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Another Avenue For Making Money With Your Blog

There is many a blogger who has gone online with hopeful dreams of one day being able to tell their boss to shove it because they can finally live off their blog’s income. While not many actually achieve this status many can claim that their blogging efforts does bring in a substantial income. I’ve tried many ways of using my blog to add to my general income and I always share anything that I have learned from those experiences with my readers. This post is yet another weapon in my money making arsenal.

They say that the one way you can make money on the net is for you to create a product and then sell it to your list. Well, I don’t have a product to sell and I can’t see myself creating one anytime soon, so I can’t go down that route. They also say that you can make money from selling other people’s product as an affiliate and while I am making some money doing that it’s not quite enough.

Then there are  those who say you can make money by selling a service online. :ponder_tb: That got me thinking as to what services I could possibly offer that others would be willing to pay for. Then it hit me! The thing that I do best online is blogging and it’s a well known fact that heaps of people are venturing into the blogging world every day, and perhaps some of them would consider hiring me to set up their blogs for them. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before and if someone hadn’t approached me to design a website for them I probably wouldn’t be writing this post now.

As it turns out they took my advice and let me set up a blog for them which went live a little over a week ago. They were so happy with their new Madonna Di Montevergine blog they even asked if I was willing to help them out, at a price, if they ever needed something more done to it. Naturally I said I would be happy to help them out. If you think I did a great job you can show your appreciation by giving it a +1. :thumbup_tb:

Hire Me Banner
Hire Me To Set Up Your Blog

Now, I could offer my services via sites such as Freelancer, and while it would certainly give me more exposure it didn’t quite fit the sales model I had in mind. You see, I wanted to offer my services for free! No, I’m not crazy and I can actually make money setting up a blog for someone as long they meet certain requirements, those being that they buy their web hosting and blog theme from my affiliates. Luckily for me the FlexSqueeze theme made it really easy to set up a Hire Me page, one that looks both professional and allows me to highlight all the advantages of allowing me to set up their blog.

Do you have a Hire Me page? If you haven’t and you have a particular skill that others could use then you should consider setting one up as you could be missing out on a considerable amount of income.

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. I am offering setup, installation and customization of WP blogs and websites and the money is not bad. My highest earnings for one month was around $1000, but I’m averaging around $500 now.

    Some months are great while others are ok. I guess it depends on the clients I get for the month. I have had clients returning to me for new projects/websites and that makes me very happy.

    I guess one needs to advertise or make others aware that you are offering services and then wait for them to contact you.

    1. Hey George, just goes to show that there is a market out there to fill for this line of work. I probably should have done this long ago, but then again, better late than never. :king_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your ListMy Profile

      1. There is a market, but one needs to be careful that you don’t make a bad name for yourself.

        BTW, if you need assistance or help, just give me a shout. Love helping others.

          1. I am currently signed up to bluehost’s regular shared hosting, would you recommend a switch to their pro package? It’s listed that the servers are faster but I am not sure if the difference is noticeable enough to warrant the higher fee per month.

            1. I can’t really answer that Richard as I am still on shared hosting and I see no reason to move until the blog outgrows the shared hosting package.

  2. Twitter:
    Ahh, I got this page to load in IE. Must be an issue with my Firefox.

    I love the simple and direct method you’re using on your hire me page. It’s to the point and easy to understand. I offer blog setup and several related services on my consulting site but truthfully I don’t think it has generated a single client. I have pretty good success by approaching local businesses and offering to help.

    The great thing about blog setup is you can do it for anyone wherever they are. I couple of the services I offer are better suited for local face to face clients.

    1. The great thing about blog setup is you can do it for anyone wherever they are.

      That’s my way of thinking to mate.

      I’m not sure why it didn’t load in Firefox. When you tweeted me I tested it and it worked fine so I reckon it must have been a momentary glitch.

      I plan on adding a few more things to that page like setting up a personal email address, I’m surprised a lot of bloggers don’t have one, and some more essential plugins.
      Sire recently posted…How Good Is The FlexSqueeze Theme, Really?My Profile

  3. Good for you, Sire. I’ve been pimping myself out for a long time now. I have not had much luck with a hire-me page, but then most of my blogs don’t really lend themselves to that.

