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Adding Videos Or Photos That Add Value To Your Post

Honestly, I sometimes just don’t understand why some people do the things they do when writing a post. Have you ever read a post that has a video tacked on the end that was completely unrelated to the post itself? You will usually find that it is of a humorous nature and the blogger just stuck it there in the hope the reader would find it entertaining. So what if he did, if it didn’t add any value to the post then as far as I’m concerned it was a waste of time and precious bandwidth.

Photos aren’t such a problem but you do come across a post or two where it seems the photo’s only attribute was that it was a nice photo.

Personally I try to write around a photo or a video because I feel it adds so much more value to the post. The way I do it is if I find a kick ass video I write my post around it and in that way it has to be relevant to the post in general. The post Have You Ever Thought It Should Have Been Me is a good example of how a video can complement the post. Do this correctly and you’ll find that readers will appreciate your posts a whole lot more and once they realize that the video adds value to the post there is more chance they will actually watch it.

Another mistake I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do is that they will post a video and that’s it? SEO wise that would have to be the greatest mistake ever because it doesn’t give the search engines anything to go on. What you need to do is to tell people what the video is about. Sum it up for them giving your opinion on it or something and if you can use SEO rich keywords, all the better.

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  1. I agree, I try to not have too many video posts because no search engines can crawl it (unless u create a video sitemap). I usually put videos in YouTube and just have text blog posts.

    1. The thing is you can have video posts, you just need to add text to it. A video that is related to the text can be better than text on it’s own.

  2. I completely agree – from an SEO standpoint, just posting a video is pointless, both from a Search Engine standpoint because they can’t crawl a video, but also a usability standpoint from the user – If I stumble on a post with just a video and no description, I’m not going to waste my time.

    Quick tip though – posting videos to YouTube and optimizing the title / tags, and then posting the video in your post, can add some SEO value.

    1. Hey Brian, thanks for the tip mate. I’m assuming though that you can only do that to videos that you actually uploaded to YouTube?
      Sire recently posted…Men And Women Are Just Born That WayMy Profile

      1. I’m sure there is value to tagging / optimizing other video sites as well but honestly, how many times do you see Vimeo videos appearing in search results? On the contrary, I’ve found myself seeing more and more YouTube videos in the main search results.

        Plus, YouTube makes it incredibly easy to embed videos into blog posts. Picture that – Google finding SEO optimized content on both your blog post, as well as your YouTube video. Now that sounds like some highly optimized content to me!

        1. The problem would then lie in that a person has to produce the video themselves. Not many would be willing to do that, but then all the more better for those that are.

          Once again, thanks for the tip mate.

  3. Uh-oh, I think I may have actually committed that crime (of attaching an un-related video) in a couple of my posts some time ago. But, it actually was an experiment after reading some pro-blogger saying that he lowered his bounce rate by attaching at the end of the post a video (where he said the video was not even related to the post). So, in reaction to that suggestion, I did just the thing (literally) in a post such as this, where I (however) actually warned the readers that the video was un-related. :) I’m not sure though if it worked because I forgot to check my analytics afterwards.

    1. Just goes to show that these probloggers don’t know everything and can actually lead people astray. Reckon some of them are getting lazy.

      Besides, in regards to bounce rate, isn’t it better that they move from post to post rather than just sitting on one while watching an unrelated video, which once they’ve seen they will simply move on. That and the fact that once they learn the videos are unrelated they will cease to watch them.
      Sire recently posted…Protecting Your Online Activity With A Password ManagerMy Profile

      1. That certainly put those probloggers a little lower now in my credibility rating for them.

        1. It sort of does doesn’t it? Maybe he was just running out of things to write about? :innocent1_tb: :laugh_tb:

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, I use both sources of media on my blog. I do try and make them relate to the post. I think they add a nice element.

    I must admit though some of the pictures I pick make sense to me, but maybe some people looking at them might not get the connection.

