There are so many people online trying to make money but very few of them are successful and I believe there is something very tangible that distinguishes between those who do succeed and those who don’t. Putting it simply, the ones who succeed are the doers and the ones who don’t are the doubters. The doers see an opportunity and grab it whereas the doubters see it but don’t do anything about it. A lot of the time they hesitate because they want to research it some more or merely because they don’t believe it to be a viable proposition.

This has proven to be the case with a lot of the readers of this blog, the bulk being blog hoppers who comment only so they get a link back to their site. You’ve probably seen them commenting on your own blog. They usually crap on by telling you what a wonderful blogger you are and usually finish of by stating that they’re going to join or buy whatever it is your promoting but never do. They are the same ones who promote stuff on their own blogs and bitch that no-one is clicking on their links. Perhaps if they actually invested in the products people would be more inclined to purchase from them.

Honestly, would you buy a theme from someone who is promoting it on a Blogger blog? I know I wouldn’t because I would have no faith in someone promoting something that he does not personally use. How could they possibly write about the pros and cons of a product when they don’t have a first hand knowledge of it?

I’ve promoted a lot of products and services on this blog and the ones that have made me money are those that I personally use and recommend. This is because I know what makes them tick and I can give an honest breakdown of the positives and negatives of owning them. Another reason I get an income from promoting them is because I get in early. Have you heard the expression ‘the early bird catches the worm?’

Why The Early Bird Catches The Worm

why the early bird catches the worm

This is so true of Internet Marketing. The reason being the longer you wait the smaller the market you’ve able to sell to. Not only that, by waiting you miss out on all the easy sales. While there may still be a market out there the prospects are a lot harder to sell to. Waiting also increases the competition. Getting in early means you’re competing with fewer marketers who are selling the same product. Another problem with waiting is not only is there more competition, you’re now competing with those more adept at marketing than you are.

Take Andy’s CommentLuv Premium for example. The vast majority of the sales was realised by those who got in early. Those who waited too long made very little or no sales at all. The same happend when Andy launched it again a year later. From my personal experience sales were no where near the original launch and I reckon most marketers had the same result.

This is one of the reasons why I count my lucky stars for finding JVZoo, because I now have my finger on the pulse when it comes to new WordPress plugins. When one comes to my attention I’ll buy it and I’ll do a post about it. Those who read it and see the value in what I’m promoting will will get in on it early while those who don’t will sit on the fence to see what eventuates. This is cool because there have been times when I’ve purchase a dud, which luckily hasn’t happened all that often, and I understand people don’t want to waste their money. Hasn’t bothered me though because every time I make the right choice the sales easily make up for the loss of the dud.

Why You Shouldn’t Lie

What I find very distasteful is when people comment telling me they’re going to take my recommendation and then fail to do so. It’s obvious they’re crapping on when I check to see if anyone has clicked on a link. If no-one has then I know they lied to me and I usually end up delinking their comment. If it’s exceptionally bad I will spam it and as far as I’m concerned it serves them right.

Naturally, these are my personal opinions and I’ll be really interested in what you guys have to say on the subject. You know the drill, leave a comment, and make sure it’s not just to get a link back because you know what will happen then don’t you?  :devil_tb:


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