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Auto-Submitting Your Posts To The Web’s Top Social Networking Sites

As far as blogging platforms go I reckon that WordPress has to the the best freaking platform on the planet. If that wasn’t enough for the average run of the mill blogger then the variety and quality of plugins available for WordPress makes it even better!

If I was to compare it to anything I would say that plugins do the same job for a WordPress blog that a turbo charger or any other number of accessories under the hood do for a high performance car.

When looking for a plugin it has to fulfill at least one of three criteria.

  1. Make Life Easier: Let’s face it, blogging is a grueling thankless task that can take so much time out of your life that you barely have time to make love to your prospective other.
  2. Rewarding Commentators: There are many plugins that do this ranging from commentluv to dofollow and many plugins in between.
  3. Make Life Easier For The Visitor: This could include plugins that make it easier for someone to Tweet a post or perhaps it could allow them to leave a link in the comment without having to know html

Before even considering installing a plugin I make sure that it’s able to fulfill at least one of the above conditions. This brings me to OnlyWire for WordPress, a plugin that allows my visitors to select from one of up to twenty social networking sites. Now, I’ve seen several blogs that have four or five buttons at the  top of each post, but let’s face it guys, you gotta admit that does look a little tacky, not to mention rather limiting.

Let’s say you were going to consider OnlyWire for WordPress you would definitely want it to be better than what you already have now wouldn’t you. If you were to scroll down to the bottom of this post you would see the following button. Bookmark And Share Social Networking Sites

There are other buttons to choose from but I chose this particular one because it appealed to me. But it doesn’t stop there because if you were to hover your mouse pointer over that button you would get a little surprise, a surprise that would look like this.

Yep read em and weap, up to 20 social networking sites to choose from

Check it out, not one, not two, not even three but up to 20 different social networking sites for them to choose from. How freaking great is that? :thumbup_tb: The actual amount depends on how many of those sites you have configured the plugin to show, but it gets even better and is the number one reason why you should consider installing this plugin. Once installed and you publish a post it will automatically submit that post to every one of those social networking sites.

Some service like Digg may require you to submit a captcha code to finalize a submission but that’s a small price to pay for what this plugin provides. The easiest way to install the plugin is to use WP’s very own ‘Add New’ feature in the plugin menu, just do a search for OnlyWire for WordPress and select the one from OnlyWire Engineering.

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  1. Hi Sire,

    This does look like a nice little plugin. I use Sociable, and I honestly don’t think people notice it’s there sometimes. I need to make the icons bigger, or move to a different plugin.

    I also like the questions you ask yourself before installing plugins. I should do the same. I know I’ve been guilty of having plugins in the past that haven’t met all of those requirements. It can be tough to follow, but the “Less Is More” mantra holds true a lot.

    Thanks for another informative post Sire!
    .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Taking a Train Across the Country – Part Two =-.

    1. Thanks Ryan. I actually give my readers several options to promote my posts but this is the one that offers the greatest selection as well as having the added the auto submitting feature.

      1. Your post inspired me to actually getting around to adding a “Retweet” and larger Social Media icons for Sociable. Sire, you’ve done it again!
        .-= Ryan Cowles@Metacom Creative Design´s last blog ..Hiking to Headstones – Granby and Simsbury, CT =-.

        1. Hey, it’s why I’m here for. lol

  2. Blogging is a fulltime job, and coming up with unique content over and over can become extremely tedious. Although it can be gratifying some days. :-)

    1. I actually enjoy blogging Tom and it’s something I look forward to every day.

  3. Nice little plugin but I’m minimalist and in the same time I want to catch user attention too. So, I only put big button of those site where people usually share my articles. I personally believe very few average user have a knowledge on social sharing and if an advance user want to share my post, they always know a way to share.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..9 Excellent hack you should try on your WordPress blog =-.

    1. If you want Arafat they have a big button for you and don’t forget the added bonus in that you are giving readers more to choose from. You’d be surprised how many users won’t share a post if it’s not easy for them to do so.

  4. I tested it out by submitting to tumblr. :)

    When I changed my theme to Headway my auto-Tweet feature stopped functioning. Headway’s feature seems to cut off the url [not helpful] and Tweet This just stopped working. Guess I’ll have to troubleshoot. I’ll keep this one in mind if I can’t get anything else to work out.
    .-= Anne Bender´s last blog ..Read the Fine Print =-.

    1. I hope the tumblr worked for you Anne.

      As to the Tweet button, I’ve been using Topsy and it works really well.

