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Are Your Goals For 2011 Achievable?

It’s now 2011 and we have a whole year ahead of us to make something of our blogs, so what are we going to do about it? I’m not one to make any New Years resolutions and I’m definitely not one to set any goals, but I know that setting goals can be an important tool for many. I also know that although there are many bloggers who achieve their goals there are just as many, nope that’s not quite right, there’s probably more who don’t.

The question is, why aren’t these bloggers achieving their goals? Let’s face facts here shall we, if you’re not achieving your goals there’s no point blaming anyone else because the fault is entirely your own. Perhaps you’re simply setting your goals too damn high? This comes as no surprise when you consider that the reason so many bloggers dream of financial freedom is because  they read of how all these other bloggers are doing it? What they need to realize is that not all of what they’ve read is the truth. A lot is an exaggeration of the truth and some is just utter bullshit! Why do they do it? The obvious answer is that they’re trying to sell you something and that something is usually the idea that they know something that you don’t. That they have the secret to success and they’re willing to share it with you.

That’s right, the key to success and all it will cost you is your name and email address. They will even sweeten the deal by offering you a free Ebook, one filled with enough knowledge to get you started on the road to success but it won’t take you the whole way, for that you will need a detailed map and unfortunately that’s gonna cost you some dollars. Naturally you don’t mind paying for something that works, it’s just that most of the time what you get isn’t all you thought it would be.

Anyway, enough waffling on, it’s time for me to tell what you need to do when setting your goals for 2011.

Goalpost @ Lowestoft, Suffolk

Don’t Aim Too High!

This is the number one mistake most people make when setting goals. I reckon that this is the main reason why so many blogs disappear from the blogosphere in such a short time. Those who start a blog thinking it’s an easy path to riches are usually the ones that give up when things don’t go the way they expected it to.

Baby Steps Is The Key

When your mom popped you out like a watermelon seed you didn’t just start running trying to get away from that nipple now did you? And for those guys out there who’re saying they never tried to get away because they love sucking on a nipple, get a grip guys it’s your mom for goodness sake. :doh_tb: :laugh_tb: No, from the moment of conception you had to learn in stages, you had to learn to crawl before you could walk. You had to learn individual words before you could form a sentence, and even then it took time to learn how to string a sentence together so that it made perfect sense.

Blogging isn’t any different and so when making goals you should do them in stages. This really goes hand in hand with the first point I made. Your goal may be to become self sufficient but there is no way in hell that’s going to happen in the first year. Shit I hardly made a dime in the first year and if I hadn’t developed a love for blogging I would have been among all those others who had given up.

  1. Keeping this in mind you first goal would be to make sure that you set up your blog so that it’s the best it can be before you go out there promoting it. As you know I will normally follow bloggers back to their blog so as to reciprocate the comment and there have been times when all I see is the default WordPress theme. They hadn’t even taken the time to do their first post :bigsurprise_ee: :thumbdown_tb:
  2. Once your blog is up and running with a handful of quality posts, a very achievable goal, then and only then you should set your next goal, to drive traffic to your blog. The best way to do this is to spend a lot of time visiting other blogs leaving quality well structured comments behind.  You do this right and not only will you build your brand showing others you’re a competent blogger who knows what hes talking about, you will also build traffic and links back to your blog. Done correctly I’ve found it to be the best way to Get More People To Comment On Your Blog
  3. Your third goal could well be to start making money but again I think it’s best to do this in stages of achievable goals. Perhaps your first one would be to to make enough money blogging so that you’re actually making a profit. This means that all it has to do is make enough money to cover your hosting costs and such. One you’ve attained that goal you set the next one which is a little higher and then achieving that you set the next one each time increasing your revenue stream.

As you can see each goal that I’ve set out above is very attainable. Every time you achieve that goal you will gain confidence  and that confidence is the foundation block that will set you on the right path to attaining all future goals as long as you don’t set that bar too high.

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  1. Hi Sire

    Firstly Happy New Year:-) I agree with what you have written here about being realistic with goal setting.

    My first post for 2011 talks about this! Will be published on Tuesday. I will be sharing what I hope to achieve this year and I believe it is all do-able. Hope to get some pleasant surprises too and achieve even more.

    Silly to set oneself up to fail. What is the point of that?! I want to keep on keeping on in 2011 and attract more readers and continue to publish content-rich posts that are of use to visitors to my blog.

