A Related Post Plugin For WordPress Makes Sense

There are many reasons for linking to posts within your own blog, the very least being that it may have some SEO advantages. Three that come to mind include;

  1. It can tie in other posts that may be relevant to the one you are writing at the moment.
  2. Resurrecting old posts so that it brings peoples attention back to those posts.
  3. Keeps readers on your blog longer if they choose to follow your links

One blogger that does this well is Mitch and his post Top Three Do’s and Don’ts is a good example of how this is done. Take note that he also links to other blogs which some bloggers of note say is critical to blog growth.

The thing is that all this takes time and many bloggers will not take the time necessary to link between their own posts. Yep, I reckon I am one of them, which is why I was pretty happy to come across YARRP, Yet Another Relatated Posts Plugin. Once installed and configured this plugin will find other posts within your blog and place ‘Related Posts’ links at the end of your posts, a great way of introducing related articles to the readers of a blog.

EDIT: According to s couple of my blogging mates, Stratos, author of Blogger Buddy, and Donace, Of Nexus, YARRP is a little CPU hungry and I’ve learned in a previous post how using too much CPU can be detrimental to your WordPress Blog. Now I’ve learned before that on occasion, this being one of them, it pays to listen to your friends and so I’ve installed Microkid’s Related Posts plugin istead. I reckon even Mitch will like this plugin as it gives you complete control of which related posts you want to include. Like the author says;

This plugin makes it super easy to manually select related posts. You can search and select posts that fit your criteria, all from within the write/edit post screen.

So, thanks for the tip guys, I like this plugin a whole lot better, and sometime this century I will go over my old posts to find Related Posts but at least I will use it for all my new posts.

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  1. Twitter:
    Thanks for the shout out, Sire. Course, you know me, I don’t use any plugins that take away choices from me, but I like going back through my own posts and finding what I think might fit at the time. Yeah, I know, I’m nuts and not using my time effectively; oh well,… :drunk_tb: :happy_tb:

    Mitch´s Last blog post..Creating My Own Online Store

    1. Yep, and I am the perpetual lazy blogger Mitch. I reckon we all have our little faults. :jittery_tb:

      1. I’m like you man; lazy as f**k lol; YARP is a brilliant plugin, it can be a resource hog at times but it does its job so alls well!

        Donace | The Nexus´s Last blog post..Traffic Android Review

  2. Nice one matey. I was using a related posts plugin, but it stopped working after one of the upgrades, so I went to the In Series plugin as a compromise.

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

    ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

    1. Hey Ray, I’ve edited the post, so take another look before selecting your next plugin.

      1. I’m going to leave it up for a little while to see what happens. YARRP allows you to opt out of using it for categories and tags which I find pretty useful. That said, if it does become a hog it’s good to have an alternative option.

        ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

        1. Actually, disabling it and replacing it made my RSS feed for posts work. Bye bye YARRP then.

          ray´s Last blog post..Public Privacy Policy Now Public. No Longer Private.

          1. It’s like they sat Ray, easy come easy go.

          2. How did the plugin disrupt your feed?

            Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Blog Readers or Twitter Followers – What’s YOUR Preference?

          3. I don’t know how it did it, but it prevented the Post RSS feed from working, comment RSS was fine. As soon as I disabled it the RSS feed kicked in. Most odd.

            On the other hand, MRP won’t pick up any related posts. I’ve left a comment on the MRP blog, but it just seems very weird.

            ray´s Last blog post..Short Thoughts on Easter Monday

  3. Another thumbs up here my man. Out of several I tried, this is the best for me. :)

    Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Blog Readers or Twitter Followers – What’s YOUR Preferance?

    1. Try again Dennis, it seems that stratos has lead me to a better one.

      1. Perhaps. I’m happy for now.

        Dennis Edell´s Last blog post..Blog Readers or Twitter Followers – What’s YOUR Preference?

  4. @ Stratos and Donace – Thanks guys for reminding me about CPU. The post has been updated and I’ve ‘link luved’ you guys into it.

    1. I am glad we could be of help and thanks for mentioning me! But, by the way, you don’t necessarily need to visit your old posts since when setting a new post related to an old one, automatically the old one is related to the new one ;) So, from now on just keep on setting related posts!

      stratosg´s Last blog post..Code efficiency and Javascript in WordPress

      1. Hey, that’s true, sooner or later most of the posts will become linked using this plugin. I never though of it that way.