  5. Hi Sire,

    I have had this particular plug in installed for a long time but I have never used it for automatic submissions.

    I’d like to know if you used this feature for long enough to make sure there are no negatives to it.

    I’m very careful with plug ins since a plug in called Vote it! collected tens of thousands of spams and almost destroyed my ability to post as it slowed down the server to a virtual halt.

    Thanks to my hosting company they figured it out and cleaned thing up for me.

    Very recently I had to get rid of the Top Commentators plug in as my top commentator was hijacked by a sex tools predatory site. And I took all the precautions I could. They pretended to be the top commentator stealing his identity.

    I do agree that Word Press is likely the best platform and that there are some great plug ins for it.

    It pays to exercise caution before installing them and watching things like a hawk after the installation.


    1. I’ve used it for over a month now Vance and it’s been a positive experience for me so far.

      I’ve had a couple of people try to hijack the top commenters spot but fortunately I know my commentators fairly well so I was able to spam their comments.

      1. Hi Sire,

        A month is not that long but I trust your judgment.

        As for the hijacked commentator, I do read all comments and approve them manually.

        I certainly know my top commentators well too.

        It was likely in the threaded comments where replies can be short as they are follow ups to previous comments where I may not have caught the offender.

        Anyway, I’ll live without that plug in for a while and if I do install it again I know of a way to prevent further hijacking.

        Though nothing is 100% accept the two things everybody knows about.


        1. Vance, I don’t think the top commentators plugin is as important to a blog as commentluv and I know of other blogs, Mitch’s being one of them, who got rid of it so I wouldn’t worry too much about it’s demise. Heck, if I ever find something to take it’s spot I’ll get rid of it as well.

  6. As Ryan pointed out, I too have used sociable as well as other small buttons/link; 1 of 2 things tend to happen.

    Visitors don’t want to take the extra steps involved in clicking, no matter how easy it seems…they miss it altogether on their way to commenting.

    I’m switching to a select group of the most popular ones with hard-coding. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..A TRUE Make Money Online blog – Part 2 – Choose My Domain Name =-.

    1. I don’t see that hard coding will make any difference Dennis, but each to his own I always say.

      1. They’re 1-click (point 1) and bigger; you ain’t missin’ these lol (point 2).

        As long as I’m here, point 3 could be less plugins is always better, the hard-code done right wont mess with anything else, and less load time.
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Warning: 8 Posts Coming Back to Back =-.

        1. Yep and if you get it wrong it could also turn into a catastrophe, not to mention the drama if you were to change themes.

          1. Yes, as with anything if you get it wrong it could also turn into a catastrophe.

            Yes again, changing themes can screw up lots of things, including coded icons, sometimes.

            The pluses far outweigh. ;)
            .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Web Income Experiments DotCom Wins Hands-Down! =-.

  7. This one sounds nice. For the automatic submission, I assume it stores your user names and passwords for the various sites? If not you would have to have the login cookies already stored on your computer.
    .-= Sara@Snuggie Pattern´s last blog ..Snuggie Pattern for Adults – SHOCKING Photos =-.

    1. That’s right Sara, it takes a bit of time to set it up properly but once that’s done it saves you so much time later on. Actually as most people wouldn’t bother to manually submit each post it’s a real bonus.

  8. Thanks Sire. I do not have any auto-submitting links configured to any social networking sites. At the very least, I would imagine I would save myself the time it takes to submit my own stuff to my Facebook page. I manually submit to my Facebook page or Twitter profile blog entries that might inform the community of a fun things to do.
    .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..West Pasco Washington Homes For Sale =-.

    1. Yep, until I installed this plugin I never used to update my facebook and other sites, thereby missing out on certain traffic, and now it’s all done automatically.

      1. Btw, I just attended a webinar on Posterous. Might be a viable solution to submitting content to one place to be posted on various platforms.
        .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..North Richland Washington Homes For Sale and Real Estate =-.

        1. That’s centered around emailing isn’t it?

          1. Yes, simply email whatever you want and Posterous knows where to post it. With Gmail, you can have unlimited email addresses on one Gmail account by adding the + sign. So, a person would set up an email address for each and every site they want to post to. We are seriously considering jumping on board as we have about a dozen different sites we post to.
            .-= Colleen@Kennewick Real Estate´s last blog ..Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition at CBC =-.

