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Be Prepared To Spend Money To Make Money

A few posts ago I told you about Learning How To Save Money Can Make You Rich and I honestly believe that being able to manage your money can actually make you wealthy. You probably won’t become a millionaire but you will be so much better off than if you didn’t manage your money properly. In fact I believe that the majority of those struggling financially or who are in debt are in their situation because they don’t know how to manage their money. This is especially true for those people who have amassed a huge credit card debt.While that post showed ways for people to save money, when it comes to running a successful business you have to be prepared to spend money in order to improve the way your business runs or even to improve the customers experience. Running an online business is really no different.

Spending Money On Your Business Is An Investment

I learned earlier on that a business can only grow if you invest time and money in it. This doesn’t mean that throwing money at a business will make it succeed because it won’t if you’re not running it properly to begin with. Another thing to keep in mind is that the cheaper option is not always the best option. To stress this point I want to tell you a real life story that happened to the company I used to work for.

They were a major milk producing company who needed to update their bottling machine. They had a choice between one that would put the exact amount of milk into the bottle to one that would fill the bottle to the brim. To save a couple of hundred thousand dollars they decided on the latter. Big mistake! Not only was it costing them more per bottle because of the extra product, filling the bottle to the brim caused a major problem. This is because placing the bottles in the crate placed undue pressure on each bottle which could only be relieved by forcing the milk through the lid. This created a major leakage problem, one that customers did not appreciate, causing them to lose a large part of their market share.

You Should Invest In Your Blog

When I first started my online business I vowed that apart from hosting costs I was not going to invest any of my personal money. It took a fair while to build up my PayPal account but once I did I started to invest in my online business, and doing so saved me time as well as increased my blogs money making potential. I want to use this post to share with you guys exactly what I have spent my money on and why I did so.

How I Invested In My Blog 

  • Buy A Professional Theme: I was spending way too much time playing around with those free themes and it was taking me away from what I should be doing, writing good content. It was also harder to write good content when you’re pissed because your theme is acting up. A word of warning, make sure you do the research and don’t believe all the hype you read on the net. That’s how I got sucked into buying Thesis and why I ended up buying FlexSqueeze.
  • WP Zon Builder: This is a WordPress plugin that I wrote about in A Review Of WP Zon Builder. This plugin saves me heaps of time by allowing me to pull products, including customer reviews, straight from Amazon right into my post complete with my Amazon affiliate link.
  • Ajax Edit Comments: This is just as much for the readers as it is for me. This very useful WordPress plugin allows my readers to edit and spell check their comments. How often have you submitted a comment only to realise you stuffed up in some major way? It also saves me time as I can edit, delete or even blacklist the comments. I can even move the comment from one post to another if I so desired.
  • OIOpublisher: This is a great plugin, one that has paid for itself many times over. OIOpublisher completely automates the selling of ad space on my blogs freeing up my time as well as my customers. You can get $10 off the price of this plugin by using the MIST-WASSUP coupon.
  • Market Samurai: A standalone product that has saved me heaps of time doing keyword research. If it wasn’t for MS I wouldn’t be doing keyword research at all. As a MS user I’m allowed to promote it as an affiliate the sales of which has paid for the product and is now turning a nice profit.

As I’m sure there are many more useful tools I’m sure this is only the beginning of my paid blogging arsenal. Perhaps you could share with us one of the tools you use and what you feel makes it a worthwhile blogging tool.

Brought To You By WP Zon Builder

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I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Hi Sire, it’s good to know that when I do eventually move across to a WordPress theme that I should invest in a ready made professional theme. It took me ages to figure out my Blogger blog and I bet that’s a lot easier than WordPress is as the functionality seems much more simple. What I need is something that just let’s me fill out stuff like the links to my Twitter, Facebook etc and does the rest for me. How much does FlexSqueeze cost?

    1. Hey Roz, it will set you back $127 but once you own it you can use it on as many blogs as you want.

      As far as links to social media sites there are plugins for that which would work on most themes.
      Sire recently posted…Of Mighty Mouse Shonky Airlines And Drunk DriversMy Profile

      1. Thanks Sire, sounds like the one to go for then. :cool2_tb:

  2. I really thought a free theme would solve my problem in making a blog. The problem with free theme is that you don’t get to edit it the way you want and it’s bad for SEO when you start to promote it. There are too many links that gets credited to the owner of the theme which if you will delete it–BAM! your blog dies and you are forced to restore the links.

