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Allowing Commentators To Edit Their Comments

Yes, I know Yan, another post about comments. But seriously mate, it’s not entirely my fault as this post is directly related to a comment left by Dennis Edell who just happens to believe that you shouldn’t have any blank blog advertisement slots, but more importantly in regards to this post said;

I’m looking for one that plays nice with commentluv, can you link me to yours?

Now I assume he is referring to the plugin that allows commentators to edit their comment. At least that is what I hope he is referring to, the jokes on me if he isn’t. Anyway, a lot of the plugins I use is directly aimed at my readers as I believe that customer service should also include blogs, and in a sense our readers and prospective commentators are our customers.

So, as a service to my cherished commentators I have installed Ajax Edit Comments, which allows the users to edit their comments. Their is a time limit though which is set by admins, and admin can also configure whether or not they can edit other variables like url, name etc. It has one other really nifty feature that allows admin, that’s me, the facility to edit all comments inline, without having  to go into the dashboard. As the almighty ADMIN, I have the power to Edit, De-link, Moderate, Spam or Delete each comment :devil_tb:


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  1. Allowing readers to re-edit their comments is a plus :) Sometimes they (and we) tend to hit the submit button too quickly and regret it later heh heh

    Michael Aulia´s Last blog post..Windows 7 + WMP 12 == Bad!

    1. That describes me very well and I decided to add this as a necessity so that I didn’t need to go to the dashboard every time I made a mistake commenting on my own blogs! I am getting better though.

      1. Oh I normally comment on my own blog posts from the Dashboard :D

        Michael Aulia´s Last blog post..A nice update on PuTTy Connection Manager

        1. I used to as well Michael, now the only time I do that is when I have to approve a comment that got picked up by the spam filter.

    2. I think readers should have the ability to edit their comments but with a manageable number of comments the administrator could receive email requests for edits and decide if the edit is legit or if it based on some alterior motive. If you get an unmanageable amount of edit requests I suppose you’d have to extend control to readers or have a double opt-in sort of confirmation prior to post with a clear warning of no edits…-Bob

      Bob in Denver Real Estate´s Last blog post..University Place in Denver’s University Hills

      1. Hi Bob, that’s a good point, and is one of the reasons that there is a 5 minute time limit for any editing. By the time I get to see the comment it will be the final edit and if I see anything wrong with it then I shall make an informed decision on what to do with it.

        Thanks for joining Cool Blog Links. You have been approved :grin1_ee: Don’t forget to install the code that you will receive in the email so that it can keep track of the stats and allow visitors to vote for your blog.

  2. Good morning, Sire.

    That’s a good find. I just downloaded the plugin.

    There have been times I would have loved to edit what I wrote. It seems the good typos don’t show until the page reloads. ;)

    Have you had any problems with this? Do you allow us to edit anything other than the comment?

    I like the idea of being able to edit my visitors’ comments inline. That’s one of the features that answers the “What’s in it for me?” question.

    I have some other higher-priority things to do the next couple of days, but I’m going to give it a try later this week.

    Act on your dream!


    1. Hi John, I actually allow them to edit just about everything except their email address.

      I haven’t had any problem with this particular plugin, but that probably depends on the individual themes.

      I reckon it will be real handy on your blog, because of the length of your comments and those who try to keep up with you. :wink_ee:

      1. Good morning, Sire.

        Thanks for the extra info. I’m going to be very busy this week and next, but I’ll be adding the plugin to my blog as soon as I can.

        Act on your dream!


  3. Hey, thats a really good find there Sire! The amount of times I’ve written something and then realised I’ve made a spelling mistake, or forgotten to add something, I can’t count on one hand!

    I need to actually update 3 of my current plugins, but when I get around to it, I reckon I’ll check out that tool, cheers for sharing :)

    Dan´s Last blog post..Make $10 (Or More) By The End Of The Day

    1. No worries Dan, and what’s this about you not updating your plugins. With the new WordPress all it takes is one click.

  4. I agree editing comments is useful however i’ve noticed it doesn’t play nice with comment luv (try editing and typing below the comment luv are).

    Saying that I had 3 typos while typing this!!

  5. Hey Donace, nice of you to pop in my young friend :wink_ee: you can be sure that I will return the gesture. I’ve had to log out just so I could see exactly what you mean. I will now post and try and edit to see what happens with commentluv.

    OK, I am editing and it all looks fine. Will give it another go.

  6. let me try again ; you may delete this if I fail

    Donace´s Last blog post..OIOPublisher ONLY $27!

    let see! kind odd way to amend the comment but I did this over at Yan’s blog and noticed it lateish…

    EDIT2: seems it didnt ‘break’ oh well back I go to sleep

  7. Ok, now it’s my turn. I noticed before that commentluv didn’t work for some reason which is why I couldn’t accurately test what you were referring to. Now to save and then to edit.

    Ok editing above commentluv…..

    Sire´s Last blog post..Save Thousands Of Dollars By Checking On Your Mortgage

    Editing below commentluv… why would you want to do that anyway, except perhaps to fry a few of my old brain cells ;)

    I will leave both of your comments on. It was after all an interesting experiment.

  8. Hey listen sporty, if you’re gonna blame someone ya could at least shoot ’em a link; sheesh! ;)

    Awesome features my man, thanks for the post. heh

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

    1. But I did Dennis, you must have missed it, jut like you couldn’t see your avatar. :devil_tb:

      1. LOL thanks man. I was totally kidding, but appreciate the add. :tongue1_tb:

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

        1. What? You mean you honestly missed that link :doh_tb:

          Just having some fun Dennis.

          1. Fun indeed – like payback. :nono_tb:

            Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Do You Have Blank Blog Advertisement Slots?

