Are You Sitting On The Blogging Fence?

I just want to encourage those potential bloggers who are sitting out there on the sidelines wondering whether they should enter the Blogging world. I reckon the thing that is holding you back is that you’re just not too sure what you can blog about. Considering that the web is so big and that there are a whole lot of people out there ready to absorb information I reckon it is safe to say that you could blog about almost anything at all.

Take for an example an Aussie blog called Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life, a blog that has been in existence since around 2000. Karen is thought by many to have reached power blogger status and was even featured on Channel Ten’s News along with ProBlogger Darren Rowse. You are all probably thinking that she is another blogging guru, full of tips, tricks and ways of making a fortune via your blogs. You couldn’t be more wrong.

She actually just talks about her life in general, her kids, cooking, fashion, shopping and even goes so far as posting about her dealings with the fertility clinic. Certainly not a blog that you would think would amass a world wide audience now is it, at least not one full of blokes.? Yet she has done it and so there is no reason why one of you couldn’t do the same.

There is one thing that I notice that was highly unusual about Karen’s blog and that is the total lack of comments, as she has comments turned off. Imagine that. :bigsurprise_ee:


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  1. Inspirational! It’s a fact of life that the majority of us fear to go beyond our comfort zone to explore the unknown. Sad but it’s true..

    Who is this Karen anyway? I’d be checking her out right after this.


    Yan Shall Blogs last blog post..Post Install To-Do List – 20 Things You Ought To Do

  2. I don’t know her personally but she is an Aussie blogger of some renown with a huge following. Weird considering there is no interaction on her blog via comments.

    Sires last blog post..Bill Gates Compares Computers To Cars GM Fires Back

  3. Hi Sire,

    I really can’t imagine a blog without comments. It just shows her personality and character. I have to take my hat off to her. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Peter, it does seem strange doesn’t it, and I so wanted to leave a comment on there as well, a typical Aussie male’s view :drunk_tb: Maybe that’s why she doesn’t accept comments :wink_ee:

    Sires last blog post..Bill Gates Compares Computers To Cars GM Fires Back

  5. Twitter:
    She’s kind of cute as well. lol

    Mitchs last blog post..The Big Blogging Names Aren’t Dofollow

  6. Very cute indeed Mitch. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t allow comments, for fear that she will trap men like the legendary sirens?

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