    BTW I like your photo. Nice one Sire. And I know you visit my site regularly so you may even see your name appearing over there in the next post….;-)

    Here’s to a successful 2011 for all our blogging community.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Right back at you Patricia, and I can’t wait until I get to see that post. I’m sure you’ll reveal some tasty tidbits that I’ll be able to consume.

      As for the photo I kinda like it myself and you just try to keep me away from your blog.

  2. Hey Pete!

    You are so right about people setting their goals too damn high. That’s probably one of the most common reasons why so many people never achieve their goals.

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame really. Hopefully they’ll learn over time to lower the bar and then maybe they’ll finally make some headway.

  3. So right about the claims of those who would want to sell products being not true. Sometimes, I got a feeling that in order to rake in money, one would have to do the same thing they’re doing: fool everyone else into buying crap products, using their language, e.g. ‘the keys to unlock the vaults…’, ‘the key to blogging success’, ‘instant riches with clickbank’, etc.

    At the start of 2010, I had set a list of earning goals with amazon and adsense. I did not exactly attain those goals, but then I also did not really do my share of ‘the right amount of work’ on it. I hope I’ll learn from that and make 2011 better.

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing James but I decided long ago I wasn’t going down that road. To be quite honest I think I just wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I had virtually ripped someone off.

      Good luck with 2011 mate.
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

  4. Thanks, Sire.

    I agree Baby Steps is key and I’ve come to learn to go at MY pace and not the pace those around me take. I’d never be able to catch up and do a great job or even know what I’m doing.

    I just don’t want my steps to be too babyish. Feel me? So I decided to apply more of what I learn quicker … not as much back burner activity for me in ’11 is my blogging goal.

    (Is Mitch being facetious when he says this is a long post for you?)

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Kissie, learning at your own pace is definitely the way to go and that means that the size and speed of those baby steps is completely up to you.

      As to Mitch, yeah most probably :cheese1_ee:

  5. Sire…Mate!

    It has been too long between visits and for that I … well I do nothing but point it out I guess (?) OK… moving on

    (that was awkward, sorry about that)

    Great post man! I think its righteous to point out to the ignorant masses that unless your goal is realistic and achievable, it’s not really a goal at all.
    I believe in the SMART goal system, where it needs to be:

    Just like this post :)
    Have an awesome 2011 mate – see you round the blogosphere

    1. Hey Alex, have you been a naughty commentator mate, because I had to fish this out of the spam bin. :nono_tb: :cheese1_ee:

      I like the sound of the SMART goal system Alex. Even so I reckon I’ll just refrain from making goals, life is so much more pleasurable that way.

      Thanks for dropping by mate.

  6. This year, I’m gonna be more laidback and not set any strict goals for myself. I’ve been reading a lot of Tao Te Ching and love the concept of wu wei… which is not struggling but just living lightly.

    1. Sounds like a plan Henway. I suppose if you’re living lightly you’re at least eating properly :innocent1_tb:

  7. Hi Sire,

    It’s very strange that I see a number of “the reality” about blogging in the blogsphere at the moment.

    What they need to realize is that not all of what they’ve read is the truth. A lot is an exaggeration of the truth and some is just utter bullshit! Why do they do it? The obvious answer is that they’re trying to sell you something and that something is usually the idea that they know something that you don’t. That they have the secret to success and they’re willing to share it with you.

    This should be highlighted. Blogging is huge amount of work. I just started to check out the blogs around, that’s a lot of reading, and commenting to do (!!!) just to get known out there.

    I say to the starting bloggers, get a good big picture about blogging and Internet marketing, network online, find a good mentor, get technical support when stuck and don’t reach the point where you are so desperate that you will buy any and every info product that come out every now and then.

    Ben Wan
    Ben Wan recently posted…How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social BookmarkingMy Profile

    1. Hi Ben,

      perhaps more and more bloggers feel they have to do something to open the eyes of the unwary so they can become better equipped to handle what a blogging career has in store for them.

      That paragraph you’ve highlighted is pretty important and I thank you for doing that. Also for adding that last piece of wisdom as well.
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Wow, this is a very long post for you; it’s almost like you read an article I read and were shooting for a pinnacle article! :-)

    Obviously I agree with you, but I’d like to throw in one thing. Every once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to toss in a BHAG, which stands for a big, hairy, audacious goal. You probably won’t attain it, but if you show progress towards it, that’s still not a bad thing. I did that last year; said I was shooting to earn $15,000 from my online marketing stuff, and though I didn’t hit that, I still had my best year ever.
    Mitch recently posted…2011 Ready For The Best To ComeMy Profile

    1. A bit longer than usual Mitch but then I did have a lot to say. Best you not get used to it though, who know how long it will be before another lengthy post.