          2. Now, let me see, have you done something deserving of payback? :ponder_tb:

          3. Got things a little backwards there junior. :nono_tb:

            Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Threaded Comments Have Arrived! Edit Comments Is Coming…

  9. I can’t see it doing you any harm, unless it doesn’t like your theme, and like I said it’s a good customer PR type plugin.

  10. i never used edit comment before as a commenter but i guess since it’s there it suits many users. definitely a plus though nothing to loose by installing it :)

    stratosg´s Last blog post..BloggerBuddy: Now on Beta version (v0.4)

    1. Hey Stratos, there is certainly nothing to lose and perhaps a lot of customer satisfaction to gain. To me that is a real plus. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Twitter:
    Sire, I’ve thought about adding this one for awhile, but every time I’ve had it on my mind, it’s then left my mind and I haven’t added it. Now I’ve just moved it to another window, and hopefully I’ll remember to go visit it and add it to my blogs.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..December Statistics Report – Everything

  12. How could I not expect another one, Sire. Dedicating a post entirely to your readers’ never-too-silly question is the highest form of customer PR. That little feature (which is still invisible on my end) is just a small part of the bigger PR scheme.

    Right, Sire?

    Yan´s Last blog : Featured Site

  13. That’s for sure Yan, and don’t you worry, I reckon that I have a few more posts on commenting, how they can improve your blog and get you more exposure up my sleeve.

    1. Now I can see the ‘edit’ function. I wonder why it took so long to appear on my end….. ;-)

    1. No need to wait Jeremy. I have been using this for quite awhile now and I can tell you that In am very happy with it.

  14. I’ve been using Ajax edit on all my blogs for several months and quite fond of it. The only thing I would like as an admin feature would be the ability to undo. I have accidentally spammed and delinked more comments than I care to admit to…

    Brad Hart´s Last blog post..Resolutions Carried Out

    1. Now this is an exceptional idea.

      Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Threaded Comments Have Arrived! Edit Comments Is Coming…

  15. I must admit I haven’t had that problem yet Brad. Perhaps because I don’t get all that many spammy comments that gets through Akismet. Now that I know it can happen I will be more careful though, thanks mate.

  16. I would say keep it. I really appreciate having it, because all too often I post a comment and then there’s a misspelling, and I want to go back in fix it. Like you said, your comments are your customers, you’re trying to keep them happy. Picture yourself as a waiter looking for a tip. Make their stay on your blog as comfortable and easy as you can.

    Jonathan Muller´s Last blog post..50 Blogs You! need to Read

    1. Picture yourself as a waiter looking for a tip.

      Nice analogy. Service with a smile, eh?


      Yan´s Last blog : Featured Site

    2. That’s it exactly, giving your customer a bit of extra service is what it’s all about. Thanks for the input Johnathan.

  17. True. That’s one thing I wish I could do with Blogger blogs. From what I’ve seen, I can only either accept comments or delete them. Still haven’t found a way to edit them. :(

    Neil´s Last blog post..Michael Bartul

  18. Michael, it’s never to late to change over to WordPress. Apparently you can import your blogger blog directly into WordPress. You can get pretty cheap hosting as well. The latest one I’m using for is Web Hosting Pad where you can host your blog for as little as $4 a month which includes a free domain for life.

  19. Sire

    As you know, I use commentluv but I also recently installed the plugin for my blog. It happens to us all, we post something and realize a mistake we made or maybe we want to add another thought to the comment. You’ve an active community here, awesome! Keep it up. :)


    Miguel´s Last blog post..In the Beginning, Blog!

  20. Thanks Miguel, both for the comment and the word of praise. You could say that we have developed a bit of gang, one that have found the value of leaving good comments, and we try and spread the message wherever we go.

  21. I use comment ajax, does the job pretty well.

    Make Money Online Tips´s Last blog post..Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online

  22. It doesn’t really matter which plugin you use, as long as it does the job it was designed for.

  23. The time limit in being able to edit the comments is a good thing. Without it, I wonder people would put something inappropriate in the comments later – without email notification to the admin that an edit has been made, who knows what they could get away with on older posts.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Dobby’s First Schnauzer Haircut

  24. That’s right, it’s all about blog security and the possibility for time delayed spam so to speak. Thanks for you input Kristi.

  25. I don’t recall who’s but there is one I comment on that is set for 15 mins. Someone must make a lot of mistakes. LOL

    Edited to add: Boo on commentluv.

  26. Either that or it takes them some time to proof read their comments. I take it that commentluv didn’t parse your last post. I’ve had that happen to me on quite a few occasions.

  27. It usually means an older version of the plugin, is yours up to date?

    Btw, according to the task bar, somethings from Amazon are seriously slowing your load time. It’s still “transferring data” even as I write this.

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..FINAL CALL: $100 Blog Review Contest Ends The 31st!

    1. Certainly is, all my plugins are up to date. As for the Amazon loading time, it probably has to do with the two Amazon widgets I’m using on the site.

      1. I figured as much, just making sure you knew. :)

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..FINAL CALL: $100 Blog Review Contest Ends The 31st!

      2. hmm had a quick look at the site the biggest lag that takes about 6 seconds to load is the thing; and its also trying to call some images that it cant find which is causing a lag. Namely:


        Have a look at those if you have a few seconds.

        Donace´s Last blog post..Windows XP Registry Tweaks

  28. Will certainly do that Donace, thanks for the info. What program did you use to gather that information?

    1. I had a quick look using very useful; also try ‘yslow’ addon for firefox.

      Donace´s Last blog post..Rapidshare Search Engines

      1. Thanks for that link Donace. I will get to it as soon as it cools down. We have been getting some pretty hot weather here, as high as 46C, and I don’t have air conditioning in the office so all I am doing is paperwork and responding to comments.

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