adsense ads or affiliates of your choice. You see John has been very kind to do what you like with this page but I strongly suggest you don’t overdo the ads as it would be better to use it to let people know a little more about you by letting them sample the things that you like from photos to videos as well as your favorites that includes stuff like songs, movies, actors books and the like.

Honestly there is so much I haven’t discovered yet on BloggerLuv and I’m looking forward to the adventure of discovery. I reckon it would be so much more fun is you all came and joined me. Remember as a member not only do you get to promote yourself and your blog, you also get to interact with other bloggers around you.

One last thing, John is looking for people to nominate The Coolest Blogger On The Planet and I’ve nominated my mate Mitch and not just because he uses tantalizing photos in his post either LOL. Why not pop in and nominate the blogger that you look up to.

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  1. Wow Sire I always love to start the day reading a post like this makes the whole day so much better. I have to step out but already hit this post up a few spots and will add it nice to our OUR Press page :)
    Oh yes I did add Mitch’s link to bloggerluvs LINKS >>to his great Facebook post and leaving his blog open till I get back.
    Oh I hope people like him join and it’s really all about actually networking and enriching each others lives.
    Thanks Brother :)

    1. Glad it made your day John. I reckon it will be a top site once it gets going. I’m glad to be a part of a real networking site.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts =-.

  2. BloggerLuv looks pretty cool! When I find a little more time myself I’ll have to make a profile. I think they need to start making every day 30 hours long at least!
    .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Taking a Train Across the Country – Part Two =-.

    1. I agree with the 30 hours. Either that or cloning better come soon so I can do what I enjoy while my clone does the not so fun stuff.
      .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Do You Wish Airplanes Were Like Shooting Stars? =-.

        1. Haha, well I’d be a fan of either one. Just keep me posted on which comes first and I’ll hop on the opportunity!
          .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Taking a Train Across the Country – Part Two =-.

  3. That is the most disgusting set of breasts I have seen in recent memory.
    .-= Jonathan@Lifestyle Design´s last blog ..How to Choose a Tarot Deck: The Limelight Way =-.

    1. lol Jonathan… me too. anyway better than the uppersafe one.
      .-= Cherry@sexy lingerie´s last blog ..Agent Provocateur =-.

      1. I watched the video without sound so I wouldn’t know if she was bragging that they’re real. To me though they’re as real as the dragons in ‘How to Train a Dragon’.

        And oh, the ‘Sire’ is in REAL life Peter! And I got this hunch that there’s a lot of Italian blood in there. :) Cool. My first impression of bloggerluv, btw, is that it’s some kind of facebook for bloggers. Will be signing up soon of course.
        .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..A Quick Post On Spamming: How To Spam Not =-.

        1. Yep, lots of Italian blood is coursing through these veins James. What gave me away, my surname? :tongue_wink_ee:

          Too bad you didn’t have the sound up, you may have gotten a little surprise :innocent1_tb:
          .-= Sire´s last blog ..Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts =-.

          1. Well, after knowing and seeing names like Agresti, Albertinelli, da Vinci, Domenichino, Modigliani, Battisti,etc, it’s pretty simple to identify names of Italian origin. :)

            Surprise? Oh uh, looks like I’m gonna have to watch it again with headphones this time.
            .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Wired FM Modulator =-.

    1. Mitch, even if you just sign up and do the rudimentary stuff like linking to your blog, it’s a start and you can always add to it as you go along. That’s what I will be doing.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts =-.

      1. Twitter:
        You know, I realized I forgot to comment on the video. I’d seen it years ago and thought “man, the Japanese are just so weird sometimes.” Her face is more of a draw than her rubbing her breasts, at least for me. Man, maybe I’m sick; might I need to start drinking? :drunk_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..I’ve Joined A Health Club =-.

          1. Twitter:
            Rubbing, poking, potato, potaaato… lol :wacko_tb:

            1. I don’t know if your wife would agree on that on Mitch. :devil_tb:

    1. We’ll see how we go Gail, I’m a little strapped for time at the moment so I haven’t had a real chance to work things out, but once I have a little time on my hands things should change.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts =-.

  4. The video is too funny. Apparently, Heidi Montag is competing with Chinesinha. [grins]
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..Happy Mothers Day, ~ The Lane Real Estate Team :) =-.

        1. Man what the heck was wrong with her boobs the first time, and then because some dumb guy said he thought they would be bigger she’s not happy anymore and wants to do it all over again. I reckon the perhaps she has other issues.

          Thanks for the links Colleen. Overall I liked her tits better than the one in my video. :devil_tb:

  5. Pretty darn good without sound too. lol
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..I Need MORE Aweber USER Affiliates! =-.

  6. I agree with this post, the bloggerluv being a good idea and a generous one at that from John.

    I also agree John is a top fella, certainly tells it as it is. :)
    .-= rob sellen@portland bill´s last blog ..Great week, boring weekend, so I thought! =-.

  7. I totally agree with your point about being real. I believe readers are smart and they can tell at once who’s real and who’s faking it. John’s site seems very interesting. I’ll visit it definitely.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Rosa Parks Is Not Done Teaching Us =-.

    1. I’m sure if you do you will like what you see Julius.

  8. Thanks for reminding me that I still haven’t done anything with my BL account yet. I did watch the video (seeing as you asked so nicely) although having taken your advice and turned the sound up, I nearly had heart failure ;) You made your point well though so I’ll let you off :)
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Weekend Wrap: Things you may have missed this week =-.

    1. :lol_tb: I wish I was standing behind you when you watched it Eleanor, I reckon I would have gotten a real kick out of it :devil_tb: :lol_tb:

      I did show it to my sister first so I had a pretty good idea what to expect from my readers. Heck, it even made me jump :laugh_tb:
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Being Real BloggerLuv And Huge Breasts =-.

  9. I must say I was dubious about that video but it made me laugh! So, it raises the question, how can we get all of the fake people to go poof!

    Actually, I think its starting to happen. More and more people are not just seeking authenticity but demanding it! The market is starting to apply some serious leverage.

    About time I should add!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Just Ask Kim: Now Fully DoFollow Enabled! =-.

    1. Exactly Kimberly, the market always dictates as to what they want and you either supply it or pay the consequences.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Win A Trip For Two To Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion =-.

  10. Oh Sire, you’ll never stop. That was some display. But did it explode at the end? I repeated it like thrice. Anyway, i’m just too tight for time now to check out Bloggerluv. Perhaps some other time

    Takecare Sire
    .-= Karo@Work at home business´s last blog ..Starting your Own Business =-.

    1. Yep, she went boom alright lol

  11. Just signed up with BloggerLUV myself, and am kinda sniffing around. I do like what I’ve seen so far. I guess I’ll stay! Thanks for the post and I look forward to reading many more.
    .-= Bungle Jerry´s last blog .."This Much Cleaning Ingredients" =-.

    1. Yep, it’s a good site alright and signing up for it would be a good move.

  12. If she is still alive, maybe that lady can do tv ads somehow for BloggerLuv? :)
    .-= Sara@Snuggie Pattern´s last blog ..Snuggie Pattern for Adults – SHOCKING Photos =-.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure John would really appreciate that. :laugh_tb:

  13. ROFL That video was hysterical. That should be a warning video for those about to make hideous surgery decisions. :P

    John has outdone himself in getting together an awesome group of bloggers and putting his heart into Bloggerluv.

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