  4. Nice page man. I do see a few “flaws” wherein you’re leaving money, possibly a lot, right there on the table.

    Would you like it emailed or in a comment?

      1. Generally speaking…..

        1. I must buy hosting…what if I already have hosting, but want a blog built?

        If you’re thinking it’s “implied” or someone will email you the question, don’t.

        2. You paid for the developer license, yes? You know very few bloggers stick to only one blog, right?

        Why offer the whole DIY one shot solution as the only solution?

        1. Good points Dennis. I suppose they could use the contact form to ask me those questions if they were so minded.

          As for the developers licence, there isn’t one. There is a one time payment of $127 and once you own the theme you can use it on as many blogs as your want.

          If they already had a host it’s not really worth my while to set it up just on the commission of the theme alone.
          Sire recently posted…Building Your Brand With A Guest PostMy Profile

          1. I’m a little confused, are you agreeing with me?

  5. A lot of people sell services online through quick bucks websites like fiverr. These sites are ideal for people to earn some money and for others to get help or a service done when on a low budget.

  6. Sire,

    I love the way that you offer a quality service here and are able to do so without charging the end user any additional money over and above the payments they would have to make anyway for their blog infrastructure.

    Nice one.

    1. Hey Patrick, I reckon it’s the businessman in me that saw the opportunity. I’m hoping that once I provide them exceptional service they will recommend me to others which I believe is the best form of advertising.
      Sire recently posted…How Should You Treat Your Affiliates?My Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Great job Sire, good to see you offering your services since that’s an area you are good at.

    I thought about it at one time and still have some friends I will work with but decided it was too time consuming. I’m not a graphics person so they would have to find the theme they wanted and then I would go from there. But like you, get their hosting through me and domain as well if they were brand new.

    You did a good job on the site. Congratulations Hope you get a lot of customers and now I know where to send people if they need this done for them.


    1. Adrienne, although I did design the blog for those clients I mentioned in the post this offer is just for setting up the blog. That’s one of the reasons I am recommending the FlexSqueeze theme because it is so easy to make it look the way you want it to. If they really want me to design the whole thing I would have to charge them and as I’m not a designer I could’t promise them anything.
      Sire recently posted…Las Vegas More Than Just CasinosMy Profile

  8. Nice one Peter
    Another string to your bow and I know how much you like the FlexSqueeze theme.

    I bought the pro version of Genesis a couple of months ago for a one off lifetime payment and I’ve already got a couple of clients.

    Great minds eh. LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

  9. Congratulations on setting that service up Sire!

    The service page not only looks very professional but it’s also very cool that you can provide such a qualified job for free!

    I was wondering why you didn’t offer this before, I believe I saw you in the comment thread of John Chow’s blog for this matter.

    (It actually may be the post that made me come to your blog in the first place, I don’t really know)

    Congrats again and I know you’ll have great success with it! ;)

    1. Thanks Sergio,

      I don’t know why I didn’t act on this sooner. Maybe I just needed a little boost of confidence and the reaction from my first customer did that for me.

    1. Thanks Mitch, and as for working, I’m always doing something to keep busy.

  10. Cool, i’m glad you found another way to make money online. I hope it brings in a big revenue stream for you. I took a look at the site you set up. It looks pretty impressive.

    1. Thanks Deneil, I’m always looking for new, legitimate ways for making money online and when I find something that I think is worthwhile I can’t help but share it with my readers.

      1. You welcome. Yeah, I know what you mean. I do the same thing.

        1. Of course, that’s what all good bloggers do :smoke_tb:

  11. That website looks good Sire. Having a ‘Hire Me’ link does sound good for earning some extra cash. Before this, I thought all website owners, particularly bloggers, do their own work of setting up and installing their respective websites. Looks like I may have to start expanding my circle beyond SEO and photography. :)

    1. Hey James, that’s not actually a website, it’s actually a WordPress page that this blog allows me to create. Pretty cool huh?

