There is a very good reason why many bloggers are not making sales and that is because they have a low click through rate. After all, it stands to reason, unless people click on your affiliate links you’re just not going to make any sales. Like most bloggers I would write a post with what I hope are strategically placed affiliate links using what I hope are the right keywords to encourage people to click on them.

Unfortunately that’s where it ends. I don’t worry about split testing the anchor text links inside the blog content because it’s all too hard. This is a real shame because  even though I know certain anchor text keywords can lead to a substantial click through rate over other anchor text phrases I don’t have the time or inclination to work out what ones work the best.

This is where WP Linkizer comes to the rescue. This game changing WordPress plugin will {WP Linkizer} giving you the best results possible. I’m using it right now in this post! It’s the link after the bouncing link which is only possible because of the Sore Thumb Plugin. As you can see from the image below I have been using it for awhile. Clicking on any of the images will show you a bigger one so you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to read the data.

wp linkizer

The image below shows the breakdown of the phrases I used to promote SkimLinks and as you can see in this example the simple keyword worked better than the phrases.

Skinlinks results

Where this plugins comes into its own is that it automatically replaces the phrase with the one that gets the highest click through rate. Just check out some of the plugins features.

  • Optimize every clickable link on your site to maximize the CTR
  • Rotate and split test multiple keyword phrases
  • Plugin automatically replaces the phrase with the one that gets the highest click through rate
  • Reduce the ‘bounce rate’ and ‘wasted traffic’ by automatically displaying what site visitors are most interested in
  • Enables effective ‘split testing’ of keyword phrases to maximize the blogs money making potential
  • Detailed statistics on each ads; number of clicks, views and CTR
  • Maximize your SEO link juice by getting indexed for multiple keyword phrases

It will probably also increase the value of your SEO because every time the Google bot visits your site the anchor text will have changed. Google indexes your new anchor text phrases, thus optimizing your site for many multiples of keyword phrases.

Will it increase your actual sales? Well, that all depends on how targeted your traffic is, whether or not your prospects are in the buying mood and whether or not the landing page your directing them to is good enough to convert them.

Personally I am very happy with the plugin because it does all the hard work for me and because it provides me with the stats to plan my next marketing ploy.


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