Another Search Engine For The Masses Other Than Google?

Even though Google would have to be the #1 search engine out there I’m always happy to know that there are still pioneers out there willing to grab a foothold in the search engine market. I remember way back in May of 2009 when I wrote a post called Are Google’s Day’s Numbered where I introduced my readers to a search engine of a different sort, one that has achieved a PR8 ranking which shows even Google respects it.  :thumbup_ee:

A couple of months after that I wrote another post called Search Engines Both New And Old & How They Affect You which featured a video comparing Google and Yahoo with Bing and Wolfram Alpha. Well, almost three years later and I’m happy to report that another search engine has entered the fray. Although the guys behind it refer to it as a web application I’m of the opinion that it can be a lot more than that.

I Now Give To You WordOnTheWire

wordonthewire was brought to my attention by Dave McMillan, one of the developers. OK, so let’s not call it a search engine, let’s call it a ‘Web Application’, truth be told it is a truly remarkable site. Rather than rehash what it does I reckon that Dave says it best.

 Basically, the app serves up the latest results from a range of trending
platforms based on a users search query. It is not intended to be an
“opposition” to Google, but rather a tool to get a quick, latest
“scoop” on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks
up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in
that language, making it really universal (without having to have a
unique URL for each language).

It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout.
We haven’t tried to over-complicate things, or serve up too many
results. It’s only version 1.2, so we have a long way to go, but we’re
obviously very keen to get it out as much as we can.

Sounds pretty intriguing doesn’t it. Naturally I wasn’t going to do a post without checking it out first so I headed on over and entered wassupblog as the search term. I mean why wouldn’t I want to know the results of using this this blog as a search term, if anything at all. This is what I got.

One thing I can say is it is pretty fast, the results appearing in seconds. I’m not at all fussed that it left Google out either because as far as I’m concerned life does not revolve around Google. As you can see from the image it’s pulled results from Bing, YouTube, Twitter and Bing again but this time the results are image related. The next image shows results when I typed in blogging as the search term.

What’s amazing is the YouTube results shows how to make money from your blog, it’s as though it read my mind. :day_dreaming: It’s really pretty good and the results are very interesting, especially because it gives you results from four different applications all on the same page. Honestly, you should really go on over to wordonthewire and have a little play around and then come on back to read what else Dave has to say because I had a feeling you would be interested and so I asked him a couple of followup questions.

Sire Grills Dave On wordonthewire

OK, I didn’t really grill him but I did send off a quick email asking: “Hey Dave, that looks really interesting. I’d love to do a blog post on it. Could you tell me a little more about it. You know, like what gave you the idea, how it first came about and what you expect from it. That sort of thing.” Yeah, I know, it’s not like I asked him any real specific questions but Dave responded like a real champ.

Hey Peter, thanks very much for the response. In terms of where they idea came about –

I’ve been working as a front end developer for quite a while now, so a lot of my job involves thinking of the user experience and interaction etc. We also noticed that web users are really looking for fast / intuitive ways of getting all their info. We thought that an app that gives a user a really nice overview of a certain topic, and can present it in a slick / fun to use environment, could be relevant and handy. The opportunity to expand is good too, with platforms like Pinterest etc also bringing out API’s that we could pull results from.

We realise that you could open up Google, Twitter, Facebook etc and do individual searches on a certain topic, but we wanted to create something that is fast and easy to use, and that has more of a social / sharable effect.

With wordonthewire, if you search a certain term, then Tweet or Facebook share that page, it shares a link with your search term in it so that when somebody else clicks it, they get the page with your search result. Also, all the interaction happens on one page, so you can view videos, images, tweets etc all from within your one search page (you never actually leave the home page of wordonthewire). This means not getting bounced to a whole new web page just to see your content. It’s completely self contained.

In terms of where we want to go with it, I guess right now the focus is just on growing and improving it. There could be some money in knowing what people in certain areas of searching for etc, but for now we’re just concentrating on getting users interested and making it as good as we can.

Kind regards & thanks again for the interest!


Dave, I’m sure that my readers will be interested in your fantastic ‘app’ and that more and more will come to use it as time goes by. I love it so much, especially that you can Tweet or FaceBook Like the results of your search, I’m even going to place a link to it on my blogroll because that’s what the blogroll is for, to share interesting and informative sites with your readers.

OK, guys, it’s over to you now. What did you think of it? Did you like it? If not what should the guys do to make it better? Don’t forget, they’re still developing it and so I’m sure they would love to hear what you have to say. Please share this post with your friends because the more people that know about wordonthewire the more interest there will be in it and the more interest we generate the more energised David and his business partners will be about improving it.  :drunk_tb:

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  1. This is the first time I hear about Wordonthewire. I’ve made a few searches and it seems very different to regular Google results. It loads pretty fast, but I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t show the URLs of the pages. Nevertheless, it is an interesting project, on a market dominated by a giant like Google.

    1. Hey Jack, I’m sure if it’s important to the user they could make that change. Or you could get the information by hovering your mouse over the link :wink_ee:

  2. wordonthewire looks like a promising search tool. It is quick in fetching the results from various sources. So overall seems good, but since most people use Google I would’ve preferred an option between Bing and Google in the search column.

