We Aussie are proud to call Australia home and so it’s no wonder that we celebrate Australia Day every year on the 26th of January. Rather than go on about it you can read all about Australia Day from Wikipedia.

While most people were throwing a snag or two on the Barbie and washing it down with a few beers I was doing something a lot more strenuous. I was painting the kitchen and family room. Sure I could have paid someone else to do it but I’ve found one of the ways to make money is to save it and you can save heaps by doing the odd job yourself. A $160 got me ten litres of paint, some drop sheets, roller and masking tape. I still have about 6 litres left which means I could probably do another 2 or three rooms  :drunk_tb:

Naturally, if I could win the up and coming US Powerball I could afford to pay someone to paint it for me. Shit, if I won it I could tear the place down and build a brand new one, in more than one country  :tongue_laugh_ee:

Heck, I was so busy I didn’t even have time to write this weeks Friday Funnies. Come to think about it, I haven’t done all that much blogging of late. And it’s not because I’m getting tired of blogging either. I just have so much other stuff to do. It doesn’t help when my kids bough the Game Of Thrones for me either. I wrote a review on the Game Of Thrones for anyone who is interested. 

So, amongst all the painting and stuff I’ve been continuing to read a Game of Thrones and am currently on the forth volume in the series.

Australia Day Green And Gold

Speaking about Australia day I was pretty rapt to see that Hugh Jackman is still thinking about us on Australia Day. So much so that he managed to get those Yanks to light up the Empire State Building in green and gold our official colours.

Australia day


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