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Applying SEO To Your Category Pages

We all know how important SEO is if you want to be noticed by the major search engines. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you will also know that I am the perpetual lazy blogger, one who enjoys blogging but unfortunately I find SEO to be a real drag and so I look for ways to optimize my SEO without doing all the hard work.

Enter the Platinum SEO plugin which really does a brilliant SEO job on almost any blog. I reckon a lot of you probably already use this plugin but I wonder how many of you use it to it’s full extent. Did you know that you could optimize your category pages? I didn’t, and I’m not going to tell you how it’s done either because the author has done a brilliant job of how you can add meta description and meta keywords tag to the head section of your category pages.

OK, seeing as how this post is way too short even for me I want to leave you with a truly remarkable trick by Criss Angel.

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  1. Cool trick! The SEO plugin looks pretty good too.

        1. It has a whole lot more features Vance, one of which is it incorporated all your All In One Seo settings.

          1. Oh no Sire…..I just figured out my all in one SEO. now gotta check this out lol
            As you have recommended it; need to go check it out.
            Hope it easy for us newbies to do.
            Still waiting for rain…..maybe tomorrow cos the farmers are getting desperate.
            Patricia Perth Australia

            1. It has a whole lot more options which I suppose is good for the SEO minded blogger. I don’t use them all but then I do find that stuff rather tedious.
              Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

  2. Absolut right. All in One SEO plugin is the best you can have on your blog or site, but you also must do a very hard keyword analys before, so you get maximum effect, I use Google search tool to do that.

      1. That is amusing that you’re recommending an SEO plugin to help set meta tags, yet you’re not willing to properly research keywords. It seems that you are both setting a bad example for your readers and losing out on a lot of traffic.

        1. Actually I know I need to do SEO but I get enough traffic without it that I don’t worry about it.

          I’m not setting a bad example because I’m not recommending people to follow my lead.

          1. I guess I’ll let you off the hook if you are acknowledging it is something you need to do. :wink_wp:

            I’m sure you get plenty of traffic already, but to me it’s always a challenge to keep getting more and more traffic each month. For a blog’s traffic to really grow, you need to cover all of your bases, including meta tags.

            1. Blogging for me is a labor of love, I do it because I enjoy it. I find things like SEO tedious and I feel it would spoil my blogging experience so I only do the minimum, all of 10 secs per post :tongue_laugh_ee:

  3. Watched the video, I don’t know how he does it, but for sure it must be a trick… hm

      1. In my opinion, a guy like Criss Angel is little more than a tv special effects guy. His tricks all revolve around fooling the camera. I wouldn’t call it magic with the way his stunts are setup.

        1. That’s probably true for most magicians.

  4. That platinum plug in looks pretty good ill need to test it out soon. Great video by the way!!

  5. Only one question remains does the Platinum SEO plugin tell how Chris Angel’s ring trick is done? Thanks!!

  6. Thanks. I’ve had good success with Platinum SEO, All in One SEO, and Headspace. All 3 are great for making sure your site gets indexed in the best way possible without pages fighting against each other for ranking.

      1. I don’t think he used to be all three at the same time :D

  7. I use All-in-one SEO and I have a noindex,follow robots meta setting on the category pages. Fortunately, the plugin uses the description given on the category as meta description, which is good enough. And I guess, since we have noindex on it, there’s no need of keywords. Am I totally wrong here? lol.

    Deciding what to do with category, tag, archives was always like a question mark.
    Ajith Edassery recently posted…How to Diversify your Blog Income Streams and De-risk your Online BusinessMy Profile

    1. I also use this plugin, I don’t dare to edit any option.

  8. Chris Angel rocks.

    Hmn, so I can add donuts & beer to all my categories and really rake in that set?

    Sire, my dear Sire, it pained me everso greatly that your link dropped off my sidebar today, 21 days since it first appeared in my grande rotating scheme. But it shall reappear in a link-love re-cap post wherein the first 21 of you lucky peeps will be featured.