    Investing with tools is also a great idea. It helps you work faster and efficient.

    1. That is always a problem with free themes. Also I’ve heard where sometimes they stop working as they should after a WordPress upgrade.

    2. I agree with Jess. Although free themes don’t cost anything, you are limited with the way you design your blogs. Plus, there’s a lot of ads too, which is really not a good way to promote your site.
      Lanie recently posted…Site Control ManagerMy Profile

      1. Apart from the link on the bottom of the theme I haven’t seen any with ads on it. I have heard though that some theme developers do hide links in their theme to promote their own sites, something I would”t want on my blog.

  3. Twitter:
    I saw a lot of positive reviews about Thesis and saw multitude of blogs using it. Thesis became so common among blogs that it somehow looks like WordPress default theme now.

    I don’t know why but I could not buy Thesis in spite of all those positive reviews. Finally I ended up with Profits Theme. The theme is great as the look and functionality is concerned. The major strength of Profits is its Marketing features. but you have really superb design. I truly envy your blog design. Might go for this if I ever buy another theme ever.

    1. Thesis is actually a very good theme Suresh, its only problem is it is not as easy to use as they make it out to be.

      I haven’t heard of the Profits theme, but as long as you’re happy with it that is all that counts.
      Sire recently posted…A Review Of WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Profits is great, but your blog is looking awesome man!

        1. Thanks Suresh, but it’s not all me, it’s the Theme :wink_ee:

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, I have a draft lined up for a few posts from now that relates to this topic. I will link back to this posts when I ready to publish.

    A lot of bloggers are dead set against spending money on their blogs and learn the hard way that blogging for money is a business and needs to be treated as such. I know that’s a lesson I learned by watching my blogging buddies pass me up several years ago.

    1. I’ll be sure to check that post out Brian. I reckon it will be very interesting to read your take on it.

      It took me a while to make enough online money to be able to invest it but once I started investing that money it has helped to increase the amount of money I’m earning online.
      Sire recently posted…The Art Of Writing A Paid PostMy Profile

  5. I’ve programmed in thesis for multiple clients, and for the money, the ease of use and the power of “hooks” are the best out there.

    1. That is exactly my point Pete, clients have to hire you because they have no idea how to use HOOKS which is exactly why I was so upset when I bought it. I tried to learn it and was always in the forums jut to try and get it to do little things. In the end I threw my hands up in despair and bough a theme that is easy to use.
      Sire recently posted…A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Holding the money is a newbie mistake. I invested some of my profit with a website developing others. To spend all your money and not invest anything it can be harmful to your website’s quality.

  7. Hello Sire, It has been awhile since I stopped by, but I am getting your emails so I haven’t missed out on what you have been up to!! Must say I dont’ always get to reading them! I am continually working on learning more to improve my blog (I am a slow mover!!) I always trust your info and will keep these tips you have above so that when I take it to the next step, I will be doing it right. BY the way, OI never did leave a comment, but I really liked your article round about Easter.. I will look for it and read it again!!

    1. Hey Holly, that’s a beauty of being subscribed to my List, you can pick and choose which post interests you with the knowledge that you will never miss out on a post.

      It doesn’t matter that you’re moving slowly, what matters is that you’re moving forward, that is what will make the difference. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Making Money With Amazon Is It Possible?My Profile

      1. Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t subscribe earlier :doh_tb:

  8. I love your recommendation of the Ajax Edit Comments. This plugin is very easy to configure and always you to block spammers from spamming you in the future. Great recommendation and a well written post.

  9. Sire,

    There certainly are costs associated with blogging. I can -sort of- see someone holding off on some things until they are a little bit more “practiced”. But there are also things that are close to “musts” for instance self hosting.

    Nothing wrong with blogger and wordpress, but the costs for a domain and hosting is low enough and the benefits are unbelievably powerful.

    1. I can understand people using blogger and wordpress just to see if they enjoy the blogging experience but once they come to realise they love blogging they should invest in their business by hosting their own blog.

      The sooner they do this the better and those bloggers that I know who have made the move have all said it was the best thing they ever did.
      Sire recently posted…Five Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate MarketersMy Profile

  10. Why is it important to have a paid theme? Is it because those are more unusual and make you stand out from the mass?
    A tip I would like to share when it comes to investing in your blog or website business is that, if you have a whole network of sites – buy more than one webhosting service! That way you can put links from one to the other that are not from the same IP to prevent SEO “inbreed”.

