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Affiliate Products What Is Their Failing

I’m sure you’ve read on more than one blog how the best way to make money is to have something to sell. They will then go on to tell you that even though you don’t have a product of your own, you can promote other peoples products as an affiliate. All true but while you can make money promoting other people’s products the amount of money you can make from promoting an affiliate product is very limited!

Let’s look at an affiliate marketer who has a list with a thousand subscribers. He’s just started using a new theme and he excitedly emails his subscribers telling them how great his new theme is. Let’s say that 10% of his subscribers click on the link. That means 100 people are now checking out his affiliate product. Now let’s say that 10% of those follow through and buy the theme. So out of the thousand subscribers he has made 10 sales! Now what?

In desperation he will email his list again, and again trying to sell the same product. After several attempts and banging his head against his keyboard he decides to promote other affiliate products thereby flooding his subscribers with more and more emails. This explains why you get so many of these emails in your inbox.

The Problem With Affiliate Products

This is true even of the so called pro bloggers. I’ve seen some who have promoted a particular theme saying it was the best ever theme. Then some time later I notice they now have a new theme which they are promoting. Is that because they no longer believe in their old theme or because sales of the old theme as stagnated and they had to do something to get more sales? What better way than by finding a new theme to promote.

I believe this to be greatest failing of promoting affiliate products. You will never make enough money promoting just one product. How long do you think a department store would last if all they sold was one product? Not very long at all! 

You Can Make Money As An Affiliate

So while you can make money selling affiliate products it will take a lot of effort and work. Naturally the more traffic you get and the bigger your list the greater the potential to make money. Being the person that I am I prefer finding easier ways to make money.

For years I’ve been promoting OZLotto in the sidebar on this blog. Check the image below.

Affiliate product ozlotto

Even though it was bringing me in some money it was years before it dawned on me that this would make the ideal affiliate to promote. Why? I’m so glad you asked  :cheesy: Every time someone joins as an OZlotto member they become my customer for life! That means every time they buy a lottery ticket I get my commission!  :drunk_tb:  

When it finally did dawn on me I decided to create my Buy Online Lottery Tickets niche site. Once I had the site up and running I realised I could increase it’s earning potential by offering my potential customers ways of buying lottery tickets from all over the world! Why just settle for selling Aussie lottery tickets?

So I researched other well know Lottery Agents and joined the best ones as their affiliate. I can now offer potential customers the means of buying lottery tickets from almost any of the worlds major lotteries. Once I had that site up and running I started a new lottery site, Get Online Lottery tickets so I could capitalise on new keywords increasing my customer base even more.

Recap On Selling Affiliate Products 

While you can make money selling affiliate products it’s major downfall is that you have to constantly look for new products to sell so that you can continue your money stream. This means constant emails to your list which will piss off many of your subscribers causing them to leave you. This results in you continually trying to increase your list so you can piss them off with your constant emails promoting your growing list of affiliate products.  :wallbash_tb:  

Benefits of Becoming A Lottery Or Sports Affiliate

Oh, did I forget to mention I’ve started a brand new Easy eSports Betting site?  :thumbup_ee:  

  • Every time someone joins one of the lottery or sports betting sites they become your customer for life. This means every time they buy a lottery ticket or place a sports bet online you get paid!
  • No more constantly having to find products to sell.
  • Even when traffic is down, especially when Google comes up with a new dinosaur update, or whatever it wants to call it’s next update, the money continues to comes in.
  • The more customers you get to join the more money you make. Remember, it’s not a one off either.Generally, people who buy lottery tickets or place sports bets online, do so on a regular basis. This generates a true passive income.Something affiliate product sales will never become.

While an niche site will make you more money you can actually make money by using a normal blog. I’ve proved this with this blog. All you need do is to find the right lottery agency sites join. I’ve made this easy by listing the ones I’ve joined on my Become A Lotto Affiliate page.

Now it’s up to you. Will you continue to struggle looking for the right affiliate products to sell? Or will you really start to make money by promoting lottery or sports betting sites? 

Sure, I know it’s not for everyone but I wouldn’t be doing this blog justice if I didn’t offer it as a choice to my readers.


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  1. The best advice to all the people who are learning or want to join affiliate marketing is that you should focus on one niche build your product and list and follow up emails. Talk to more JVZoo and you will definitely going to make more money.

  2. Hi Peter,

    There are too many hypes in this business. You need to find one strong product and concentrate on them as you did. Otherwise, you will be forever looking for new products to promote and wasting a lot of time to earn pennies a piece. I only promote auto insurance comparison on my sites and they are doing fine for me. The idea was that everyone needs auto insurance and they renew it every year or six months. But I love your idea of residual income. If I was promoting a similar product I wouldn’t need to worry about earnings now since I have had pretty good rides in the past. Getting income from your past sign ups solves the problem with the up and down nature of your website rankings.

    Lottery tickets are good idea. Almost everyone buys lottery tickets and you cannot really blow your wages on it unless you are a bit silly. I will look into it. Sports betting may be on the border line but I have my reservations about gambling sites. Maybe you do too. I know everyone makes their own decisions but it is the addictive nature of gambling that bothers me. I have had my share with addictions. I like your websites by the way. They look pretty cool and professional. I have only been reading your blog recently and I can tell you know what sells.
    Chea recently posted…Consequences of Reckless Driving AttitudesMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Chea,

      I love the idea of being able to provide car insurance. People are always thinking about getting a better deal or better service elsewhere. Of course the problem is once you’ve sold someone one car insurance that’s the last you will see of them.

      That’s why I like the Lotto industry better. I must admit I thought twice about the spots betting site. One of the first things I did was to write a responsible gambling post. Naturally I hope that people who join do the right thing. I try to set a good example and you’ll notice in all my posts where I place a bit it’s always a minimal amount.
      Peter recently posted…Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. Taking into acoount a huge competition on the market it has become really hard to earn from affiliates now. It can be not a bad start, but I think that if you spend tons of time and work hard it may be better to try and sell some product of yours, or at least use dropshipping opprtunities where you can control the product side better.
    Victoria recently posted…Designing an innovative patient decision aid tool for Norwegian healthcareMy Profile

  4. Very nice explanation. It’s really hard for new players in affiliate marketing to generate a decent income by it. This field has gotten overly populated. Being a lottery affiliate can be a good idea as it generates passive income. Thank you for sharing sir.

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