    I also noticed a lot of videos posted on blogs without any text. I was wondering myself why they do that as they alone don’t give any relevancy to anything.

    Thanks For sharing!
    Larry Rivera recently posted…Network Marketing Can Work If You Understand ThisMy Profile

    1. I agree that they choosing the right photo or video can increase the value of the blog Larry and I see nothing wrong with choosing a photo that is meaningful to you. They may not get it at first but after reading the post it may sink in and then they’ll have that light bulb moment and be all the happier for it.
      Sire recently posted…Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’tMy Profile

  5. Putting a video is also not so convenient for people reading blogs at work, even when the video is linked to the subject.
    But I think a picture or two, even badly related to the subjet, can help a blog to look more “friendly”.

    1. a picture or two, even badly related to the subjet, can help a blog to look more “friendly”.

      Sorry, but I have to disagree, I mean how could I agree seeing as how it contradicts my post. :cheese1_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’tMy Profile

  6. Hi Sire

    I completely agree with you. I don’t bother with the videos if I am reading a blog post and it’s unrelated. I don’t have videos on my site and not planning on them soon either. Those that produce videos say we should have them. They would, wouldn’t they lol As for photos; I get my Gen Y niece to do those for me and they are on topic. Thanks for sharing.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. You don’t know how exited I get every time a woman agrees with me. :wink1_tb:

      It doesn’t happen that often at home so it’s refreshing when it happens on the net.

      Honestly though, I don’t expect everyone to agree with every post I write but it sure is nice when someone does.
      Sire recently posted…Men And Women Are Just Born That WayMy Profile

    1. :lol_ee: That was a good post Barbara. I’m just about to leave a comment on it but I thought I would post this first.

      The thing is that video you used added weight to what you was trying to say and so it was a good one to use. :thumbup_tb:

  7. The images I post in my blog are usually integral to the post itself as I’m an artist and I frequently post my artwork. That said, my blog isn’t a commercial one and I write it for my own (and others) pleasure and I try to vary posts. Very occasionally, I will post just a video, but if I do, it’s for a reason, and I didn’t do this when my blog was new. What I’m trying to say about videos that are on their own is that it’s possible to do it if there’s a reason for it, if the reason for it is clear (for instance, if the mood of a post before it is somehow leading up to it, like a post about a health issue followed by a post with a health-related video – it keeps a topic going over a period of days, without any strain on the reader’s part. Or a post about a type of art, followed by a video about a particular artist… it’s a kind of carried-over continuity) but also I would only do this sort of thing if I know my regular readers and know that they’d be okay with it. I can’t write a blog in isolation, I include my readers.

    As for images that are out of context to the post, the only time I ever do anything like that is to throw in something (of my own, except for the very occasional review – I never use anyone else’s imagery, I can’t see the point – it’s so unoriginal to use someone else’s stuff) that will suddenly change the mood or get someone’s attention by its eccentricity. My ‘start here’ page is a good example of that. None of the images in any way relate to what I’m saying, but they are an integral part of the post because they are silly.

    Anyway – hi there. I’ve come over via a comment you left in Mitch’s ‘I’m Just Sharing’ blog.

    1. Hi Val, welcome to WassupBlog. As a blogger one certainly has the right to post whatever they desire, and if you want to post a video all on it’s own their is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to. All I was saying is that there is no SEO benefit of doing it that way.

      Now, if you read my posts you would know that I am a pretty slack blogger, one who doesn’t like to take the time to do keyword research and stuff because it takes the fun out of blogging. Having said that I know of their benefits, and although I am the perpetual lazy blogger, I don’t mind taking the time to write something about, or around a video.

      By the way, that’s a nice blog you have there.

  8. Twitter:
    Looks like I’m going to be the contrary view again. lol

    Whereas I understand the position about images hopefully matching up with the content, in my mind I really don’t care. As long as an image isn’t bothering me (like pictures of bugs; I hate bugs) then I just might enjoy it, whether it has anything to do with the post or not.