    1. It was important for me Elin because I wanted a theme that was easy to change so that I can make my blogs stand out from all the other ones out there. I have several blogs and I am proud to say that each and every one of them has a uniqueness about them.

      That’s a great tip to and one that I am currently using. Another good reason for doing this is so that all your sites don’t go down at once when your host has a server problem :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Is Google+ All That You Thought It Would BeMy Profile

  11. The Theme is very important since it provides the first impression someone has of your website. I have not looked at Flexsqueeze before. It looks like it has much more flexibility (no pun intended) than any of the others I have looked at. Great tips.

    1. Actually it was derived from the free version which is called flexibility, a good theme but doesn’t have all the features of FlexSqueeze.

  12. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    Definitely worth on the long run to invest, wisely, on your blog.

    The first one is vital, only good supported and well coded themes. As you know I didn’t chose also Thesis, ending with Headway.
    I’ll explore OIO plugin deeply further.

    About MS I know for several reviews that it is a great tool but I’ve a problem with it. Recently they are planning to switch to paid subscriptions, but till today they never disclosed how, to which product and when will be done. For that, I’m considering other tools on the market for keyword research.


    Gera recently posted…Headway WordPress Theme Review: Why It Made My Life EasierMy Profile

    1. Hey Gera, I haven’t heard about them doing that and I regularly get updates from them. I love MS but I’m not sure I would be willing to pay a subscription. Perhaps that’s only going to be true for new customers and not existing ones?

      1. Twitter:
        Really I don’t know. You can check by yourself the announcement at the end of the post, on dated 1st July 2011.

        They stopped Adwords that never came out and now they are considering payment subscriptions but it isn’t clear about what.



        1. I just read it Gera and there is no reason to worry. The paid subscription is for a new product they are releasing and not Market Samurai itself.

  13. Great post. Very useful resources.

    I know it is kind of a cheat but when you are starting out you can try market samurai for free. If you are on a tight budget but would like to use Market Samurai longer than the trial-period you can fully delete MS of your computer, use revo uninstaller or something else to make sure there is no trace left. Then simply download a new trial using a different email address.

    Of course this is not fair for the people from Market Samurai, but I’m sure that when your business starts making money you will buy Market Samurai anyway…IT’S THAT GREAT!
    Danny recently posted…Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain SawMy Profile

    1. I actually bought it before my trial ended Danny and considering what it can do it doesn’t cost all that much. I’d rather pay for it that go through all that rigmarole.

  14. Hi There Sire,
    Many people fear investing in their online businesses since they think that they may get in loss but people must take out that kind of mindset since investing properly in online businesses sure does bring a lot of profits. Investment is certainly needed to bring your business to a certain position where you can earn proper earnings.
    Anyways, that was a nice list of products that you have procured for your blog. I knew about most of the products that you have mentioned there and I am currently using some of their alternative products. One of the plugin I did not know about was the ‘Ajax Edit comments’, I am gonna check that out.


    1. That’s right Shiva, and when you consider the low cost of starting an online business, hosting and such, spending that little bit more to increase your online success makes total sense.

  15. If the plugin pulls automatically reviews already posted on, doesn’t this mean that you will have duplicate content on your site?

    1. Matei, it’s like I said in the post, you did read it didn’t you, you need to supply your own content in the post and not simply pull the Amazon review.

  16. Good list of plugins here. You make a really good point about saving being equally important as investing in your online ventures. One has to have a good balance of both to succeed. You’re really provided a good list of suggestions for investing in a blog.

    1. Thanks Richard, I try my best to offer good content.

    1. I actually bought this one for the added features and because it saves me money. Everyone knows that time is money. The potential for making money is an added bonus.

  17. You omit what I think is one of the most effective ways to spend money on your blog…printing business cards! Business cards are cheap and effective.

    Get your theme worked out first, and then print cards that match your theme. If you don’t have the theme worked out and you want cards, print something simple, clean, and professional.