    1. Fair comment Mani, but you have to admit that it does an exceptional job even without Google. Also because it provides results from YouTube and the Twitter feed it does provide a lot more information on the same screen than Google does.

  3. Yeah Mitch, fun and informative too, and to think that I found it before you did too :happy_tb: Now to go and play with it some more :wink_ee:

  4. It seems like that Wordonthewire is going to give some serious competition to the search engines like Google & Bing! It is out-coming these search engine with a blend of fun & research! Good post!

    1. Competition, perhaps but it certainly gives people another way of searching the net for what their interested in.

  5. Google’s days are not numbered. It works because it delivers a free product to consumers in a clean and simple manner. Other search engines like Bing have resorted to stealing from Google’s platform. I will stick with Google.

    1. Elena, when I said Google’s days were numbered that was just and attention getting title. Secondly I don’t think Bing ism stealing from Google because if that was the case Google would have them in court before you could say Google.

  6. First time I’ve heard of wordonthewire from here. Looks very promising since it gives you search results from multiple sources. I’m starting to like it already.

    1. As I’m sure a lot of users will Justin.

  7. Really interesting! Although I’m not sure if this one could be an alternative for the big ones, but WordOnTheWire seems to be a great thing anyway. Thanks for this interesting review, I’m going to check it out as soon as possible!
    Eva recently posted…Hausgemachte Schönheit TippsMy Profile

    1. Actually Eva, I think it can. We already know that Bing is a major player and that millions use YouTube and Twitter. Well, WordOnTheWire utilizes all three.

  8. Wow it is too useful and helpful for us. thanks for sharing. It seems like that Wordonthewire is going to give some serious competition to the search engines like Google & Bing

    1. At the very least it will give users another avenue to use when researching a topic.

  9. This is such a wonderful kind of Search Engine which makes the things more enjoyable to read! I loved the combo mixture of Bing, Twitter & You tube! Wordonthewire would surely be a try!

    1. I’ve been using it ever since I’ve discovered it Emy. Sure I still use Google but I like the results that WordOnTheWire gives.

  10. Nice find with WordOnTheWIre. As many marketers have discovered, chasing the latest Google algo update can be time consuming exercise in frustration. Sure, one could just toe the company line and say, “Just use plenty of high quality, original content” but as many site owners and marketers have discovered lately, that is not always the way to Google’s heart. Plenty of very respected sites with thousands of pages of excellent original content have lost significant traffic thanks to Google’s “enhancements”

    It’s nice to have another avenue.
    Steve F recently posted…Online Brand Reputation Management – Keeping Bad Online Reviews From Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. I agree Steve. The problem with good content is it’s very hard to get people to link to it which is why so many try other methods of getting backlinks.

  11. wordonthewire is impressive, but some of the search results could be a bit more qualified. Seeing how it delivers results it is pretty clear that if it were to gain traction, they would have to revise their results. Otherwise, people could leverage it pretty easily.

    1. How exactly would they do that Pete?

  12. wordonthewire is a very handle little resource when looking for something that will have a big set of results, like a company or something. It isn’t really a search engine as much as it is a service that give the most relevant information on a topic. Research is still the home of Google, but this is definitely a very, very cool way to explore a subject as a whole.

    1. Good point Robert, it is a pretty good service, just like Google, Bing and Twitter :wink_ee:

  13. This is the first I’ve heard of wordonthewire. I’m going to have to let my family know. We’re growing tired of google and need a new search engine. This is great. I appreciate the article and tip. Thanks!

    1. I don’t know if it’s supposed to replace Google Marybeth. I think the guys just want to give users another kind of search experience.

  14. I haven’t known about this cool thing, it seems to be a great alternative for Google. And nowadays, I often feel a little bit sceptic with Google, just because of privacy…

    1. Certainly an alternative, maybe not a replacement, at least not at this particular stage.

  15. It’s really interesting that there are still companies who want to compete with Google. I just hope that they can actually have the ability to compete with Google.

  16. lets see, I think it can give a tough competition :) Looks very promising since it gives you search results from multiple sources

  17. Hi,
    I search the blog in google and i see you blog wassupblog so that’s great nice blog GOOGLE Search Engine show result so quick. And you also select that good Title
    “Another Search Engine For The Masses Other Than Google?”
    Thanks for your sharining

  18. I like the concept of this search engine, but I found it really hard for someone to try to even compete with Google, and I don’t think they have the budget to market it. If you knew what Bing and Yahoo are doing to try to improve their search engine and the amount of money they spend you will know what I mean.
    Gustavo recently posted…Important SEO Tips for a WebmasterMy Profile

    1. That’s true, but then perhaps their intention is not to be as big as those guys but simply to provide a good alternative. Also, sometimes you don’t need a huge budget, you just need the right idea and people who love it promoting it. Just look at FaceBook.

  19. on my laptop, it doesn’t works very well. they loading only the results on youtube and twitter, and those on bing appear as if it hadn’t results. Only at me they do that?

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