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A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Your Local Movie Theater

For many people, the highlight of their weekend is being able to get together with a group of friends and see a movie. It seems like in recent years movie producers have gone the extra mile in making movies that are full of stunning visual effects and that tell a story that really captivates an audience. The whole idea of going to a movie theater, being able to sit down in a dark place, and totally get lost in the story is appealing. Everything from the design of the theater to the design of the seats is made to accomplish that goal. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes at a movie theater that most people know nothing about.

For example, when you walk into a movie theater, what is the first thing that hits you? Isn’t it the unbelievably powerful smell of the popcorn? But you have no doubt noticed that when you make popcorn at home, it smells nothing like what it does at the movie theater. There’s a reason for that. Movie theater popcorn has an additive that is designed to make the popcorn smell fill the entire theater. Remember, the goal of the theater is to immerse you in the movie viewing process. This includes getting you to purchase a large bucket of buttery popcorn.

Talking about buying popcorn, have you ever wondered why it costs seven dollars for a bucket of popcorn that you could pop at home for just a few cents? The answer is that movie theaters do not make the majority of their money from the actual movies that they show. In the first month or two of a screening, all of the money from ticket sales go back to the movie studio. Once the theaters have paid for the rights to show the movie, then they can start to collect a profit. So how do they make their money? You guessed it, by selling hot popcorn for $10.

So now you have your hot buttery popcorn and you’re sitting down at the theater waiting for the movie to start. And yet, doesn’t it always seem like the movie starts late? Well, they do. The idea is to give everyone enough time to sit down, enjoy a few trailers, and see the movie when it starts. Interestingly, movies always end on time. This way, the ushers know when to come in and clean.

Now, you will no doubt view your movie going experience a little bit differently. Nothing that happens at the theater is accidental. Everything from the theater casters used to move the projectors to the colors of the seats have been carefully crafted to give you the best movie going experience.

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  1. Twitter:
    Hi Peter, about 8 or 9 years ago I used to deliver the “popcorn butter” to a local warehouse that delivered to the theaters. The reason I put that in parenthese is because the label on the drums actually read, “High Fat Popcorn Butter.” LOL That’s why that stuff tastes so good.

    We have a local movie theater that resigned the rooms with fewer seats but now they all recline, are wider and have a ton of room. There is no chance of sitting behind someone’s big head that blocked the screen because of the design. That, and the fact they now have express online tickets, that has become the busiest theater around.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Brian, so that’s why they taste so good. I knew there was something about theatre popcorn.

      Great thinking from your local movie theatre management. Give your customers that extra special treatment and they will keep coming back.

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