            1. Sounds cool, but this sounds so much easier. I don’t have to do anything other than press submit after doing a post. :wink_ee:

  9. Sire are you trying to say you haven’t made love to your prospective partner because of blogging? We should always have our priorities! One should not suffer for the other especially something as rewarding as Love making :biggrin_wp:
    We can excuse you to take some days off to get enough of it before coming back. Don’t worry we’ll wait, knowing you’ll be more refreshed and organized when you get back

    Anyway, i’ll pass for this plugin. I think it occupies too much space and the button are just too much. How many of these social networking sites are people really using? I only use some of the majors. Facebook, digg and twitter and i’m not loyal to any of them!
    .-= Karo@Work at home business´s last blog ..Starting your Own Business =-.

    1. Karo, there is absolutely no way in hell I would forgo lovemaking for a post. If my wife was to walk in naked right at this moment, not that it would ever happen :tongue_laugh_ee: , we would have a love making session right here and now, and only once she was completely satisfied would I even attempt to finish this comment. :thumbup_tb:

      As to it taking too much space it’s actually is quite minimal as can be seen from the first (button) image. The second image only appears once the mouse pointer hovers over the button.

      1. Oh God Sire, it’s always fun with you. I kept laughing when reading your comment. I love men who know what their priorities are. Go Sire :thumbup_tb:
        .-= Karo@Work at home business´s last blog ..Best Home Businesses =-.

  10. Sire I agree with you totally I love this plug-in! What a time saver and just as you pointed out it posts to numerous sites at the same time with minimal effort! The easier it is for people the better and when working with a tribe, WoW what a big bang it is when all are using only wire!

    Powerful tool Sire, you are so right!

    “Dream, Believe, Become…”

    .-= Tracey Keefer @ Free MLM Help´s last blog ..From the Inside Out, Leaders Truly Inspire =-.

    1. Hey Tracey, it’s nice to see that you can at least see it’s potential. Some of those blokes seem to miss the point of having it. Reckon there is more to being a woman than just being able to do more than one thing at once. :innocent1_tb:

      1. Hey nice to see more of my Tribe roaming over here! Yay!

        You be careful Sire, shes a feisty one ;)
        .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..GoDaddy, WordPress, Hacking & Backups, Oh My! =-.

        1. Really? Do you reckon she’s more than I can handle? :devil_tb:

  11. I have to agree with Dennis on this one. Hard coding the most popular sites has definitely worked better for me. It’s either fear of the unknown or the extra step.
    .-= John@Maryland Real Estate´s last blog ..Baltimore Real Estate Real Estate =-.

    1. John, I’m sorry but I don’t see how how hard coding removes the extra step, hard coded or not they still have to click on it, and even then it may require more steps.

      Besides both Dennis and yourself have missed the crucial part of the post. What this plugin does more than any hard coded plugin you may install is the automatic submission to up to 20 of the top social networking sites every time you publish a new post.

  12. Looks fab Sire and I hadn’t heard of it so thank you :) I have something installed on GAB but it certainly doesn’t auto submit anything. That alone has got to be worth giving it a try. I just need to remember my darn logins now!
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..#CharityTuesday reminder: Come to #Cardiff on Friday! =-.

    1. P.S. Have you taken down your RT button? I tried to use the ‘Bookmark & Share’ button to RT this but all it did was put a link up. It didn’t wrap it in a lovely title or include your name either :(
      .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..#CharityTuesday reminder: Come to #Cardiff on Friday! =-.

      1. I still have an RT button at the top of the post Eleanor. I also tested the Twitter button on the Book Mark and Share button and it adds my name after submitting.

        I noticed you left a comment on my Skysa Bar. Cool huh? I did a post about it here.

        Correction, it doesn’t actually add my name at all. Weird that? Oh well, at least it tweets the link

        1. I think there might be something up with my browser (or maybe it’s a mac thing) because I waited very patiently like a good girl for the page to finish loading and the Topsy button never came to play. Same on Safari too. Glad you still have it though. I like those ones :)

          Skysa is very cool. I’ll have to have a look at that post too now. Darn you Sire. My house is a tip and you’ve got me hooked now ;)
          .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Dr Egg reveals all for Give a Brick =-.

          1. Hooked on a feeling? :ponder_tb: :jittery_tb: :laugh_tb:

  13. I’ve seen blogs that show around 10 social networking sites but 20?! I agree that this is excellent, since we can never be sure which social networking sites are used by all our readers.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Do Blind People Use a Special Keyboard? =-.

