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Andy Bailey’s Comluv Now Live

Most of you who know me and have read my posts know how I’m always stipulating the importance of hosting your own blog. Knowing this you are probably wondering why this post is promoting Andy Bailey’s Comluv Network?

In case you’re wondering, the  Comluv Network is another of Andy’s projects, and like all of his projects he has his commentluv members in mind. If you are one of the smart ones who has already joined the movement and registered your blogs then you can also have your own commentluv blog. Why would you want to do so? Well here are a few reasons for giving it a go.

  1. You have a WordPress blog that is ready to go that is not using any of your own resources
  2. It gives you another link to all your blogs and sites via the blogroll
  3. Already commentluv enabled.
  4. Increased exposure, by highlighting certain topics via this new avenue
  5. Your helping Andy out which is the least we can do considering all that he has done for us ;)
  6. Adsense enabled so you can earn as you blog

Anyway, considering it’s free I figure I would give it a whirl and so I have started yet another blog, Top Software Online! Man am I a glutton for punishment LOL.

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  1. Thanks forthe info, I have not heard of this yey. I am a big fan of Andy and the commentluv movement. I will have to take a close look at this. I am also a glutton for punishment so I am sure I will be starting a new blog too. :-)

    Dan´s Last blog post..What bloggers need to know about SEO? 10 instant tips to improve your blogs SEO scores

    1. I’ve been meaning to start a blog on my Top Software Online site anyway, and for SEO reasons I think I still will, but like I said, another set of links coming in can only be a good thing.

  2. Yet another site on my list of sites to check out. WHile I’m all for it, I think this might take me a little while to get around to.

    1. Sorry Bob, what can I say mate except, ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’ :lol_ee:

  3. I am checking their blog now. Seems I have to register all my existing blogs for the added benefits it can give.

    Ron´s Last blog post..The Cavite Rap – Cavite’s Pride and Finest

  4. And judging by the lack of updates on his site today I’d say that Andy is still in the pub!

    1. Yeah, and he’s probably having a warm beer :drunk_tb: I don’t know how those guys manage to do that.

  5. Yet another site to add to the “link network” :)

    I agree with you that hosting your own blog is the best thing to do but you can always use another link :)


    Mikael´s Last blog post..Top URL Shortener – How to Create Shorter Links

    1. Yep, especially when Andy’s done all the work :lol_ee:

  6. Yeah .. this is great, also you can ad your google ads to your blog and make money!

    Hesham´s Last blog post..ComLuv network and CommentLuv plugin are READY

    1. Mmm, I think I did mention that somewhere. :ponder_tb:

  7. Hi Sire,

    Its been a while so I thought I would drop by and see what your discussing. For someone who needs a blog Andy is a good option. I was a bit surprised to see this. It represent another great opportunity for him. The fact that it is free just blows me away.

    1. I’m sure that Andy knows what he is doing and that there is some kickback for him somewhere along the line.

  8. Sure, that’s what mates do Peter.

  9. Don’t know Andy, but you have to look after your mates!

  10. I got the email a while back about this when I was already overloaded on my things to do list. But I just signed up for my blog there as well. Not fully sure what I’ll do with it, but I’ll think of something. :)

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Out on the Ballroom Floor

    1. No rush Kristi, at least you secured your domain name. The rest follows when you have the time.

  11. It would be neat to see more sites like this, which give you a little bit more freedom than you get with going with something like or blogspot, while still offering the advantage of a fully hosted wordpress subdomain.

    I look forward to learning a little more about Andys project and potentially registering a site there.

    Robert´s Last blog post..What are Power Chairs?

    1. Andy is a pretty cool bloke and when he starts a project he gets behind it 110% so I reckon this like commentluv will go well.

  12. Sire,
    What is his goal with comluv? I guess I don’t understand the program. Is it an actual platform for blogging or is it a network that you join and submit your blog to. I’m new to networks, but I joined The Finance Blog Network recently. Is it like that?

    The Almost Millionaire´s Last blog post..Why does the Stock Market Keep going up?

    1. Only Andy can tell you what is goal is. I reckon it’s an actual blogging platform using WordPress as the platform, and you get to pick your own domain with the extension.

  13. I have created my own blog on comluv, I used “traffic” to be my domain name!

    Still thinking about How I can earn from google ads from this blog, you know this needs more time for blogging!

    Hesham´s Last blog post..ComLuv network and CommentLuv plugin are READY

    1. The answer to that is easy, you need to generate traffic to the blog, unfortunately turning the answer to a reality requires some blood sweat and tears.

  14. Hi and welcome to the CommentLuv community. I browsed his site and saw the updates, can’t wait until it’s release officially.

    Serradinho´s Last blog post..3 Basic Thesis Customizations

    1. Yeah, I wonder if Andy will send a beer our way so that we can all celebrate a toast together :drunk_tb:

      1. That would be nice, a nice cold beer :drunk_tb:

        George Serradinho´s Last blog post..4 Free eBooks for you to download

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