Ambient Weather WR-111A Emergency Solar Hand Crank Phone Charger And More

Ambient Weather WR-111A Emergency Solar Hand Crank Phone Charger And More

I got this email today from one of my list subscribers who jokingly told me I was wasting my time promoting all these Christmas gift ideas because the world was going to end on December the 21’st 2012. Naturally I personally don’t believe in any of that end of the world crap and so I’m going to continue promoting these unique Christmas gift ideas because as far as I’m concerned the world may end one day but when that day is nobody but God knows. That being the case just because a crazed wackos have made this latest prediction it will go the same way as all the other ones that never came about.

Having said that mankind is always prone to natural disasters, whether they’re mankind generated or natural ones. That being the case this next product will make a really unique and handy Christmas gift.

An Electronic Swiss Army Knife

Thats how I would describe the ADVENTURER because it has several very important features built into it, including a cell phone charger. You don’t even need batteries because you can hand crank it. Believe me, if something ever happened that knocked out all the power you’re going to want something like the Adventurer. Even if it didn’t this would be great to take on camping trips or even to keep in the car for emergencies. Shit, at this price you should probably have two.

Unfortunately Amazon is out of stock at the moment, that’s how popular it is, but their happy enough to take your order. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until they ship it out to you. :wink_ee: I’m still going to post the details of the product from Amazon just so you can see the reviews from actual customers. For those of you not willing to wait I searched a few of the popular online stores to see what other stores had hand crank radios available.

  • ebay: Didn’t have the one listed in the post but did have some really interesting ones available. Just do a search for hand crank radios. Actually that search term worked for all the following stores.
  • These guys are a leading e-commerce company focused on providing a positive shopping experience and a broad selection of high-quality technology and entertainment retail goods at very competitive prices. Had some units here that I’ve never seen before.
  • Kmart: Yep, I did check them out and was surprised to see they actually had some. Who would have thought.? :smoke_tb:  I figured you may want to compare the prices.
Now, let’s checkout what Amazon says about it.


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  1. I have this radio. I’ve actually used it a few times in storms. It is very handy.

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