    1. Yep, seems a shame to miss out just because they couldn’t find the one they’ve subscribed to.

  14. I use this for all the websites I create. Helps you get indexed faster in my opinion. Makes life A WHOLE lot easier clicking a button and maybe a few extra steps for a couple of the social sites. Definitely a tool I recommend too.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Do You Wish Airplanes Were Like Shooting Stars? =-.

    1. Ah yes, all of your websites, but do you have it on any of your blogs :wink_ee:

  15. That is rather cool, however I don’t really like the advertisement in it. Hmm, unsure if I will switch or make you put up with my tacky buttons.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Lake on the Mountain =-.

    1. You can kill the advertisement by paying a fee, me I’m not all that fussed by it.

  16. I definitely have to look into this WordPress plugin. I’ve seen the button at the top of several blogs but I didn’t know which plugin was used for that. Just today I had problems with the Tweetmeme plugin and switched to Topsy. I hope Tweetememe fixes the issues they’re having. Anyways, thanks for the heads up on this Sire.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..11 Free Social Media Icon Sets for Websites or Blogs =-.

    1. I used to use the Tweetmeme but I switched to Topsy and I much prefer it because it allows me to edit the tweet before it goes out.

  17. @Sire
    Just wanted to let you know about the second OnlyWire plugin for WordPress admin users called OnlyWire Auto Poster (also found using the Add New feature) which auto submits each of your posts to your OnlyWire bookmarks automatically whenever you hit PUBLISH :cool2_tb:
    .-= Caleb aka Weez´s last blog ..OMG! Finally a Marketplace for Instant Pay Commission Products… =-.

    1. Hi Caleb, I saw that second plugin but I went with this one because it was actually made by the guys at OnlyWire so I’m assuming it would be better.

      1. Let me clarify:
        These are two distinct plugins. The first one is for your visitors to use while the second one posts your content to the networks you have setup within your OnlyWire account automatically through your WP Admin(for you the author). There will be a prechecked radio button within your WP Post editor which allows the particular post to go straight to your OnlyWire networks whenevr you hit publish. This alleviates you from having to wait on a visitor to submit/share your content.

        One huge benefit of this is fast search engine indexing.

        Now I know some networks withing your OnlyWire frown upon you submitting your own content so just swap OnlyWire accounts with a trusted associate if neccesary
        .-= Caleb aka Weez´s last blog ..Overlooked Truths About Making Money Online =-.

        1. Thanks Caleb, but the plugin that I am using now does all of that so I reckon I will stick with it.

          1. Yeah I’m seeing the same thing. Caleb the default plugin made by onlywire already has autosubmit capabilities so there is no need for a second plugin. That one was probably wrote before the feature was added to this one.
            .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..How To Enable Threaded Comments In WordPress =-.

  18. Already removed it bro, one day its ask me to pay for the service, I don’t know why. If I’m wrong, I’ll check again :D
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..Interview With Tina Tobin From LuvemOrLeavem.Com =-.

    1. It is an option and there are benefits but I don’t think they would insist you pay otherwise it would kill their marketing by offering it as a free service

    2. Latief, you’re going to get a prompt to pay if it is not properly detecting you running the plugin on your site. Usually this happens if you either typo your site address or (more commonly) if you grab another “onlywire” plugin in the wordpress directory that was not made by onlywire engineering. The maker of the plugin is critical in this case.
      .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin Review: Old Post Promoter =-.

    3. Me also deleted the plugin for same reason.But will give a try again.
      .-= Lakhyajyoti´s last blog ..How To Monetize Your Blog =-.

  19. This is one of my favorite plugins however mostly from the service side. My visitors rarely use it to bookmark my site, but the autosubmit and the browser buttons are a blessing. Using the browser links to bookmark my friends sites, and getting them to do the same for mine (via Tribe Syndication) goes a long way towards generating a lot of backlinks). I have a full length (about 30 minutes) training on setting up onlywire available on my blog.

    One word of warning, the autosubmit will get you in fast trouble if, like me, you tend to edit posts after hitting publish. This creates duplicate submissions and I was banned from a whole bunch of places early on before I caught on to what was happening.
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry@wordpress help´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin Review: Old Post Promoter =-.

    1. I think they may have fixed that problem Kimberly. I tend to edit posts as well and after just checking my account history there’s only one submission for each post.

  20. I’ve been using the service for a while, to submit my posts after publishing them. Huge pain in the ass to set up 30+ social site accounts but such a time saver once it was done to post them all.

