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Back From L.A. With A Tip For Bloggers

In case you’re wondering why it’s been a little quiet around here the past few days, don’t worry WassupBlog is alive and well, it’s just that I decided to have a little break from blogging while I took Anna, my wife, to the States for our 25th wedding anniversary. We spent the first five days in Hollywood staying in the Renaissance Hotel which was simply superb. While in Hollywood we did a lot of the touristy things which has brought us into contact with a lot of sales people and those in the hospitality industry. For the most part I can safely say that these guys really know how to deal with the public, those very people who are necessary to their livelihood, especially as those working in the hospitality industry depend on getting tips and the size of those tips is usually related to the quality of the service they provide.

I truly believe their efforts to please the paying customer helped to make our stay in the hollywoodStates a pleasurable one. I also believe that, tips aside, a lot of it had to do with the on the job training these people received. It got me to wondering about how we can utilise good service when it comes to our blogs. Naturally it all has to do with the way we interact with our readers and the obvious way we do that is through our comments.

It’s a damn shame that all those A List bloggers feel that it’s not necessary to provide the interaction as they feel their time is best spent elsewhere such as finding ways to increase their revenue. Anna&IThe problem being that all those newbie bloggers seeing their lack of interaction may get the impression that the interaction isn’t really necessary. So they go off and write some great posts and getting a couple of comments think they’re heading in the right direction only to find them dry up not realising that it’s all because they haven’t taken the time to interact with their commentators.

What we need to remember is those guys have already established themselves and the only reason they’re getting all those comments is because most of the commentators want to get noticed, perhaps hoping it may lead to the A Lister visiting their blog or some other miraculous event. Elvis&IWhat we need to know is we’re not those guys and we have to work smarter and that means replying to as many comments as we can and maybe even going the extra mile by visiting their blog and leaving a quality comment in return.

Something else that I’ve learned while being away is that failing to post regularly leads to a direct drop in traffic and I reckon I don’t have to tell you the last thing any blogger wants is a drop in traffic. As to my time in the States, well I reckon I’ll leave that for future posts. For now you will have to make do with these few photos. :wink_ee:

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  1. Hi Sire

    Wondered why there wasn’t any new post when I visited yesterday. Just noticed you had published when I was over on Twitter.

    Glad you had a good time and how lovely to take your wife somewhere special for your silver wedding anniversary.

    I just can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t reply to comments on their own blog! Would they also ignore someone talking to them?! Glad I bumped into this blog early on and saw your commenting policy which I still follow :-)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip in future posts. Welcome back Sire.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  2. I visited your blog on 1st April and have seen that you have not updated your blog for last few days.Hope from now onwards you’ll update your blog regularly.Many Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary.

  3. “So they go off and write some great posts and getting a couple of comments think they’re heading in the right direction only to find them dry up not realising that it’s all because they haven’t taken the time to interact with their commentators.”

    Yeah that is something I too have done in the past. Wish there was somebody at that time to point me I was wrong. :|

    Congrats on your 25th wedding anniversary, btw. ;)

  4. Hi Sire,
    Welcome back. it sounds like you had a fun and relaxing time, while also learning something related to your business.

    Yes, it’s still a trend for A listers not to reply to commments, however I’ve noticed David Risley has been pretty good lately in this regard. Maybe it was that post you wrote a long while ago that affected him positively.

    I’m more likely to buy something from a blogger who interacts with me than one who doesn’t.

    1. Actually I’d be thrilled if something I wrote affected others in a positive way and if that post caused David to change the way he interacts with his commentators even in a small way I reckon it’s doing its job.

      Like you I’m also more likely to buy from someone that interacts with me rather than from someone who ignores me. That’s like being ignored by a shop assistant who’s too busy texting ignoring those waiting to be served.
      Sire recently posted…Blogging- Jogging And SexMy Profile

  5. Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary, what a great place to go to celebrate. I wonder how many Elvis look alike’s you saw in those 5 days bet it wasn’t just the one in the pic. Just a note to let you know there was no link in the email notifier about the new post, either that or I couldn’t find it. Look forward to seeing more pictures and find out what you got up to on the trip.
    khaled recently posted…What are the Differences Between Natural and Cultured PearlsMy Profile

    1. WHAT? No link in my email? :wallbash_tb: Damn! Oh well, I reckon like you my subscribers will know where to look for my latest post. Reckon I must still be suffering from jet lag :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      You’re right about there being more than one Elvis impersonator and that guy was definitely the pick of the bunch.
      Sire recently posted…A MailChimp Review- For The Good Affiliate MarketerMy Profile

      1. Err, that’s a real Elvis impersonator guy? At first glance, I thought it was one of those wax figures that look amazingly real.

        Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary Sire. Me and my wife just had our 13th last January. I’ll work on my online ventures even harder now so we too can have some grand vacations on our next anniversaries. :)

        1. Actually James all the people you see dressed up as celebrities are simply ordinary people trying for their share of the tourist dollar. I gave ‘Elvis’ 5 bucks to be able to pose with him so you see that’s how they make their money.

          There were a few Elvis guys around but on that day he was the pick of the bunch.
          Sire recently posted…So- What The Frak Is Good Content AnywayMy Profile

    2. I also want to say Congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary, what a great place to go to celebrate.

  6. Thought perhaps you’d retired or won the lottery or something.
    Good to see you back and ready for action.

    Glad you had a good time in the States.
    Never been but always said that I would sometime.

    Welcome back.
    You’ve been missed.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Keep it short- keep it sharpMy Profile

  7. Sire,
    Glad you enjoyed LA and hope that you got some sunshine. It’s been a pretty wet spring,
    Congratulations on 25 years of marriage. If you can stand each other this long, you can probably go the distance.

  8. Yey, Sire is back and sounds like he had a fabulous time. Happy 25th my friend and really hope you and your lovely wife enjoyed visiting our part of the country. Sounds like you had a good time but we did miss you.

    You are so right… People in the service industry who count on tips to make a living will go above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. I think everyone can learn something from them.

    I think that when it comes to people blogging and not getting the type of response they had hoped for leads sometimes to them just not knowing any better. Especially if they are new. Let’s face it, this is a learning experience for everyone so you have to learn as you go. But people need to pay more attention to what others are sharing because we are here to help others have success as well. We all aren’t doing the same thing.

    Great points and well noted. SO good to see you back and glad you guys had an awesome trip! Now, back to work! LOL!!!


    1. Thanks Adrienne, and yes we had a great time. As to the good service it would be unreasonable to expect that there wasn’t any bad experiences while in the States just like it would be unreasonable to expect all bloggers to do the right things. Reckon I’ll write about my bad experience in another post. :smile1_ee:

  9. I had one blog that I forgot to post to for 3 weeks and the traffic was down for 60% :S We really need to post regularly.

    PS: I always wanted to go to USA…, do write about it in your next post :D

    1. No worries Chloe, I reckon I have a few posts up my sleeve that will include my time in the States.

  10. Hope you enjoyed your trip to LA. I was just there at the beginning of last month. There are definitely a lot of interesting characters down there. A lot of those people do rely on tourists to make a buck. I remember we agreed with some guy to take a bus tour to see star homes. Little did we know that this guy didn’t even have a driver for his bus. So we had to follow him around as he checked with all the other tour operators to see who had a driver available. It was a little sketchy as we were half expecting him to run off at and second. Then again, he provided decent service to ensure we got on a tour as soon as possible.

    1. Sure did Jeremy. While in Hollywood we noticed there were a whole lot of people selling tours and we soon worked out that was how they made an income. We latched onto one Lady named Homa, I may post a photo of her in another post, and we loved her exuberance so we booked a tour with her.

      She tried to book another tour at the same time but we told her we would look her up on another day. I think she had her doubts but imagine her surprise when we caught up with her the next day. We actually booked a few tours with her.

  11. Twitter:
    Man, I thought I warned you about talking to those fake Elvis folks while in La La Land. Well, I guess if you’re going to be drawn to something, that might as well be it. Just tell me you didn’t get talked into buying a Rolex on the street. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…4-Hour Work Week – Lifestyle ReviewMy Profile

    1. Actually Mitch I don’t recall you warning me, perhaps because I was too busy beating you in chess :winkle:

      As to the Rolex, I didn’t come across anyone selling that sort of stuff while I was in the States.

  12. I’ve worked at the Renaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek, and have worked in the hospitality industry for 4 years, and the orientation training they provide you is top notch. I worked at the Marriott where I learned to provide service for the public through on the job training. But after that even the customer service training renaissance provides is extraordinary. There were so many things I’d never even thought of doing that are extremely hospitality oriented. They make sure Every Employee is living up to the hospitality standard, through bi yearly audits, and guest reviews.
    My Job did not depend on tips; I was a lifeguard, yet I was expected to be just as hospitable as any other employee.

    1. Well it sure did show Mike, we had the best time in Hollywood and a lot of it had to do with the people at the Renaissance. My wife even commented on their FaceBook Fan page and they replied every time.

  13. Congrats on your 25th Anniversary Sire. Looks like you had a good time in the states. Hey you are an A list blogger but without the attitude!