      Mitch, you can toss in whatever you want mate, but as long as I’m concerned I’m quite happy to be absolutely goalless :tongue_wink_ee:

    1. That’s probably because I’m an Aussie :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  9. Hi Sire:
    Thanks for this nice post and your Wishes for 2011.
    You are doing a great job, specially sharing your knowledge with all
    of us. It is a pleasure to visit your site and find useful information.
    My Blog is in russian, that´s why I don´t share my posts.
    Also wish you a Happy New Year, God bless you

    1. No worries I.E.,

      Glad you liked the post, and your English is pretty good for a Russian. :wink_ee:

      All the best for 2011

  10. Hi Sire
    Good to see you off and running for 2011 – the early bird catches the worm. LOL

    Sound advice – I soon realised that blogging is not as easy as it looks and as for making money – tell me about it.

    I’m about on your step 3…

    “This means that all it has to do is make enough money to cover your hosting costs and such.”

    But even that’s not as easy as it first appears.

    Look forward to you sharing a few of your ideas!

    BTW – just subscribed to your email subscription. Save me keep checking if you’ve got a new post out.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Eye Contact in Public SpeakingMy Profile

    1. Hey Keith,

      I notice you don’t have any adsense ads on your blog, are you against using their ads? The money I get from those ads more than pays for all my hosting costs.

      You could also offer products that are related to you niche. As an example, Amazon my have videos and books on the subject that people may be interested in.

      I know there are some who do not like the idea of paid posts but just one a month would also pay for hosting costs and as long as you tell them it’s a sponsored post I don’t think anyone will complain that you do them. I know no-ones ever complained about the ones I’ve done.

      Just a couple of ideas for you.

  11. Yeah! It’s important that you set your goal which you think is achievable rather than impossible to achieve. By moving slowly and carefully you can climb on the mountain.

    1. That’s what I believe anyway, greater heights can be achieved if you just do it in stages.

    1. That’s the way Peter. May you and your family also have a happy and prosperous 2011.

  12. My wife tells me that I set my goals too high – or at least that I don’t give my big goals enough time. She’s probably right. If only I was rich and had all the time to develop all my ideas =)
    TJ McDowell recently posted…CommentLuv Photography BlogMy Profile

    1. Here’s a tip for you TJ, and I won’t even charge your a cent or ask you to join my list….Never Argue With The Wife! :drunk_tb:

      Shes right though, time is an important factor when setting goals.

      1. There’s a book I’m reading (Predictable Success) that talks about the best thing for an entrepreneur minded person is to find someone with their feet firmly on the ground as your sounding board. She definitely keeps me grounded in reality =)
        TJ McDowell recently posted…PhotoOne Bought By StudioPlus SoftwareMy Profile

  13. I think it’s fine to aim high, but introduce a lot of intermediate steps along the way so that you hget plenety of small successes, even as you aim for a big one.
    Steve recently posted…Best of How to Go Green from 2010My Profile

    1. Yep, that will work as well and long as the goal you’re setting is achievable.

  14. Hi, as a novice starting out I found your piece useful. The baby steps approach sounds sensible but having read a few of those ebooks it looks like there are a hell of a lot of steps. I can totally see why someone would lose focus or stop all together. Reading various comments I am thinking its pretty important to be clear about the goals you hope to achieve by blogging and how you measure success year on year.

    1. Something else that’s important Charles is you have to love what you’re doing otherwise you may become disillusioned before completing your goals. For me blogging is a labor of love, if I didn’t love what I was doing I wouldn’t be doing it.

  15. YES! I agree 100% that baby steps are key. Some people get too intimidated by a big goal and end up quitting because it’s just too big! But breaking it down into smaller steps is a a great way to achieve those big goals.

    Thanks, Sire!

  16. Yessir Sire, since I did relent and actually set some goals this year I wanted to make sure they were achievable. Of course I could have come up with some even more lame goals like “I will wake up every morning”, or “I will walk upright at least once each day” and “I will not drink molten lava for breakfast”. And so far, I’m right on track. One week down 51 to go.