    The same goes with videos. If I tell someone what the video is and they don’t want to watch it because it has nothing to do with the rest of the post, honestly I don’t care. I like the Muppets, plain and simple; always have. If suddenly one of their skits or musical numbers pops into my mind while writing the post, if I can find it then it’s going in. I figure that I have such a diversity of visitors that someone’s going to enjoy it, and so far that seems to be the case.

    After all Sire, you and I are supposed to be the guys who don’t follow all the rules that others have set down for us; we’re the two who are supposed to be having fun with it all for the most part. We get to read or watch what we like, and we get to ignore what we don’t want to read or watch. But at least we knew what we were thinking of when we posted either one.
    Mitch recently posted…Sunday Question – When Do You Like To See New MoviesMy Profile

    1. I ain’t arguing with you Mitch, but with a little extra effort I reckon you can find a video that’s still ‘fun’ and related to your post.

      Besides, this isn’t a rule. Shit, I’m not accomplished enough that I expect everyone to follow what I say. Still, I stand by my post because I feel it’s the smart way to go. Whether or not people choose to follow my lead is up to them
      Sire recently posted…There IS Life After Google Adsense!My Profile

  9. As in the “real world” – (the one outside of the internet), sometimes people think all they have to do is talk (or post a video or attach a pretty picture).

    I like to read a post with substance – one that makes me think, or smile or both.

    Thanks for your posts. I do enjoy reading them…and they make me think about some of the posts I have written and how I can improve them :)

  10. Photos and/or videos can really add that extra something to a blog post and make it far more interesting for the viewer, but of course it should be related directly to the text otherwise the main points of the post could be lost or at least confused..

  11. I hope I wasn’t the inspiration for this post! If I weren’t the inspiration, then you can charge this comment to my ego. Hey, it’s just Kissie … who names a blog like that?

    But I try to add the appropriate videos and pictures; I don’t always include a lot of content in my posts so I use the graphics to add power to my punch.

    Let me know when you catch me adding the wrong ones (again). ;-)

    1. You inspire me to many things Kissie, none of them bad. Now that you mention it though, I may have to keep a closer eye on your blog. :devil_tb: :laugh_tb:

      1. Right!

        Are you and Mitch about to break off into a chess match over there? You said something about him being right “again” … I know how much you must hate that!

        1. Actually it doesn’t bother me when Mitch is concerned, at least not as much as when concerning my big brother.

          As to chess, we currently have two games going and I’m waiting for the big guy to make a move. We are actually pretty evenly matched so every game is an interesting one.
          Sire recently posted…Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’tMy Profile

          1. Wow, I’m scared to take a seat against either one of you. Now if we can play over a period of time, never mind … I won’t even set myself up for this. I’ll stick to only playing young kids who are just learning.;-) And when they start beating me like my son, I’ll just say I’m too busy to play today … it’s been working in my house for the last five years or son.

            1. Actually the games we play online are done over time Kissie so you can take your time working out your move. We play on, Mitch is Mitch The Man, and I’m Sire.

  12. I really believe when you see an unrelated video or photo on somebody’s post it’s only to get some additional seo love. Either that or it’s like you said they added it there to give the reader some amusement at the end of the post.

    But I entirely agree with the point you made that they should at least sum it up for the reader what the video is about, because at least this would give them an opportunity to add their main and LSI keywords for better seo. I don’t understand why they do it either, your guess is as good as mine.

    1. I don’t think someone posting a video will get any SEO love, but I agree the person who made the video probably would.

      Nice to see you agree with me on the other points though. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Getting Close To The Surfers Paradise Meter MaidsMy Profile

  13. Hi Sire,

    Good points about videos. What you say is especially true if you are using somebody else’s videos. On my blog I have with one exception used only my own videos. The one that I used that wasn’t mine fit the post subject perfectly.

