It’s not that I usually spend a lot of time checking my stats, but I figured that just for the hell of it I would take a look at a couple of my more active affiliates to see how they were tracking. I chose Commission Junction and ClixGalore and what I found wasn’t really all that surprising. So far this month Commission Junction reported 27,280 impressions which resulted in 55 clicks and ClixGalore reported 10,456 which resulted in 172 clicks.

It wasn’t the fact that ClixGalore resulted in more clicks per impression that intrigued me as much as not one of those clicks resulted in a sale. While I don’t spend a whole lot of time marketing my affiliates I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that do and I was wondering what their conversion rates were. I figured that I could expect at least a 10% conversion rate which should have resulted in at least 22 sales or leads but to come up with an empty slate lead me to wondering why.

You would think that a person would only click on a link that was of some interest to them and that by doing so the person that sent them there virtually had their foot in the door. So, all the hard work has been done to lead the prospective buyer to a product and yet no sale is made. There seems to be one of three reasons for the lack of a sale.

  1. He hasn’t quite made up his mind to a purchase so he may actually do so at a later date.
  2. He was never really interested and only clicked out of curiosity.
  3. The landing page was not good enough to convert to a sale.

I know when I choose an affiliate I usually pick one that I find interesting or one that I believe would be of interest to others. I usually don’t actively promote them unless, like the FlexSqueeze Theme, it’s one that I truly believe in. The thing is, should we, as part of our marketing regime, also be looking at the landing page of the affiliate? After all, what is the point of doing all that work if it’s going to be wasted because the landing page is of such poor quality that no-one in their right mind would buy from it? I suppose it’s akin to a shopper that walks into a dark, dingy dirty shop and then turns right around and walks out.

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think. Do you ever look at the landing page to see if it’s worth the effort of all that hard work?


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