    1. That’s the way Allan, I expected nothing less from an astute bloke such as yourself.

      Only 51 weeks to go? Looks like you’re on the home stretch. :grin1_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Why I Chose MailChimp Over AweberMy Profile

  17. You can’t achieve something big if you don’t have big dreams. It’s true that you need to know your limits, but you also need to be daring: “only sky is the limit”.

    Have a great year!

  18. First, Happy New Year Sire.

    Having goals, in my opinion is already a good thing. There are those that don’t even plan at all :) Obviously, if the bar is set up too high, the chances of being achieved are less likely due to a number of factors that sometimes are even beyond your control. Doing in in small steps, one at time is definitely a good road map and the feeling of achievement as it happens, provides the motivation to move up another notch.
    DiTesco recently posted…Best SEO TipsMy Profile

    1. There are those that don’t even plan at all :)

      Yeah, that’s me :jittery_tb:

      But if I was to do one I’d make sure every goal was achievable and I didn’t have to crack too much of a sweat to achieve them. :smile2_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Why I Chose MailChimp Over AweberMy Profile

  19. You are right that aiming to high causes failure a lot of the time. The problem is that failure to achieve leads to the abandoning of goals. It is good to have ambition however, so a good way to manage the balance is to have ‘gold’, ”silver’ and ‘bronze’ targets – you never know, you might surprise yourself!

  20. I’m making a list of my goals every year because it serves as my guide. I am very realistic in setting my goals. I don’t include in my list the goals that are impossible to achieve in just a year. For me, even how simple my goals are as long as I achieve it, it gives me a feeling of fulfillment and joy. I agree that we shouldn’t aim too high in setting our goals because it’s very disappointing if we don’t achieve it.

  21. Hi Sire,
    I agree that in starting up a blog, we have to always make baby steps if we want to achieve our goals. Usually, people start opening up a blog because they heard it is going to make them earn money. However, they didn’t know how much effort, time (and even money) it would take to finally earn with their blog. I’m only fairly new to blogging, but I like my small yet continuous progress so far. I just have to allot more time for it I guess, but of course, blogging part time and only after work ain’t easy too.
    Johanna recently posted…URL Shorteners and their Security IssuesMy Profile

    1. If you’re anything like me Johanna you use blogging to unwind when you come home from work. For me it was a sense of escape and I looked forward to when I could sit down to see what had transpired while I was away and to work on my next post.

      It’s not always easy but it’s always satisfying.
      Sire recently posted…Why I Chose MailChimp Over AweberMy Profile

      1. Hi Sire,
        I guess you could say that. Is unwinding and a sense of escape very different from each other? :) I liked to read, but when it comes to writing, it sure takes me a lot of time to express my thoughts into its written form.

        I agree, it’s not always easy, but the satisfying results keep us going.
        Johanna recently posted…URL Shorteners and their Security IssuesMy Profile

        1. I reckon they’re pretty much the same thing Johanna.

          You know, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to get your thoughts together, as long as you put it out there for us to read, absorb and enjoy, that’s all that really matters.

  22. Sire:

    i like the tip about not aiming too high. I always say push yourself and do the best you possibly can. works wonders when you set realistic goals!


    1. You’re so right Lisa it can work wonders as long as the goals you set are realistic.

  23. Hi Sire,

    Can see that you are an Aussie … we are so laid back someties I wonder how we survive :-)
    I have to force myself to write goals for this year …

    However I must say that when ever I have had written goals I have achieved a lot more … no I did not achieve all my goals … hey got to save some for the next year.

    Love your blog mate … so much good stuff.
    I will be back to spend some time here.

    Have an excellent 2011.


    1. Hey Bryan,

      How the bloody hell are ya mate? :thumbup_tb:

      Glad you like the blog and you’d better come back otherwise I’ll have no-one to share my grog with :drunk_tb: :laugh_tb:

      Good to see you achieved so goals Bryan, and I hope that this year you can achieve all you put your mind to.
      Sire recently posted…Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner AdsMy Profile

  24. Setting small acheivable goals is what I think is key. Really low and acheivable ones. Now I know it sounds odd, since if you set low goals how can you get anywhere?

    But it is in the emotional response you get from completing you goals that keeps you going I think. If you set goals too high, you get dissapointed and bummed out and don’t want to bother anymore.

    If you set small easy goals, you are like ” cool, I did that, scratch that off the list!” then onto the next one and you build momentum where you can be pleased with yourself because things are rolling.

