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A Review Of The BackupBuddy Plugin

There are a lot of bloggers out there who have written a post about their ten most essential WordPress plugins, or something along those lines, and I can assure you that almost every one of them would have included in that list a backup plugin. I’m also pretty sure that the plugin most of them would recommend is Austin Matzko’s WordPress Database Backup. Heck, that was always my plugin of choice until something went wrong with one of my blogs and I had to restore my last backup :hairout_tb:

Yep, the biggest flaw in that plugin is there is no restore function. I always thought that because I had that plugin everything was sweet until I needed to restore that blog. Sure the plugin saved my butt as it at least gave me a database to restore but it took me a lot of Googling and a bit of stressful manipulation of phpMyAdmin before I got it to work. The whole time I was afraid I would do something wrong that would end up destroying it instead of fixing it.

Enter The BackUp Buddy WordPress Plugin

While I have no doubt that I would be able to do it all again if necessary I would rather not put up with all that aggravation which is why I purchased BackupBuddy the complete WP backup, restore and migration plugin.

The beauty about this plugin is that you can do a backup of your entire blog which includes your widgets, themes, plugins, and SQL database. This is great if you intend moving your blog to another host as all you have to do is to FTP the importbuddy.php script along with the backup zip file to your new host, run the script and it does the rest. This would be an essential tool if you’re designing blogs for your clients as you can do it all on your computer and then restore it to your client’s site.

Apart from having a cool schedule feature where you can schedule your backup monthly, bimonthly, weekly, daily or hourly it also reminds you to do a backup every time you publish or modify a post. Not only that it also allows you to choose where you want to send the backup including Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP/FTPS account, or to your email. It’s so versatile you can actually set it up to send the backups to all of them :wink_ee:

As you can see from the above image I have several backups of just the database and one of the entire blog. If I was wanting to move this blog I would use the full backup which would restore the whole thing including themes, plugins and all modifications. I don’t even need to install WordPress as that’s part of the restoration process.

So the question you have to ask yourself is are you happy with a simple backup plugin or would you rather one that allows you to restore your blog as well? :thumbup_ee:

I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that I thought you would be able to restore the blog from within the BackupBuddy dashboard. I understand not being able to do a full site restoration that way but I would have thought it would restore the database. Even so the restoration process is straightforward and so 4 stars it is.
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  1. Glad to know that you’re using a reliable backup system Sire, I am also saving some $$ to get one for my site :)

    1. Until then don’t forget to use the free one because at least it create the backup for you.

      1. Twitter:
        Yeah, there are many free ones out there that do the job. I am using one ( I think its called simple wp back up or something like that) and it automatically backs up everything based on your preferences (daily, weekly, monthly and so on).

        1. Does yours have a restore feature Satrap?

  2. Interesting. In creating a site for some friends, I create it first on localhost in my computer, then when it’s ready, I’d have to redo the whole procedure manually on their actual server. If I’m getting it right, this plugin would make the whole thing as just a matter of a few clicks?

    1. Well, lets see. One click makes the backup; one click to download the copy; one to create the importbuddy.php script; one to upload that and the backup zip and then you just type in the address to activate the script and follow the instructions. That’s basically 4 clicks and let’s not forget you need to create the mySQL database.

      That’s certainly a lot easier than trying to work out how to do the whole lot by yourself.

  3. Hi Sire – I’ve been using BackupBuddy for over a year. It is especially easy to use. That said, be aware that it does not work on GoDaddy hosted sites. I found this out the hard way. Since more of our clients are using GoDaddy for their hosting, I am looking for software that works as seamlessly as BackupBuddy. Any thoughts?

    1. I didn’t know that Michael. Luckily none of my blogs are hosted on GoDaddy.

      As for another plugin similar to BackupBuddy if I come across one I’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. Backups are so important. I always forget to do it, automatizing it would be great. It sounds like a nice plugin!

    1. That’s not a problem with BackupBuddy.

  5. The plugin works fine. Absence of facility to restore the blog from within the dashboard doesnt have much signicance…still its a great plugin

    1. Maybe not but it would be a cool feature :thumbup_ee:

  6. Tough guys never use backup, they suffer when the disaster strikes! BackupBuddy is a very useful plug-in and everybody should do backups.

    1. Most tough guys I know aren’t stupid enough not to have regular backups :tongue_laugh_ee:

  7. Nice plugin because of back up function! However, if your blog is hosted in serious hosting company this function isn’t neccesary.

    1. I think it is because otherwise you would have to rely on someone else doing the right thing and that is never a good idea. What would you do if you relied on your hosting company and found out when your blog when you needed them most they forgot to do a backup?

