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AMS Fulfillment Fulfilling Warehousing Problems

I’ve had several businesses but I’ve never had to worry about having to warehouse stuff because I either had the room or it was supplied for me. It got me to thinking though. What would someone do if their business suddenly took off and they were no longer able to store it in their garage? One option would be to buy a small warehouse but that could be beyond their budget.

AMS Fulfillment Services

I went online to see what was available for this type of situation. One business that looked promising was AMS Fulfillment. They actually offered a lot more than just letting you store merchandise too. They’re more of a full service order fulfilment company. To me that means that not only do they store it but they can process orders delivering them to prospective customers. That alone would make them worth looking at,

One thing I always check when I’m about to deal with someone is how long they’ve been operating. This is important to me because I want to make sure they’ve been around for awhile before doing business with them. I done’t want to invest my money only to find out later down the track that they have no idea what their doing or they close down leaving me hanging, AMS Fulfillment was founded in 2002 which means they’ve been operating for some 13 years. To me if you’ve been operating for over 10 years you must know what you’re doing.

Have you had any dealings with AMS Fulfillment Services? If you have I’d love to hear of your experience with them.

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