    Perhaps not as fast as you would like, but much better to move in small increments and head forward, than to have large increments and move nowhere.

    Thats my two bits.

    1. That’s right Gordon, achieving your goals gives you the incentive to try for more whereas not achieving them can cause you to give up.

  25. Settling goals is not really my agenda for 29 years. Achieving goals yah at some point. But to be able to get there simple steps that’s been wrote above is to be in mind. You got what’s on my mind. Great article!

    1. Thanks Gladys, and thanks for stopping by.

  26. Hello. First of all, I would like to say that my 2010 blogs are very much successful. Actually, I am just blogging for my own personal purpose, no other that “a sort of hobby”. Anyway, I started blogging last 2009 and I used to write articles related top current events. Well, I didn’t aim so high that is why I never expect something in return, like more money and the like. I am just happy that my ideas are being read worldwide.

  27. Thanks for your post. I learned a lot from your tips. I can surely say that it is very helpful especially that it is already the start of 2011 and I know that many things will going to change including our own selves and our perceptions in life. It is indeed true and I really agree with you that we need to have goals in life because it will serve as our motivation. On the other hand in reaching it we should take one step at a time and we need not hurry because it will lead to our downfall in the end.

  28. Nice post Sire… It’s very informational and indeed I learned a lot from what you’ve posted here. I also agree that in life we should have our goals and these things will serve as motivations for us. For me simple goals can mean a lot because it has a great impact in my life. Much thanks Sire, great job!

    1. Glad you liked it Macey, and I wish you all the best in achieving your goals.

  29. Hi Sire, thanks for your post. It is indeed true that we do need to have goals for ourselves. It is very helpful if we have these because it will serve as our stepping stone for our success in life. I do believe that no one succeed without any goals in life no matter what will be your status in the society. I do appreciate you for having one. Great job!

    1. I’m not sure that is true Anya, I’ve never set a goal and I’m not doing all that bad.

  30. Sire,

    I know that setting goals isn’t that easy because goals are not done through words but through actions. Before you do something, try to ask yourself about your priorities in life or the things that you want to happen to promote your blog as you mention. Honestly, when I was in college, I really don’t believe in setting up goals and resolutions. Why? Because it’s like wishing something which is impossible to happen. Well, that’s my own point of view before. I’d rather set my priorities because in that way, I don’t have to expect something. But, as time goes by, I realized that goals are your guide to reach the success that you want for yourself. Without goals, you are like a lost person, stranded in a far island; Not sure if you’re going to survive or not. I learn to accept failures and mistakes but never live for an expectation. I just set my goals and do what is supposed to be done.

    1. Nothing wrong with setting goals as they help a lot of people to focus on an outcome.

      Regarding failure, some people don’t know how to handle failure and setbacks which is why I recommend setting achievable goals.
      Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  31. Somehow I achieve my goals by doing it one step at a time. Before jumping to the next, I make sure that I accomplish everything and never forget of those important reminders. I set a certain plan ahead for me not to be in a complicated situation.

    1. That’s the way I would do it Juanna.

  32. Great one Sire… Achieving goals is not that easy but it’s up for us to do it if we want to succeed in life. It is indeed true that in achieving our goals we need not to rush in everything but we will do it one step at a time. Our success is just beyond our reach all we need to do is to stay focus and think positively that no matter what happens everything will be okay. Much thanks!
    Ishi Penn recently posted…why hello there! ladera ranch baby photographyMy Profile

    1. Ishi, thinking positive is a very important point. Thanks for stopping by.

  33. I always love to set some goals for certain duration, like for a year. This enables me achieve something at the end of each term or quarter. Like you said, goals shouldn’t be too high to aim. This is why I see to it that I know how to make a way in order for me to reach my plans. Along with setting up my plans, I also foresee those things I need to do to make it happen. This is because I love to set things in order and that in time I can grasp what I want. However, there are times when I my plans fail because of unexpected things still I continue to push for it until such time everything seemed to be going the way I wanted.

  34. ….Setting Goals .In numerous conversations with top salespeople over the years weve found that they all have one thing in common. When you work progressively step-by-step toward something that is important you generate a continuous feeling of success and achievement.

    1. That’s true as there at those who need the goals to get them to strive for what they want. Without goals they’d just sit back waiting for something to happen and of course nothing ever does.
      Sire recently posted…10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart BloggerMy Profile

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