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Are You A Lazy Blogger?

I read an interesting post the other day by crsenter called Using Keywords For Your Creativity which is basically how to use keywords and phrases creatively in your post. She’s also included a link to a free website that can help you find the answers to the right keywords. As usual, her posts get me to thinking, and I suddenly realised that although I know all the basics about SEO, including the necessity to use the right keywords, I do not actively take the time to source the appropriate words, phrases, linking stratagies etc to make my blogs stand out.

I left a comment on her post saying as much and to my surprise she admitted that;

I don’t research keywords near as much as I should either. I just go with the flow.

At least she does attempt it on occasions, which is more than what I do. The reason I don’t do all the ‘right’ things is because I reckon it just takes all the fun out of blogging and blogging is something that I want to enjoy. I suppose that in essence I must fit into the ‘Lazy Blogger’ category but at least I am a happy lazy blogger.

Although there is a poll on this post I would like you to go beyond just simply casting a vote. I want to hear your opinions and whether or not you adhere to all the SEO rigmarole.


Are You A Lazy Blogger?

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  1. Am I a lazy blogger? Well it depends… I many not spend time researching keywords.. but I do spent lots of time doing other things to help my blog out..

    So yea.. I guess I can be considered a lazy blogger in some aspects.

  2. Brian, we are after all human and as humans I reckon it is safe to say that we are less than perfect in all that we do.

  3. Hi Sire,

    In some respects, perhaps I’m a lazy blogger, but not when it comes to researching excellent keywords and weaving them into what I write.

    I’ve spent years learning about choosing the right keywords and I think the results show in the amount of free traffic I get from the search engines to my various sites.

    While I use some of the free keyword research tools, I don’t mind a bit paying for quality services that help me refine what I will write about and how I’ll phrase it.

    Choosing keywords to enhance the possibilities of the search engines sending targeted visitors my way seems to me to be one of the easier things I do, once I have done the research and identified the themes I want to write about.

    Over the years, I’ve researched tens of thousands of keywords, and I’m almost always surprised to find that the ones I think will work best are rarely the phrases that searchers actually use. Since other webmasters think more along the way I do, they generally don’t target the phrases that are actually being looked for and that means less competition for me.

    I’m happy to get all the free visitors the search engines will send my way!


    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Click Here to Order – Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs by Joel Comm

  4. I’m with you John in that I will take all the free visitors that come my way as well. Although I don’t do any research at all in regards to keywords I find that some of the search terms that lead people to my blogs quite amusing, especially when it comes to my “What A Load Of Bullshit” blog that actually got to PR3 on the first Google passover.

    The reason I don’t research keywords is because it takes the fun out of blogging and, personally, it would make it more of a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.

  5. Hi Sire,

    I can imagine some of the search terms people use that find your “WALOB” blog. (grin)

    Now, I can easily see how different people would have different takes on this.

    I love puzzles. Not all puzzles, just logic and math puzzles. I can work Sudoku puzzles for hours on end, but I can’t stand crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles are just frustrating.

    For me, keyword research is a logic and math puzzle. It doesn’t feel like a chore at all. In fact, I enjoy it so much that it may prevent me from doing some of the other things I need to be doing.

    But, since I enjoy blogging and keyword research, both come pretty easy to me.

    On the other hand, don’t get me started on cleaning my desk. That’s a real chore! (grin)

    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Click Here to Order – Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs by Joel Comm

  6. Seems to me John that you should perhaps do a bit of ‘keyword’ freelancing where people send you a post that you can adapt with all the right keywords. For a fee of course, always for a fee. Nothing better than getting paid for doing something that you love.

  7. You know, Sire, that’s not a bad idea at all. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.


    When I finish up some of the more pressing items on my to-do list, I’m going to seriously consider doing that. Thanks!


    John Dilbecks last blog post..Click Here to Order – Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs by Joel Comm

  8. My pleasure John, after reading your comment it seemed sort of obvious. Sometimes a person just doesn’t value certain qualities that they possess and therefore take them for granted. Then someone sees that quality for what it is and points them in the right direction. I’m very glad to be that person.

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