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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Domain?

Like any other business an online business does come with certain expenses and one of those is the constant renewal of your domain name. This may not be necessary if you use BlueHost or Green Geeks as your web host because they both give you a free domain for life when hosting with them. Unfortunately not everyone hosts with them, I know I didn’t at the beginning, and even if you do you only get one free domain. The question is are you paying too much for your domain? I think it’s a safe bet to say that a lot of you are. I know I was.

If you are paying more than is necessary this post will show you how to reduce that cost thereby increasing the profitability of your online business.

How Much Does A Domain Cost?

What surprises me is not that there is a way to minimize your domain cost but that it’s taken so long for me to share it with you. I’ve known about it for awhile but it wasn’t until I got notification that my theelusivepotofgold domain was about to expire and that it was going to cost me $59 to renew it for two years that it dawned on my to tell you aboutDynadot my domain registrar of choice.

Ever since finding out about them I’ve been slowly transferring my domains over to them one at a time. Truth be told they’re a lot more than a simple Domain Registra, but I’ll let Dr. Domain show you what they’re all about.

Dynadot Services Cost/Value     Features
Domain Registration


Free forwarding, Free                         stealth, Free email     forwarding, Free parking.


Domain Renewal


Watch out for high renewal rates at other companies.


Domain Transfer


Includes one year domain renewal.


Domain Privacy


Protect your privacy, reduce spam and fraud.


Domain Change Account


Move a domain to another account for free.


Web Hosting


30 MB disk, 3 GB transfer, Ftp and browser upload. Free setup.


So, what you need to remember is that Dynadot is an ICANN accredited registrar, not a reseller. This is why they are able to offer some of the lowest prices on the internet, speaking of which, all prices listed here are in US Dollars and yes, Paypal is accepted.

Anyway, transferring my domain from my old registrar to Dynadot only cost me $9.50 and because it also included a year of domain renewal I saved myself $40 over two years. This means that I have another $40 up my sleeve and I’m going to use that to purchase some more nifty plugins from JVZoo. Which ones? Well I reckon you’re going to have to wait for that information in one of my future posts. :wink_ee:

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  1. Hey Peter,So $40 profit you got after changing your host services.I guess JVZOO has a lot to give at that price.Waiting to see what you will buy at that price.

    1. Nope, not host service at all Aditya, it’s all about your domain registrar.

  2. I think I was indeed paying more. Thanks a lot for sharing. I will help you spread the word around by sharing on my FB profile. Best Regards.

    1. I should have done it ages ago, but the main thing is that I did it.

  3. I am using Hostgator as my hosting service provider and it is great but i have read reviews about Bluehost too.They both are good hosting sites and as compared to services price is not the matter of concern.

    1. Naina, yes Dyanadot does offer a hosting service but that is not what this post is all about. Gee, I thought the title would have been explanation enough. It’s all about checking to see if you’re paying too much for your yearly payment of your domain name.

      1. Yes peter,its not about the host service for sure,i forgot to mention the domain name cost.May be just because my host has provided me for free. :) lol

  4. It’s usually difficult not to pay too much for our domain. Unless one is an internet God itself, one is bound to end up paying more than the next best hosting service. Dynadot does look quite profitable to go with. Maybe I’ll try it out for one of mine. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s actually not that difficult as long as one is prepared to do a little research.

  5. Your post got me thinking again. I’m certainly paying more than what Dynadot might have offered me. Guess hosting services suggested by friends may not always be beneficial. I’ll do some research of my own now. I’m bound to change my service this time. Thanks for enlightening me on this.

    1. Again, it has nothing to do with hosting, it’s all about how much you are paying for your domain. Perhaps people don’t realize this but you can change your domain registrar without changing your host. :drunk_tb:

  6. I’ve not had much experience with Dynadot, but it looks pretty solid! I’ve been using blue host for a while now, and they have been great. Their hosting costs about $65 a year, which is a bit more, but the “unlimited” bandwidth is extremely helpful, as well as things like unlimited email addresses and all that. But perhaps my next site I’ll try this out, seems like it might be a welcome upgrade!

    1. Paul, I am not recommending them as a host because I’ve not used them as one and therefore have no idea what they would be like as a host. However, If you’re paying too much for your domain then I highly recommend switching to them as your domain registrar.

  7. I don’t know much about Dynadot though they seem to be quite affordable. I use Bluehost as my hosting service, so domain name is not an issue. But I’ve come across many hosting services that charge lesser than Bluehost, free domain not included. I’ll combine their prices with Dynadot and see whether or not it’s conducive. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This post is basically for those people who are already paying for their domain to see whether or not Dynadot can save them money.

  8. Wow – I’m paying way too much to register domains. Thanks for the info here, I’m done using GoDaddy.

    1. Does that mean that they’re cheaper than GoDaddy?

  9. Dynadot is definitely cheaper than my current domain registrar, but the company I’m with gives me one of those all-in-one hosting packages that includes domain registration.

    Sure, I could save a few bucks by switching, but I’d rather pay a little more and have the convenience of dealing with a single company.

    1. Alex, this post is all about the cost of domain registration and so because you’re getting it for free it doesn’t really concern you :wink_ee:

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