  5. I am using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin by mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine).

    GregR´s Last blog post..NZ Declares Dessert Wars on Australia – Throws Down Tea Towel

    1. Hows that one working for you Greg?

  6. Related posts plugin or scripts decreases visitors bounce rate and increases blog exposure.! A highly regarded must-use plugin for bloggers.

    Ron´s Last blog post..The Finest Cavite Caterers

    1. I’ve known that for awhile Ron, it’s just taken me awhile to implement it.

      1. My current blog theme also supports this widget/plugin but I decided to remove it long time ago. And now, I can’t make it work again with my blog. Sighs. :blush_tb:

        Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

        1. Which particular plugin were you using?

          1. It was a attached on the xml file of the theme I am using right now. I remove it manually long time ago.

            Ron´s Last blog post..Tnomeralc Web Design Toys

          2. In that case, why not just install the plugin I recommend in this blog, or if you don’t like that one another of your choice?

  7. Well Sire, beware of your CPU! This little thingy here can be resource hungry as Donace already said. I have “Microkid’s Related Posts” where you define which posts are related to which ones so CPU is spared the hog ;) But i do agree, linking to your own posts not only keeps visitors in but shows some consistency too.

    stratosg´s Last blog post..Code efficiency and Javascript in WordPress

  8. Twitter:
    I noticed all those links in Mitch’s post too. Mitch must put a lot of time and planning into posts like that. It’s very cool.

    I like the related posts that’s hard-wired into the theme on my personal blog. I have no idea what it is but it was nice to have it going right out of the box.

    Brian D. Hawkins´s Last blog post..Zero To Three In 90 Days – Thanks Flickr!

    1. Yep, I know all about that as I was using the same theme you are using now. I missed that particular aspect of it when I changed to this theme, which I much prefer, and this plugin solves the problem, especially now that I have complete control over which links go with which post.

  9. I’m going to have to give that a shot. I got rid of my related posts plugin a while ago because it never pulled anything related to the post at hand. The fact that I can put it into the template where I want it is an added bonus. Thanks for the review!

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani´s Last blog post..Twitter Lingo & Tips For New Twitter & Facebook Users

    1. No worries kristi, and the plugin is also great to search for that particular post that you want to link to from within your post. Just what this lazy blogger needs.

      1. The lazy blogger, or the one that has one too many things to do and little time to custom code in related posts, which is what I have been doing recently.

        ~ Kristi

        Kikolani´s Last blog post..Blogging, Goals, and 101 Things

        1. Yep, that too. I reckon once you have installed this plugin you will have more time to spend with your fiance while planning your wedding.

  10. There is a good article on matt cutts about related post wordpress plugins it appears, Similar Posts v2.6.2.0 came up as a pretty good plugin that’s also supposed to be low on CPU usage. I quite like Mitche’s idea though of being in control of choosing your own links which results in even less CPU usage. On a different not I thought you haven’t been posting for a while as the same post has been at the top of the page since the theme change, so hadn’t noticed any of your new posts.

    1. Hi Khaled, imagine thinking that I had stopped posting for awhile :nono_tb: :laugh_tb:

      As for CPU usage, I reckon that MicroKids plugin solved that problem as well as giving me complete control over the related posts.

      1. Silly me.
        I’d just assumed that the Sire’s ‘Ice Breaker’ Pick Up Line had finally made it big time and was keeping you busy with all your new admirers.

        1. Yeah, as if that would ever happen. Maybe if I work on another video?

  11. @Sire

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying to fix my blogger’s xml thing. But everytime I save it, It returned a dreaded error on the template. Sighs

    1. Hope you manage to work it out Ron.

  12. Related post plugin is an interesting one. I have been using the one by Mitcho in my blog for sometime and its cool.Nice article Sire.

    Also, thanks once again for your comments in my blog :)


  13. Thanks Krish. I think that getting a bloggers personal feelings on a particular issue, like their experience of certain plugins, may help others in making a decision as to whether or not they should give it a go.

    1. Very true Sire, such kind of comments and personal experiences shared in blog comments has helped me a lot in deciding whether to use a particular plugin or not….


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