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A Post That Will Inspire And Motivate

Yeah I know that life can be a real bitch and there are days when just about everything seems to go wrong, from the simple bloggers block to you’ve just had a monster fight with your spouse. The thing is that the worst thing you can do is throw the towel in. Let’s face it, tomorrow is another day and we are so fortunate that we will have the opportunity to live it. So many people will not have that opportunity. In those moments when I was feeling sorry for myself My mom would always tell me to snap out of it, that I was one of the lucky ones and how there were so many people worse off than me who still had a smile on their face.

I found this clip of a brilliant man, a Nick Vujicic, who has had it pretty rough and still he soldiers on and even goes out of his way to motivate others. I found it truly inspirational and I hope that you will too.


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  1. Really? I saw it for the first time yesterday and I found it amazing, especially the emotions from those students who watched his presentation.

      1. You must admit, it’s a pretty big pond!

  2. Thanks Jason. In regards to the temperature conversion, I’ve tried several sites and they all give me the same answer, 36C = 96.8F. I even looked up the conversion formula (C * 9/5) + 32, and got the same result. Are you sure you’re typing in 36.

  3. Phew, I was starting to get really worried. I figured, if you can’t even rely on math any more then the world as we know it was going to come to an end. G’night mate, get some shut eye and you will be nice and refreshed in the morning

  4. Wow great video, cheers for sharing it with us! That guy is doing some really good stuff despite his handicap, yet another person to look up to and admire!

    Dan´s Last blog post..Make Money From Blogs With No Readers

  5. It makes you stop a moment and think about your own situation doesn’t it, and how well off we are in comparison. That guy is truly an inspiration.

    1. It really does…

      …on a side note Sire, have you got an email feed here anywhere? For some reason the rss feed button doesnt work for me :

      Dan´s Last blog post..Why Great Ideas Are Useless

      1. Are you using the one in the left sidebar, as the one under the header doesn’t seem to be working. I may disable it. I haven’t installed an email feed yet but there is an option under the comment box that will email updates to the comments.
        Edit: I have now added email subscription in sidebar as well :)

  6. Its the first time I have seen it or heard of Nick Vujicic. The guy has amazing courage and will power, it makes me feel ashamed for some of the things I complain about in life when you see a video like this. A very inspirational man.

  7. Twitter:
    I’ve been seeing this video a lot lately, which shows that it’s inspiring a lot of people. I know your other readers will be inspired by it also.

    Mitch´s Last blog post..I Want More RSS Subscribers

  8. Very motivating video, I’ve never seen or heard of him but it certainly pushes me to put in the extra effort.

    Good work as always Sire,


    P.S. I did the online conversion 2 more times, still get the same result…

    Jason´s Last blog post..Top 3 Reasons Why Heated Seats Are Evil

  9. I saw that video before. And it was very inspiring and motivating to watch. It means to me that, if others can do it I can do it also. Just focus and have determination to succeed. Nice post. Keep it up.
    Thank you

  10. What is really inspiring is the way he does not let things get to him. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in his situation and I doubt very much that I would manage it as well as he does.

  11. Hey Sire,
    I can’t play this video. When I click play it says “this video is no longer available”… thought you might want to know.

    Peter´s Last blog post..200+ Passive Income Resources, Tips & Home Ideas

  12. Hi Peter, I don’t know why they pulled that one, so I found another one. This one is more religious but I now understand where he gets his inspiration. I also found out that he is Australian, and I didn’t even know.

  13. WOW Now that is inspiring :-) We can live life the fullest.

    Thanks for putting that up.

    Giovanna Garcia

    Giovanna Garcia´s Last blog post..5 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

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