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A Unique System For Selling Cars Online

One of the main advantages of having access to the Internet has always been the ability to search online for products and services. It also allows us to buy and sell things online whereas before we were limited to printed media or having to place ads on local bulletin board.

The obvious advantage of going online, whether to buy or sell products, is twofold. The first is that you instantly get access to a huge market and the second is its so easy get or find you product or service online. As an example lets look at selling your car online. In the old days of being restricted purely to news papers and such you were very limited to the amount of information in your ad because they would charge you per word and forget using a photo as that alone would cost you an arm and a leg. Sure you could place an ad on the local bulletin board that could include a photo and as much text as you like but then you’re limiting yourself to local passerby therefore limiting your market.

So in reality, even though it wasn’t all that cost effective, your best option used to be the various print media and they used to be great in their day but unfortunately do not have as wide a distribution as what’s available online.

So, let’s say you want to sell your car online the question is How to sell your car online? Naturally that would depend on what site you choose to sell your car. The one I’m using as an example in this post is an English company and I’m using them as their method of selling your car is rather unique. You start off by entering you car registration, if you don’t have one you simply give them a description of the car. Once they have your rego it enters their database and within moments you get an offer! I found that you can get an instant offer online for car pretty amazing

If you accept their offer they will transfer the money to your account and the car remains in your possession until you have received confirmation from you bank that the money has been deposited. Once you’re happy that the money is where you want it you just tell them where to pick up the car, whether at home or work and they will pick your car up for free.

I found that you could sell your car online, without even having to place an ad, pretty bloody amazing.

So, tell me, have you ever seen such a service before. Have you ever sold a car online and if so what was your experience. For my non English readers, does such an online service exist in your country. If you having anything to ad please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. The internet provides a great marketplace for many products, cars among them. As business moves further into the 21st century, cars will probably be sold more online.

    1. I’m sure that’s the case Ryan. Probably why it’s a good idea more businesses get involved with the Internet.

      1. From one hand, selling products in internet is cheaper than putting them on the shelves and waiting for customers. From the other hand, I can’t imagine myself buying a car online! I need to touch it, smell it, use all the options.. Drive it! Internet can’t replace real market! Or am I just old-fashioned?))

  2. I know a friend who posted an ad over the internet to sell his sedan (I can’t recall the site as of the moment). It took him less than two months to make a sale. I wonder how long will it take him ha he not utilized the power of the internet.

  3. This sounds like an interesting service. I guess you really can buy most anything online. I’m not sure if I would purchase a car before seeing it in person though.

    1. That is so true, you can buy or sell almost anything online.

  4. Sounds like a very cool service. I wonder if it is available in Canada. If so, I might have to see how much they offer for my car. I wonder if they just give lowball offers so they can try to resell it themselves.
    Jeremy recently posted…Buying A Pet – Investing In HappinessMy Profile

  5. i see you have infolinks on your site, are they good? Or is the adsense better? I could not apply for adsense so I am looking for alternative

    1. Adsense is still better but if you can’t have adsense then infolinks is a good alternative.

  6. No such online service does not exist in my country but it is amazing and novice service.It is time and energy saving service.

    1. I reckon most countries wouldn’t offer such a service Maja so don’t feel too disappointed :wink:

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. It is quite amazing how internet can really make our life easier and comfortable. I remember those days that the only thing you can read is your local newspaper but now through internet you can now get hold of latest news about the whole world. And in addition you can now sell anything online. :)

    1. Yes, the internet is a marvellous thing that can be used for good as well as evil. This means one has to be wary of what they read and act upon when using online sites.
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