Most of you who know me and have read my posts know how I’m always stipulating the importance of hosting your own blog. Knowing this you are probably wondering why this post is promoting Andy Bailey’s Comluv Network?

In case you’re wondering, the  Comluv Network is another of Andy’s projects, and like all of his projects he has his commentluv members in mind. If you are one of the smart ones who has already joined the movement and registered your blogs then you can also have your own commentluv blog. Why would you want to do so? Well here are a few reasons for giving it a go.

  1. You have a WordPress blog that is ready to go that is not using any of your own resources
  2. It gives you another link to all your blogs and sites via the blogroll
  3. Already commentluv enabled.
  4. Increased exposure, by highlighting certain topics via this new avenue
  5. Your helping Andy out which is the least we can do considering all that he has done for us ;)
  6. Adsense enabled so you can earn as you blog

Anyway, considering it’s free I figure I would give it a whirl and so I have started yet another blog, Top Software Online! Man am I a glutton for punishment LOL.

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