    1. Yeah it sure did take awhile but in the long run I reckon it was well worth it.

  21. The last time I installed Onlywire on my blog it increased my page load time and nothing else on the blog would load until it had loaded. I’m tempted to give them a try and see if they’ve improved or not.

    1. May as well give it another try. It seems to work well here so perhaps they changed something since the last time you tried it?

  22. Although I think it is all about making life easier. Putting something on auto pilot just does not give you that personal touch,

    While I’m the first to go for anything that makes promoting my blog and blogging easier, I would also be the first to say that to get to the top of the blogosphere is not going to be done on autopilot.
    Robert Bravery recently posted…10 Great Tips on How to Write Killer Content.My Profile

    1. True Robert but the thing is before this plugin I never bothered plugging my posts on those sites and without this plugin I still would never have bothered so it really is getting my posts out there.

      1. Yeah suppose its six of one, and half a dozen of the other.
        You’re right, anything that enables you to get your posts out there will work.
        Although it will work, it should not be considered a substitute.

        I myself have a few on autopilot to Social Network sites that I never frequent. So I do see your point. We can’t possible cover 50 social sites for every post.

        It’s a hard one, how much to you put on autopilot, and how much do you do manually
        Robert Bravery recently posted…10 Great Tips on How to Write Killer Content.My Profile

        1. I do my posts manually, I reckon that’s a big plus :tongue_laugh_ee:

  23. This is good idea, but I am looking for such plug in which get user password of the commentator for any social media networks and as he comment, it increase the vote of my post on that social media site. I know this is very difficult.
    But It if I insert an iframe which contain the post on different social media site and then call the commentator to vote for the posts on the site for which the have login.
    I am working for these and need help for this plan.

    1. Wish I could help you ahmed, but while I use plugins I’m not one who can develop them. Maybe someone else will be able to assist you

  24. I’ve been using OnlyWire for the last couple of months, and you can’t beat how much time it saves and how easy it is to use. It does take some time to set-up, but once that is done it’s a breeze. In addition to OnlyWire I also added a FB Like button plugin.

    1. It’s good to know that the experience isn’t short lived. Thanks for that Brad.

  25. Very insightful article, I really enjoyed reading it. These days automation is really key, in certain cases. Tools like Traffic Geyeser make it easy, at least for me anyways. What else do you guys recommend for automation in social media? Anyone used the Bookmarking demon program?

  26. Different plug-ins helps sites or blogs in many different ways. And the mentioned plug-in is proven, I am using it for my blogs and I appreciate it, I can have my posts published to these prestigious social networking sites. You can see the effect very useful.

    1. And let’s not forget that it does it all automatically saving you a hell of a lot of time. ;)

  27. i think having an auto-submitter can save you a ton of time and can be really useful. social networking sites are made to get the word out about your business and ideas.

  28. I do wonder if having so many social networking sites to choose from could actually reduce usability over, say, just having the main ones clearly visible without having to click the button and scroll.

    The more someone has to do, the less likely they are to do it.

    1. The trouble with that is you may be leaving someone out thereby losing out on promoting the post.

  29. I have to say that I’ve heard about OnlyWire before, and I think that I read somewhere that there may be problems with some social networking sites. Hopefully, I’ll get this thing setup soon enough and that there won’t be any unwanted bugs or glitches.
    Regardless of it, I liked the design of this blog. and may I add that when I hover my mouse over the blue-colored title “WassupBlog” (that is placed on the beautiful background header) the blue color changes to a grey-teal color, and at least in my opinion it looks better overall.

    1. That and many other attributes are all due to the theme I’m using. I can change many things with the click of the mouse.

  30. Hmm, interesting. I’ve used AddThis before so will check this out.

    I do wonder, however, how many people actually use some of the lesser Social Bookmarking sites these days? Can’t help feeling we’re well on the way to a world with just the “biggies” (by which I of course mean Facebook and Twitter).

    1. Probably not all that many Robin but at least with the plugin you will be able to accommodate more people.

  31. This plugin has annoyed me on some blogs.
    When I’m scrolling through the different posts I sometimes by mistake hover over the onlywire button, and then this big window pops up so I can share the post. But it overlaps over the title of the next post and it wont go away unless I click the X. Very annoying.
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I don’t see that as a major problem Danny, just a minor inconvenience. You just have to be careful where you put that mouse of yours :lol_ee:

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