    1. I wouldn’t go that far Danny but thanks for the vote of confidence.

  14. Hello Sire, I hope you enjoyed your trip to the land of movies, I would like to get to see it someday.

    Now about A-list bloggers, I think they are behaving with us like used rags, after they had their way and made it, they just throw us away and we never hear back from them. I think money do change people and the majority of those that do make it, change their ways and most of the time forget where they first started.
    Alex recently posted…Grija de BebelusiMy Profile

    1. Sure did Alex. As to the A List bloggers I think a lot of them forget what it was like when they first started off and now they assume that all they need to do is publish a post and everyone well fawn at their feet. As I said in an earlier post I stopped doing that long ago. I think the only reason they keep getting so many comments is because of their so called fame and people hoping that maybe some of it will rub off on them. :laugh_tb:

  15. Congrats on your 25th Anniversary and like I always say; you don’t have to write articles every day so long you write quality instead of quantity, we readers just follow the good blogs.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lennart

  16. I will go into a little vacation in a few days but i will publish postpone articles on my blogs and when i will have time i will respond to comments.
    Meanwhile, i write as many articles i can.
    I wish someday i will have the chance to visit even New York or L.A., i saw so many pictures and movies with those two cities that I had an obsession.

    1. I did actually have one post that went live while I was away, but strangely enough it didn’t get all that much traffic. Weird that, perhaps knew I was away?

  17. Sometimes even a blogger needs a vacation, and this means no blogging. It may be bad for the traffic, but I’m sure it did you a world of good: relax and new ideas.

    1. It sure did Mia

  18. Hi Sire,

    Just stumbled onto your blog recently and wanted to chime in about interactivity on larger / more popular blogs.

    I totally agree that a certain level of interactivity from the blog author him/herself is nice, but I think when a blog gets to a certain size it’s just not practical for the author to respond to every comment. At that point I think it becomes the author’s job to facilitate community and to chime in when necessary.

    Blogs like and have a real community atmosphere where individual users interact and it becomes almost like a forum from post to post. I don’t think the users necessarily miss interacting with the author one on one when they have a chance to interact with other users that have followed the blog for a significant period of time.

    1. Hey Kyle, welcome to Wassupblog. I must admit that I’ve never heart of those blogs so I thought it only fair to go and check them out before I replied to your comment. There was a couple of similarities between the blogs. First the both posted over 15 posts per day and secondly, although each post had quite a few comments they were very poor in nature, many only several words in length. I would actually have deleted most of those comments if they were left on my blog.

      As to the time factor, I think bloggers should make time when it comes to interacting with their commentators.To lend weight to my argument lets consider those who liken their blog to their home and commentators as their guests. You wouldn’t let you guests have a conversation without you joining now would you? That would be rude.

      Then again, let’s compare a blog as a gateway to your business and commentators as potential customers. Ignoring them would be like a business owner not serving a customer because he was busy doing something else. I’ve run several businesses and I know that customers come first and I and my employees would always drop what they were doing to attend to the customers needs.
      Sire recently posted…Tips On Tipping &amp Other Things When In The USAMy Profile

      1. You pose a strong argument. The analogies to guests in the home and a business full of potential customers are both great analogies. You’re definitely right in that author’s should take a more interactive role in their blog communities. Just because it’s the norm for larger blog authors to more or less abandon the comment section doesn’t mean it’s the best policy, right? I still stand by my argument that once a blog’s readership reaches a certain level the author should encourage reader interaction and try to build community amongst their readership.

        Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. You definitely match your words with action!

        1. Yes, Kyle and I stand by my argument that the way to build a real community amongst your readership is to interact with them, which doesn’t make me right and you wrong, just that we have a difference in opinion. :wink_ee:

  19. I realized the same thing when my bosses website was slipping as he had not written any unique content in a while. I suggested that he write something even if its short. I believe that the search engines sees it as active and knows that its not just a dead site which they will bump eventually. Its good to see people still going strong in their marriage congrats on your amazing journey.

    1. Thanks Jen, and I hope your boss listened to your advice.

  20. yeah u r damn right in saying interaction is imp in blogging…even though my niche is such i cant be interactive and i dont have to be interactive except in forums :-P still i try to my best to communicate with the users just to be different …….the bottomline is pleasing the visitors and making them return on our blog :-) nicewly covered ;-)
    a welcome change from the boring emoticons i see in ur blog… :-D

    1. Firstly I hope that you do not get offended by my reply as I’m only saying it in the hope to improve the way you comment on blogs which will in turn help to improve your brand.

      I personally believe that when leaving a comment one should always try to make it a good comment, not only in content but in the way it is structured. That means using good grammar which includes using capital letters where needed. I also think unnecessary abbreviations that may be acceptable in a chat room is not the way to go when leaving comments on a blog as it’s most unprofessional.

      Also I’m not sure that ‘a welcome change from the boring emoticons i see in ur blog’ is a compliment.

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    1. I didn’t know they made cashew nut butter? I reckon that would make a great alternative.

  22. Any blogger would not go far without interaction. Seems like you had a great time in the States. I am waiting to read about the time you spent there and what you did.

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