There are many benefits of advertising on this blog rather than paying for a paid review. Most advertisers will pay a blogger to review their site or product, and the price they pay will depend on the blog’s PR.

The problem with this form of advertising is that the ad only appears on the front page, the page that has the PR, for only a short time. If the blogger posts several times a day it may only appear there for a single day. After that it will disappear into the archives taking with it the PR the advertiser paid so much for.

Rather than pay for a review I put it to all advertisers that they will get a lot more value for their dollar by purchasing a 125×125 ad spot. Let’s look at some of the advantages.

  1. The ad is always on the front page giving you maximum exposure. This means that even though someone lands on a particular page or post your ad will always be displayed
  2. People are more likely to click on a banner than a link in a post.
  3. When you pay for a review the only people that see it are those that land on that particular page. With an ad on the front page everyone will see it.
  4. Because the ad is always on the front page it is getting the full benefit of the PR all the time
  5. Paying $40 a month to be featured on the main page of a PR2blog is a very competitive rate, especially as the Alexa Ranking is 90000 and dropping. If you’re thinking of advertising for more than one month at a time you should contact me and we can discuss a reduced rate.
  6. This blog uses OIO Publisher meaning it is completely automated. Just click on the link and you are on your way.
  7. It appears on a prime position of the blog.
  8. You get notified when the ad is about to expire so that you can extend it if so required.

If you require any further information you can reach me via the contact form.

If you own a website or a blog and would want to utilize your own fully automated ad network, then you should seriously consider OIOpublisher.

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