  8. Such a nice article, I haven’t heard about Backup Buddy before I came to your blog. It seems to be a really nice thing, I have searched for a great solution for backing up my sites for a long time. Thanks for the useful information!

    1. Looks like now you’ve found one Julie.

  9. I think a plugin like this is essential for any blog. It is important to make sure your work is backed up in case something happens to your computer.

    1. Actually, that’s not so much a problem unless you host the blog on your computer rather than a host such as BlueHost.

  10. BackupBuddy is really the industry standard for a high quality, easy to use, DEPENDABLE backkup solution. I’ve been real pleased with it and its more stable than most free solutions and offers tools most don’t. I was just talking about it on my webinar last month with my own community. Highly recommended.

    1. Hey Kimberly, I agree with you 100%, BackupBuddy is the best backup solution I’ve come across, that’s for sure.

  11. One of the must have plugin to make sure nothing goes wrong even hacking attempt was successful by the hacker. WordPress Backup Buddy saves big pain that bloggers face rarely but very serious one to be considered.


    1. It is very true Prajeesh that having backups will protect you against hackers and while there are other plugins that will do the backup not many of them has a restore feature.

  12. Thanks for this review! I currently use the WP Backup plugin and was working up a disaster recovery plan for my blog and my clients blogs. I had not heard of BackupBuddy but will definitely be doing some testing on it! Just so I make sure I understand, when doing a WP migratIon to a new server, you would need to reinstall WP first, just run the backup file and it restores WP on the new server

    If that’s the case, this really is a cool tool!!

    Thanks, again!


    1. Actually Sean there is no need to install WP as once you upload the importbuddy.php script and the backup zip file to your new host you simply run the script and it does the rest. The only other thing you have to do is to create a MYSQL database on the host.

      1. Thanks for the clarification, Sire! I’ll be doing some testing this weekend. I appreciate you writing the review and bringing the plugin to my attention!



        1. No worries Sean, its always a pleasure to share my experiences with my readers. In case you do purchase the plugin I hope it fulfils all your expectations and that you come back to share your experience with the rest of us.

    1. Hey Alison, that means you’ve used the plugin to migrate your blogs successfully. Good to know :thumbup_ee:

      1. Yes. I’d been using FatCow and decided — for our new blogging network — to use HostGator. They have VPS services and also solved a couple of other problems. Since I’d already begun the multisite setup, I migrated rather than starting over. It was a breeze.
        Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Using the WordPress Video TutorialsMy Profile

        1. I’ve migrated a couple of blogs and I have to admit, even though I managed, it was a bit of a pain. Now that I have BackupBuddy I’m actually looking forward to the next one.

  13. Most people starts using this kind of plugins only once they got first bad experience with lost data, hacked websites and so on.
    I started to use backupbuddy by the same reason – my website got hacked and I lost many blog posts and comments before that I was clueless about what risk I am taking working with monthly manual backups.
    This for sure is one of the best backup plugins I have ever used

    1. Yep, having your blog hacked and not having a backup is the worst possible experience for any blogger.

    1. Actually Rebecca, I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and it kind of does make sense if you consider those situations where your site has been hacked and you’ve lost all access to it. As long as you have a recent backup and the restore script you can have it back up and running in no time.

  14. I don’t really use wordpress. Coz um using blogger instead. I never used a wordpress. Can you please tell me from which platform will i get more benefits blogger?? or worpress? for a free blog

    1. I think it is much of a muchness Tank, although may have more plugins that you can use?

    2. I wouldn’t use either as there are so many more benefits from hosting your own blog. It’s well worth the few bucks you have to pay. If I had to use a free platform it would definitely be WordPress as it has a better comment system and offers a lot of plugins for the blogger.

  15. It is especially easy to use, but i really donot use godaddy in any of my blog. Backups are so important!

    1. That’s good Jefferson because from what I’ve read it doesn’t work all that well with GoDaddy.

      1. Sire………Thank you for your suggestion……….ok then let me see this wordpress ……..BTW!!! Sire……..The name’s T A N I K…….My real original name…………Not an super armored vehicle like A TANK!! :nerd:

        1. Sorry, I meant to write Tanik. :wallbash_tb:

  16. I have been backing up the database using my hosting admin panel . But It seems like the BackUp Buddy WordPress Plugin might make this job a lot easier. :clap_tb:
    Is there a free backup utility available that will clone or create backup for the entire site? :innocent1_tb:

    1. Not that I know of Ravi.

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