    Jannie Funster recently posted…1-000-000 Pennies &amp 2 Give-Away PollsMy Profile

  9. Haven’t tried using platinum plug ins for my blogs but if I do have the knowledge on how to use it than I’ll have to give it a try..Having a plugins for a site is good for ablog much more if it’s for SEO purposes.

  10. My dashboard contains a lot of plugins chances are those plugins mentioned here and in the comments are already there. :)

    As for Chris, I hear that it’s all stage play. Everyone, all the people, the ‘audience’ are his crew. Even those who gets interviewed later and were ‘awed’ are his people. Whether this rumor is true or not, I still am entertained by each trick he performs.

      1. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the people involved are paid actors. There are so many wannabe actors who would jump at a chance to get the extra exposure. I like magicians and tricks, but Chriss Angel just annoys me.

        1. They’re mot really getting much exposure if people don’t realize they are actors.

          1. Not necessarily. Actors just starting out will jump at any chance to be an extra or stand-in. It gives them a slightly better chance of securing future roles as being a more recognizable face, even if people don’t know where they recognize them from. Also it is a bit of extra experience to be able to say they did a bit of work on a certain show.

            1. You would think though that in a show such as this they would have to sign a non-disclosure form so as to protect his reputation.

  11. Nice trick. I’ve used all in seo and it’s really awesome plugin.
    Going to check out the platinum seo plugin.

    Thanks for sharing !!


  12. Hey Sire, sorry…Wassssup! Been a while and this post title caught my eye so I checked it out. I use the All in One SEO plugin and find this works fine for me.
    I love how you randonly digressed to a video because you felt the post was too short. hahaha, that’s gold.
    Good trick too.

    1. Yeah, well I’ve always said I wanted to entertain my readers and I felt the post itself on it’s own didn’t quite cut it and so, well, you know the rest. :innocent1_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing MyLikes As An AdvertiserMy Profile

  13. I’ve looked for a plugin like this for a couple of the blogs I run. I will give it a try and report back when I have used it for a bit. I think everybody should use every little bit of help they can get as it gets more and more competitive every day in almost every niche!

    1. I would be interested to hear what you thought of it Marc

  14. At times we really don’t have to do much to optimize our pages for the search engines. I use the all in one SEO for my blogs and my pages do fairly well at the search engines even without much promotion.

  15. I use the All-in-One SEO plugin, but I think I will try out the Platinum SEO and see how it works. Nice video, would like to know how that trick was done. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for the Platinum SEO tip, I’m probably equally or even more lazy so that should do better than my efforts at the very least. And if not then at least I’ve got a Cris Angel trick I can practice on my other half.

  17. I like the category pages that have a description above the category so you know what you are getting into. I didn’t think about doing a meta description for them though – I think mine may not be indexed.

  18. I use All-In-One plugin. It’s simple and seems to be cool. I didn’t know that the category description was used for the meta description though – saw it in the comments.

    I really think ScribeSEO is a huge huge help for seo. not sure if you use it here.

  19. Ignoring all the fuss about Thesis and GPL recently, the new version of Thesis (1.8 – still in beta) kills this topic. Not only does it have all the custom meta fields you could possible want, it has character counters to help you optimize what goes into those fields. Also, a full span of custom HTML that can go in front of the category archives. Combined with Thesis’ ability to turn on or off dofollow category links and where they are placed in your blog posts, it’s an amazing way to turn your category pages into true SEO winners. Site links, anyone?

    I’m only playing with it so far, but it looks good to me.

    1. I run Thesis on my LoadofBullshit blog, v 1.6 as I don’t like beta, and while it has many improvements I still like this theme a whole lot better as it’s simple to use. Thesis is far from simple and I only bought it because it was supposed to be. Man was I disappointed.

      I still use it on that blog because I paid good money for it and I don’t like to waste money.
      Sire recently posted…How A Woman Made Me Change My Evil WaysMy Profile

      1. Yeah, I bought it because of the whole “simple to use” thing, too… what a load of crap that turned out to be.

        I guess if you already have PHP & CSS skills, Thesis makes it very easy to customize your site. My problem is I don’t HAVE those skills. :D

      2. Oh! But having said that – the category SEO optimization was *cough* *cough* my idea… and it’s REALLY cool. When 1.8 comes out of beta (it should be any day now), it will be worth checking out.