    Hand them out whenever anyone asks what you do, or whenever relevant topics come up in conversation. It’s cheap and much more effective than most online advertising.
    Alex Zorach recently posted…Ginger in Tea and Herbal TeasMy Profile

    1. Actually if your blog is part of your online business then business cards are a very good idea.

  18. Twitter:
    Well, I’m not going to totally go against what you’ve said here Sire, but as you know I haven’t paid for any of my themes. One of the themes I have I use on 3 of my blogs and have used it on many others I’ve created. It works well because it’s easy to modify it so that it looks like the website it’s associated with. Of course, I know how to go into the guts of it to modify how it looks.

    I also want to get rid of this thing I keep seeing people writing when it comes to themes, SEO and search engines. Sorry, none of that stuff is true except for one thing. Some of the free themes have stuff in the footer that might be difficult to get rid of. Might be that is, because the first year my blog was ranking for something that I’d never written about. But once I learned how to get that mess out of there it started ranking for… well, whatever it ranks for, since I talk about whatever I want to on that blog. lol

    But it is true that at some point there are some things one is going to have to spend money on if they really want to progress, but the most important things to spend money on are a domain name and hosting. After that everything else is just an enhancement.

    By the way, still waiting for one of those money posts showing just what kind of money you’re making from all of these things these days; yeah, I’m a stinker. :lol_tb: :drunk_tb:

    And why is this thing saying I only have one approved post and thus only get to see one post (CommentLuv) when I’m at the top of the commenter list? Sheesh!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…I’m Not Registering, And Other MissivesMy Profile

    1. Mitch, one of the many reasons I love my theme is that it makes me money! It does this because people can see how much I love it and they can see all the features! You will never make money from using a free theme.

      As you know I used to do regular updates last year of how I was making money. That got to be old hat and I decided to discontinue that line of posts.

      1. Twitter:
        But I haven’t really tried making money from my blog so we don’t really know. However, I am making money from my finance blog with the free theme, so…

        And you didn’t answer the other questions I asked. Of course now ComLuv isn’t going to work for me at all; sigh…

        1. True, but having a paid theme that you love and use gives you another avenue for making money from that blog and any other blog that uses the same theme.

          As to that last question, the answer is in my latest post, but then I would have thought you would have guessed that because of the comment I left on your blog.
          Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

            1. Nope, it’s because I’ve set it up so that people need to promote the post by giving it a tweet or something to be able to select from 10 of their posts. Of course I don’t expect them to do that unless they like it and yes it may seem to be a bummer for my regulars. Mmmm, perhaps there is a way around that.

              Tell you what, I’ll set it so you need to have left 500 comments to be able to select from your last ten posts. You’ve left way more than that so you should be right.
              Sire recently posted…CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue StreamMy Profile

  19. Hey Sire,

    Feel free to delete this comment. Speaking of spending money, this comment is about your install of CommentLuv. I left you a message in the beta forum … Look to the right of the text box in the Keywords Settings, and select “NO” in order to turn off the text showing.

    2nd … In AEC panel, use html instead of BBCode (i.e., href instead of url=.) Take a look at the edit options immediately after leaving a comment to see what I’m talking about.

    1. Nope, I’m not deleting this comment because you helped me out and I’m not bothered that people know that even the great Sire needs to ask for help sometime. :smile2_ee:

      As to AEC, that wasn’t my fault, I was only following their example which had BBCode and not HTML. Thanks for sorting that out for me.

  20. This is such a common mistake new online business owners make.

    People are either strapped for cash or maybe they just don’t take what they do online as a serious business. I had the former problem and it made life impossible.

    I agree it’s absolutely necessary to invest in your business. Failing to do so will cost you time that you can never get back and leave you frustrated.

    1. Hey Rob, the good thing about an online business is the cost of starting one and buying the tools you need is so cheap compared to starting one in the real world.
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  21. Its true, in order to make profit we have to spend as well. In business one have to be courageous enough to take risks sometimes. Without investing and trying new methods our business does not grow and the same rule also applies to blogging.

    1. Even so one does have to be careful how much they spend and on what they spend it on. You don’t want to invest in something that will not pay for itself just for the sake of it. What ever you buy has to have some value. It either has to save your time, provide a service to the customer so they will return or make your business more profitable.

  22. Having a good theme in your blog is the first impression for your visitors, specially having a clean background and really friendly in the eye.

    Second having a good content to post that visitors will stay and read and coming back for updates.

    Investing your blog is really a good idea and great way to earn money specially when you haves lots of visitors.