    I do have one page though that is dedicated to videos only and although the videos are my creations aside from the names of the videos I don’t use any other text to describe them.

    After reading your post that is something I may want to change.

    Vance recently posted…Get More Comments- Build Email List with Highlighter for WPMy Profile

  14. Aloha Sire,

    Great tips on video and photos. I love to use videos and I do write text also. Thanks for giving us the main points on this.

    I used to use videos I found on YouTube, and now I am making my own which is about the exact content. I’d love to hear what you think about that.

    Much aloha,
    Kellie :rolleyes_tb:

    1. Aloha Kellie, gee that almost made me feel like I was back in Hawaii. Man, that was the best holiday ever.

      If you can make your own video content Kellie then that’s about as good as it can get. If those videos are posted on YouTube then you get even more benefits including more exposure as well as the ability to add tags to it as well as optimizing the titles etc. You also have the added benefit of giving it that personal touch.
      Sire recently posted…Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’tMy Profile

      1. Aloha Sire,

        Yes, you should come back to Hawaii! It’s always beautiful here. :smile2_ee:

        Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it! If you have a chance, could you take a look at my last blog post with my video? :rolleyes_tb: I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe what I can do to improve. Kimberly always speaks so highly of you!

        Much aloha & mahalo (thank you),
        Kellie :grin1_ee:

        1. Actually Kellie, with some luck we may come over for another visit on our 25th wedding anniversary which is next year.

          Isn’t Kimberly a great gal? I’ve actually just left you a comment, but from what I could see there’s not all that much to improve. You have a top blog. Once I get more time I’ll try to dig a little deeper to see if anything turns up.
          Sire recently posted…Getting Close To The Surfers Paradise Meter MaidsMy Profile

          1. Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) Sire!

            Ooo, that would be a very cool anniversary celebration Sire!

            Yes, Kimberly is awesome! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and checking it out. I appreciate you taking the time and I am humbled by your comment! I know you know your stuff, so I am so grateful!

            Much love & gratitude,
            Kellie :)

  15. Without photos, a post with valuable info will be very fast leave out. It’s always better to have few pictures in your posts. The bounce rate is correlated with the look of the site. Few pictures can make the difference !

    1. I’m not sure that people will desert a post just because it’s lacking a photo, but they will appreciate it more if the photo serves some sort of purpose other than decorative.

  16. action speaks louder than words… it is the true quote… so adding videos and photos to blog is always a good idea to go with…

    1. Yes, and they also can add another aspect to the argument that the printed word couldn’t.

  17. No you can NOT make me put photo’s on a post! I just flat out refuse…unless I need them as part of a how to.

    If the pic in a post doesn’t have something I need to understand the instructions in a post, then I likely never notice it. The only time I would is if the article is based around the photo.

    And Mitch can post Muppets anytime because they are just super cool.

    1. You see Sheryl, you almost had me believing that you had a good head on your shoulders, and then you had to ruin it all by mentioning the Muppets. :tongue_rolleye_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

      1. Oh no you didn’t just dis me & Mitch did you?
        You are lucky you live far away or we would thump you.

        Hint: I am over 40 so maybe you should read the post you have linked to in your above reply! :jittery_tb:

        1. Heck Sheryl I’ve still got some 10 years or so on you so perhaps that extra experience trumps you being a woman. Besides, haven’t you heard that old saying about respecting your elders. :cheese1_ee:
          Sire recently posted…Don’t Mess With Mature WomenMy Profile

  18. Photos (or videos) really, really adds value to your blogs. We are saturated in an environment where everything is “explosive” and “adrenaline-pumping”. I know writing is the core of it all if you’re a blogger, but majority of users out there prefer youtube than reading blogs.

    That’s probably some reasons why bloggers post unrelated stuff. But you are definitely correct, why not post related photos or videos. :)

    1. The important thing is to do more than just post a photo or video. You should always write something about it so that people know what it’s all about and for SEO benefits as well.

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