  12. It appears to me that the problem occurs that most of the persons while trying to earn online that internet is not like an alladin’s lamp which has gennie in it and he will give you money as soon you rub the lamp.
    While making money online you need to arrange and manage your self. Because it is just like starting a business, you need to do some brainstorm sessions, research and hardwork to see any profit coming as a result of your efforts.
    Even you need some skills which you can offer to sell. And skill comes from practicing, experimenting and learning. All i am trying to say if you want to earn than dedicate your self to learn.

    1. It’s true Stephen, nothing is easy and anything worthwhile is worth working hard for. Besides, you appreciate things a lot more when you have to work to get it.

  13. We all know people want to earn money in all the things that they do, if that is possible…This can be a great help…Thanks a lot…

    1. Always glad to be help Clark

  14. There is so many ways to make money online, but none of them are easy…offering your services online is a good idea, but I think you can earn more money selling products. But the most important thing is to do something you really like and earn some money in the process..

    1. Actually Mario, from offering people this free service I am actually selling products from two of my affiliates so I’m pretty well killing two birds with one stone.

  15. I’m glad somebody introduced another way of making money with blogging that actually does not include blogging! Having someone with the skills to set up a blog page makes sense to me. This is helpful for those who have the gift of writing but not the skill to use blogging tools in improving their site. This really got me thinking, and though I may not have lay-outing skills, I am a pretty good proof reader and can offer my services to those who need help in re-phrasing their paragraphs. It can’t hurt to advertise and offer online services for extra cash.
    ceejay recently posted…How To Attract A WomanMy Profile

    1. That’s the idea deejay, you never know unless you put yourself out there and who knows how many people will take advantage of your skills?

  16. I have been toying with this idea for a few months using craigslist as my means to build a client base. Someone local to me is putting out sites for $75/page. With wp, that is easy money.

    The only thing causing me to pause is I generally don’t like working for customers. Still undecided, but looking forward to seeing your results.

    1. Nothing wrong with working for customers if you’re doing something that you enjoy. As long as you do a good job for them and they are satisfied with your work you should have a problem with customers. After all, no customers means no money.

  17. There is definitely alot of avenues for bloggers to make money online, in the end its all about what works for you as the individual. As we all know what works for one person will not work for another. I am pretty happy just working on blogs myself.


    1. Like everything in life Jean, you just have to hit on the method that is right for you.

  18. Great tip on ways to earn an extra income on blogs. Offering your services is a good way to go. Why not, right? You have unique skills. And a lot of people may not have time to do what you’re offering or know how. What a great idea!

    Thanks, Sire.

    1. Thanks Allyson, it’s taken me awhile but I’m glad I’ve finally decided to take this path.

  19. Nice website design. Very…Italian ;) Nice sales model you’re using, too. I think it’s rare for people to offer a service like you’re offering for free.

    1. Why thank you Petra, that’s two compliments in one comment. :drunk_tb:

  20. A lot of websites telling readers that they can earn money like that and this and that…I am really confused which of them to follow because they are different with each other…With the ways you have here, I hope it will work for me…

    1. Hey Robin, I don’t promise people anything, I only tell them of ways that I’ve used to make money online and how they are working for me. After that it’s up to them to decide which ones are best suited for them
      Sire recently posted…Social Media Should Begin At HomeMy Profile

  21. Great idea. But don’t you think you can ask a little money, just be really cheap, but it will still be extra profit for you.

    I think a lot of people have skills that they could make money with. Sadly for me Male prostitution is illegal here so I can’t use my strongest talent… (Just kidding of course….but really)
    Danny recently posted…Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch barMy Profile

    1. I could Danny but I’m happy with the commission. Also think of the PR if I get to leave my details on the bottom of every blog I design :thumbup_tb:

        1. I wouldn’t call it greedy James, you’re just using a different thought process.

  22. Absolutely brilliant idea about the Hire Me page! I am going to adapt the contact page on my blog and suggest it to others I am helping with their sites. It could work for almost anyone wanting to setup in a freelance profession.

    1. Hey Matt, it is brilliant isn’t it? :wink_ee: One just has to wonder what took me so long to come up with it. :wallbash_tb: :lol_ee:

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