    1. Great posits, and another good point is to follow the rules so that your comment does not get deleted or delinked. :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  23. Every one is talking about spending money but no one is telling where exactly ? I have free theme and its seo friendly, i am on cheap shared hosting and its decent too.. so where should i spend money ? buying link software etc ? but that’s again not appreciated by Google.

  24. Your comments about themes is 100 % true. I was wasting so much time myself playing with the themes and trying to figure out the complicated functions the free ones had. It was just easier purchasing a ready made one.

  25. It is so true that to be successful in your business, there is a price to be paid. It takes effort or hard work plus investments to make your money grow.

    1. In life there is always a price to paid, that’s for sure.

  26. You ought to invest on something to gain something out of it. While buying any theme you must keep in mind that a best blogging wordpress theme must load faster. Design of your website can never be ignored because your website visitors can see only design and not SEO because SEO is only for robots.

    1. True but SEO is also important because it brings people to your site.

  27. I thought that the phrase “you must spend money to make money” was a common thought in business. In terms of websites you can take SEO as an example, you must invest in an SEO campaign which of course costs money, however this will in tern drive more traffic to your site, which will then equal in a greater amount of people choosing to buy products or a service from your site.

    1. True, but finding the right SEO company isn’t always that easy. Everyone says they know it all but a lot of the time they don’t. You certainly have to do a lot of research and talk to a lot of people before going that route. That’s why so many people prefer to do it themselves.

      1. I would agree that you must do a lot of research before choosing the correct SEO company.
        But when you say that people choose to do it themselves then i would suggest against this, as it takes hours of time and effort each day to make any real progress, especially for more difficult search terms.

        1. It all depends on whether the site is their actual business or just one they are trying to build up. If it’s an existing business they more than likely would have the money to invest whereas someone else is still trying to build it up and just doesn’t have a big enough budget.

          1. I think most website owners who ask for SEO definitely means that their websites are for business. Why would they invest in searching for SEO companies to do marketing of thier site if they can’t profit from it in return? But I agree that finding SEO guys who really provide quality SEO is difficult.

  28. You are spot on with spending to make money. It amazes me how often people will shy away from spending money to make money. You have to invest in your products (like you have done with your blog) in order to bring in further revenue. If no one ever had to spend any money to make revenue, then business would be too easy and everyone would be rich!

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. It’s not really their fault John because many just don’t know any better and are afraid to take that step.

  29. Investing in your business has to be done, and has to be done carefully. Some investments just do not show results immediately, sometimes it takes time. Or investments just do not show results directly. I assume that is why business people do not make decisions easy about making an investment. Sometimes the money hat has to be invested is quite large, and the risk may be great, so this is another reason to consider your investment well.
    I agree, a business without an investment will not succeed, but always consider your investment well as well as what you expect out of it.

    1. You are right Bibi, most times it does take a lot of time to recoup an investment and that has to be taken into consideration when making the purchase.

  30. Great point. You simply cannot expect for all the free stuff to be as good as the ones you pay for. Of course, there are some good free things out there, but in most cases, you get what you pay for.

    Sometimes, I get lost in all the choices I have for themes and plugins. This is really helpful.

    1. Some of that free stuff is pretty damn good but even so sometimes you need to pay for those particular items that you know will help your efforts to generate an income.

  31. The age old adage that you have to spend money to make money is not a new one, but I feel like we all still need to be reminded constantly! People don’t seem to remember that it’s necessary, so thank you for the reminder! :)

    1. And yet even with the reminder people will choose to ignore it to their own detriment.

  32. When we talk about investing on blogs, I think the only things people consider are domain name registration and hosting costs. The list you have up there shows how far we can invest money-wise more to expect better returns for our investment.
    Noel Addison recently posted…Selling Ice Cubes to EskimosMy Profile

  33. No offense. I think many people who have been unemployed have joined the online business in recent years since online business gives them a good alternative and opportunity. It is a lot cheaper to start an online business than a traditional brick and mortar store. However, I agree with you that it is important to invest money in order to make money. It is even more important for online business since we are at the mercy of the search engines. If people cannot find you, you are virtually non-existent. You are absolutely right that “do the research” before spending the money.

    1. You are so right and it doesn’t help them when most have joined because they’ve heard how easy it is to make money online. Unfortunately this is not true and so many leave before they’ve given it a real chance.

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