Adelaide Oval Adventure

I love Adelaide, which is one of the reasons I started my Scenic Adelaide blog. Even though I’m not exactly an adventurous bloke, I took part in my Adelaide Oval adventure. That adventure involved me taking part in the Adelaide Oval RoofClimb.

Adelaide Oval Adventure Roofwalk

Adelaide Oval Adventure

So that you know, I’m not all that good with heights. Sure I go onto the house roof to do minor repairs, but that’s not all that high, and I can cope with that type of hight. The Adelaide Roof climb, now that is a different kettle of fish altogether. Shit, falling from a height of 50 metres can kill you, right?

The link above links to my Adelaide Roof-climb review. It has heaps of stunning photos of some of the views you get while doing the roof climb. It also has my observations as well as how much it will cost you to do the roof climb. The Adelaide RoofClimb is an Adelaide Oval adventure.

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