        1. Oh don’t worry, I will be updating that blog for sure, no point letting it go backward just because I don’t find it as easy to use as this theme. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  20. Hmm, They recommend preventing search engines from indexing wordpress pages that contain duplicate content, like your category pages. I have mine blocked from being indexed.

    1. The plugin will do that too if you want to. The author does explain why you may want to have them indexed and I think it’s great that he gives people the option.

  21. The plug-in is good for people do not like to touch the code, but not for me. I prefer to do all the things my self in the source code. The less plug-ins the better. And you have much more control if you do it in the source code.

    1. Unfortunately not everyone is like you Fred, but you’re right, the less plugins the better and if you can change the code directly you have a lot going for you.

  22. Twitter:
    You know, I went to their website, and I ended up getting more confused when he started writing about noindex and duplicate content; what the hey? Nope, too much for my mind on a Monday night.

    1. Yeah, and you know that I don’t pay any attention to that sort of stuff either, but I figured it may be suitable for the more serious blogger. Not that I’m not serious about blogging, I just want to enjoy it all and that sort of stuff would ruin that.
      Sire recently posted…How To Change Your WordPress Theme HeaderMy Profile

  23. I’ve tried the Platinum SEO and while it has its advantages, I still prefer All-in-One. I’ll only use Platinum SEO if I’m doing a lot of 301 redirects.

    1. It would mean a lot more to everyone Sam if you were to tell us why you prefer All-In-One more.

  24. Goodness Sire, I didn’t have the platinum SEO plugin activated, no clue why,I don’t have all-in-one SEO either, again no clue why~ I followed the tutorial (after watching you’re interesting/entertaining movie first, of course)and got it set up. Reading the comments on this post it’s evident that you have seriously tech savvy followers! Man, do I have a lot to learn!!

    1. Yep, that’s the cool think about blogging Linda, know matter how knowledgeable you think you may be, there’s always a commentator who knows that little bit more. :smoke_tb:
      Sire recently posted…How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From FlickeringMy Profile

  25. Never used the Platinum SEO plugin. My favorite plugin over for SEO on blogs is All in One SEO. Works perfect for all of my SEO needs. That’s another one to consider if you’re big into getting the most out of your blog SEO-wise.

  26. I find this Platinum SEO plugin very useful to blog owners. Now, it won’t be very tedious to a site owner to improve the SEO of his site. On the other hand, I find the Criss Angel trick much interesting! LOL He’s really a great magician! Amazing how he do all his tricks.
    MikeRamsey recently posted…Tips On How To Stop Excessive SweatingMy Profile

      1. Have you seen his video walking at the middle of the pool? It’s really amazing at first but some comments in YouTube raised the fact that they placed a clear glass to make it look real. Well, that’s why they are called MAGICIANS!
        MikeRamsey recently posted…Tips On How To Stop Excessive SweatingMy Profile

  27. I happen to use the all in one SEO plug-in. I have never heard of platinum but will take a look at it. I have my blog on the Thesis platform which rocks for SEO.

    1. I have heard people say that Bill, and I do use Thesis on one of my blogs but I much prefer FlexSqueeze, both for it’s ease of use and flexability.

  28. If this plugin would help ease some of my SEO work, that sure would be nice. Does it work on normal websites too? Because I don’t have a blog, just another website.

    Also, the Chris Angel trick was pretty cool, in fact I would be amazed to see that in real life. Unfortunately there are a million and 1 things they can do on camera with anything on TV. So I’m not too amazed to see it on TV, as you never know what’s fake and what’s not. Haha, I do like how he never got the rings apart for them. There rings are pretty much screwed now. Haha.

    1. I’m afraid, as far as I know, it only works with WordPress blogs. You should consider starting a blog, I’ve heard it’s great SEO for a website. ;)

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