Flowers Are Natures Reward For Taking A Walk

Time for an interlude so that we can all relax for a little while. Simply put on some soothing music in the background and sit back with a lovely cup of coffee, or a cold beer for the blokes, and let the lovely colors of these petite flowers soothe and relax you.

Yeah I know guys that you would much prefer some hot and naked women lounging is front of you, but let’s face it I’m trying to relax, not arouse you. So pull your heads in and do as your told. :wink_ee:

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I came across these one morning as I went for a nice stroll. Sometimes it’s nice to simple take a break to smell some flowers, or at least take a photo of them.


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Joining The F Group For Comments Sake

I’ve decided that it was time to give the newly named F Group a little plug. This is the name given to a group of bloggers who are striving to increase the amount of quality comments on their blogs. To be part of the movement you have to make a commitment to yourself, that you will endeavor to  follow the commentator to their blog and to reciprocate with a comment of your own.

To deter form comment spam I urge you to set up a Comment Policy that will stipulate what sort of comments will be accepted as worthy of reciprocation. To be part of the group you will need to let others know that you belong by displaying a badge such as the one displayed in this post. That and letting them know that you are a ‘do follow’ blog should encourage them to leave a comment. The badge should link to a post within your own blog that explains to the reader the benefits of leaving a comment on your blog.

I would also like to reward those who take this important step to increase their blog interaction by submitting their link to the F Group page, thereby getting one of those all important one way links. I will also enter those participating bloggers to my WassupBlog’s link directory, thereby getting another all important one way link.

So far, Peter of Work At Home Ideas, is the only one that I know of who is displaying the badge and following the rules and so I have taken the liberty of entering him in the F Group Hall Of Fame, so to speak. Peter, if you email me with your details for the Link Directory at I will enter your blog for you, ensuring you get that one way link.

If anyone else wants to take advantage of being part of the F Group, leave a comment with a link to your blog displaying the badge and upon approval, and once you have emailed me with your details, I will place your link in the link directory and the F Group page. Before you go, just remember that the most important reason for doing this is to encourage people to leave a comment before they leave your blog.


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Man’s Struggle To Control His Urges

My last post got me to thinking that I should start up another category where I could put all my ‘fun’ posts into. I’ve decided to call the category Just For Fun and the sky is the limit in regards to what I actually post into it.

Now I know I am not a particularly good poet, nowhere near the standards of Kikolani or Inquest, but I still continue to churn out a piece every now and again and some of them may be quite crass, like the one you are about to read. Before you go onto read it a word of warning, some community blog sites actually deleted it because they said it offended some of their readers. I suppose that is one of the advantages of hosting your own blog, that you can post anything your little heart desires and take whatever lumps comes your way.

Personally, I thought it amusing but the warning remains, so read at your own peril!

The snake in my pants has a mind of his own
On many an occasion this has been shown
He may hang to the left, or maybe to the right
Beware if he pops out, you may get a fright

It bothers me that I have no control
It always tries to achieve it’s own goal
No matter what I try and do or think
That damn snake will refuse to shrink

Even when it was time to take a leak
One had to take care or they would shriek
No more than two shakes was the saying
More than two and you would be playing

I am forced to sit and grin and smirk
Or if I must stand, out comes the shirt
I must try to hide the bulge that shows
Or my face turns red and really glows

I know what makes it act like this
It’s hoping that I may sneak a kiss
Pick up a hot girl to take to bed
So he can bury the exposed head

Ah but his master has high morals
Way too much for this snakes laurels
Many an occasion he thought me a freak
So many that all he could do was weep

Then came a time when I would marry
No more in the pants did he have to tarry
As the years went on things would change
She would think my sexual urges so strange

So in the end he still hangs there
Balls for friends, poking through hair
Sometimes to the left, or to the right
Never quite happy with his plight

Well that’s it. I hope that you didn’t find it overly offensive. If you did perhaps you could tell me why?


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