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Are You Taking Advantage Of Christmas Sales?

Are You Taking Advantage Of Christmas Sales?

Hey guys, it looks like Christmas is just around the corner so now is the time to start promoting what you believe to be great ideas for Christmas gifts. I just posted my first post where I’m recommending that a Casio remote TV watch would make an ideal Christmas gift. I know I would love it if someone gave it to me and I already have a watch that doubles as a TV remote. :wink_ee:

I’m planning to do several posts a week which I know is a lot but then I know I will be able to manage it because I’ll be using {WP-Zon-Builder} to promote my fantastic gift giving ideas :wink: The reason for this is because I know that Amazon is great for generating sales. Sure people can still turn to ebay for their gifts but I have reckon I have that covered too because I’ve just joined SkimLinks, but I’ll tell you about them in another post. But just so you know, that ebay link you see is a SkimLink and visitors clicking on it will carry a referral cookie so that I will get a commission from anything they happen to buy. All I need to do is refer ebay as an option in any of my posts.  :drunk_tb:

You may remember that I wrote about this great plugin, complete with video, in Why I Love WP Zon Builder. Using the plugin I can import products complete with reviews right into a post, just like I did in the one above. Not only that it also adds suggested tags and titles. It even allows me to highlight, make bold, whatever keywords that I want from the imported Amazon description. It is truly a very powerful plugin.

Plugin aside, now is the time to get out there and promote your ideas for Christmas gifts. It’s a huge market and the earlier you get in the more likely you’re going to make some sales.

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    1. Which is why we should get in early. Actually because we’re asking them to shop online I should have started last month. Have to remember that for last year.

    1. That is so true. It’s always on your wrist. Great for playing jokes on your friends too. You just need to know what TV they have. I make a note of it and then I play jokes on then the next time I visit. :devil_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Casio G’zOne Commando Android Phone ForXmasMy Profile

  1. Yes ofcourse! The festive season is here and shopping is all people think of doing every christmas. So many preparations to do, so many friedns and relatives are going to visit and the gifts are a must. This year I have decided to make good use of the christmas sales and present gifts to all the people coming to my house for this festival. This is going to make us all very happy.

  2. Twitter:
    I’m reading this too late, however I’m discovering Amazon affiliates thanks to your blog.
    I’ve to learn a lot of this but I believe that WP zon Builder is the greatest Amazon plugin ever!

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